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    Death Note: Reno Files

    Chapter 1 Repetition

    Twelve years after the Kira case had been brought to a close in Japan the story of the Death Note was known only to those who had involvement in the case. To many, Kira was a fading memory because the killings had ceased. Crimes had a huge up rise during those twelve years. A record number of crimes hit the world in the year of 2022 and it seemed like they would keep rising. Although there were the few Kira supporters who remained and believed that Kira would return to once again pass judgment on the wicked. The police hoped that this would not be the case but unfortunately it was. The time had come for god to be righteous and destroy evil, because history always repeats itself.

    MARCH 13, 2022: RENO NEVADA

    A young boy walked down the street to school while reading a book. The boy was young at the age of 12 and being an 8th grader. He was often picked on because he had skipped a grade and was bullied often. The boy’s name was Skylar Roberts and he was about to hold the key to the world in his hands.

    “Hey look boys it’s the little nerd walkin’ to school. What do you think you are doing here this is our path to school?” A voice said from atop the wall. Skylar looked up from his book and stared into the eyes of Stephen Lane and his gang of cronies.

    “What may I ask is your problem Stephen? Could it be that you are such an idiot that your only form of primitive entertainment is to constantly torture me because I am younger and more intelligent than you are?” Skylar retorted looking back down at his book and moving on. “You know what nerd I don’t like how you talk to me so I think me and my boys here better take you down a notch.” Stephen replied as he and his gang surrounded Skylar. They began hitting and kicking Skylar until blood began to drip from his nose. They grabbed him and threw him into the bushes and left him there as they ran to school.

    Skylar regained consciousness about an hour later and began feeling around for his things. His hand ran over a small black notebook which he picked up. He looked at the cover which read DEATH NOTE, puzzled he opened it. Inside, it looked like an ordinary notebook filled with blank pages. Curiosity got the better of him so he put it in his bag and gathered the rest of his effects and hurried off to school.

    “Skylar you are an hour late and you are covered in bruises. What on earth happened to you?” The teacher asked Skylar as he walked into class with his tardy slip.

    “I would prefer to tell you when nobody is around if that is okay.” He responded as he took his seat. His teacher continued the lesson but all Skylar could think about was that Death Note in his bag he wondered if it was special or if it was just a plain old notebook. He didn’t know that that notebook in his bag would change the world in more ways than one.

    Well there is chapter one comments are appreciated. Chapter two is on its way.