• Elizabeth’s sharp intact of breath cause Jason to be pulled from his morbid thoughts. She was facing away form him, and intensely focused on two silent figures making their way over the cemetery gates. Those figures were Ambrose and Jazz coming to save Jason from his predicament. Jason could not guess why he could feel fear coming off of Elizabeth but soon his own eyes saw why Elizabeth was afraid.
    Ambrose and Jazz were being tracked. In the shadows Jason could see four hulking figures silently tracking the pair. Jason could hear an intact of breath from Elizabeth as four figures slowly closed the distance between Ambrose and Jason. Jason swore to himself, he had caused this mess and now he had to get everyone out of it.
    Using the last of his energy Jason got up and ran toward the ambush. He had to save them, this ambush was his fault, and Jason was ready fix his own mistake.
    “Jason! No!” Elizabeth screamed from behind him. Jason just ignored her and sprinted over to the pair. Suddenly Jazz let out a scream as he was attacked from behind.
    “Watch out Ambrose!” yelled Jason. Using the last of his reserve strength Jason growled and launched himself at Jazz’s attacker. Ambrose saw what Jason was attacking and realized what a fool he was for not checking the perimeter. Cursing, Ambrose dragged the bleeding and unconscious Jazz over behind a gravestone. Jason struggled on top of his furry opponent trying to find its weak spot. His strength weakened at each blow he received from the other attackers, trying to get Jason off. A feral growl ripped through the air as Elizabeth came flying at the other attackers with her teeth bared to distract them from Jason.
    Ambrose furiously dragged Jazz out of the cemetery, knowing that Jazz would be safe from them even if he were bleeding. Taking a deep breath Ambrose leaped back into the cemetery to help his coven-kin. Elizabeth taunted each of the furry attackers, calling them names and dodging their futile swipes at her. Ambrose appeared by her side so suddenly that one of the attackers growled in fear.
    Lovely isn’t it? Ambrose commented as he ducked behind Elizabeth.
    Ha, if we only had some champagne, then it would be an evening out. Elizabeth jumped as a paw tried to knock her over.
    Ahhh, some smooth music and candles would make this perfect. Ambrose knocked one of the furry attackers out.
    Well, lets finish this dance, shall we? Elizabeth thought as she broke the jaw of one of the other attackers.
    Yes, lets…. Ambrose smiled as Elizabeth launched herself at one of the two attackers left surrounding them. Ambrose suddenly jumped above his attacker.
    The furry beast watched Ambrose fall, trying to keep and eye on his opponent.
    For all the creatures watchfulness it didn’t see Elizabeth flying toward it with her jaws open and aimed at its throat. Her jaws clamped on to the poor creature’s throat giving no ground as the creature flailed about.
    Elizabeth shuddered as she felt the life flowing out of the creature and dissipate into the air around her. Ambrose landed and was immediately by Elizabeth’s side as she began to choke on the vile creatures blood. It burned her throat with such a fury that she thought that her own thirst held no comparison to the pain.
    Jason let loose a scream of pain as his furry attacker suddenly threw Jason off its back. Jason lay panting and was trying to crawl away from the approaching beast. The beast backhanded Jason a couple of times in the face before biting Jason hard on his already wounded shoulder. The beast suddenly froze, with a look of confusion on its face as it fell to the side.
    Jason looked up to see the new attacker and was surprised that it was Ambrose standing above him. Jason sighed and fell into unconsciousness relieved that he had to fight no more. Ambrose ran a hand through his golden curls and went over to Elizabeth’s side.