• ch1-veins

    --That is so gross--Kera thought idly as she touched the delicate inside of Aidian's elbow and wrist.
    "What's gross?" Adian asked. "Um, how I can see your veins through your skin? How about that?" Kera supplied miffed that he read her thoughts AGAIN. "You know they're like that after I-" "I know, it just grosses me out sometimes." "Sorry that I gross you out," Aidian replied hurt. Kera stopped tracing the veins in Aidian's arm for a minute and looked up at him. "What?" Aidian asked curious."Nothing about you grosses me out. Nothing ok? I was just being stupid for a minute. I love everything about you Aidian." Kera proclaimed looking in his eyes. They were her favorite part of him because they changed a brilliant green instead of staying slate gray like usual after he had eaten. --I even love your chocolate skin and dark hair. -- "Thanks luv i appreciate it." Aidian said looking at Kera. "What are you thinking Aidian?" "I'm thinking that you're the scary looking one when i should be." It was true too Kera's hair was a lightning bolt colored blue with streaks of black in it. And her eyes were the fiercest color of purple that could melt into liquid when she was happy. But right now... they were hard as ice and looked unbreakable. "It's true you look absolutly terrifying whereas i being a-" "Shh! Leahs downstairs-" "He has a point though Ker you do look kind of scary." Leah butted in. "Shut up Leah!" Kera said tossing her a dirty look and scrambling out of Aidian's lap. "Don't go! I liked you where were!" Aidian protested. "Sut up goofy," Kera said smiling. Then said looking at Leah,"Don't you have something to do? We want to be alone ok?" "Yeah, yeah," Leah mumbled as she walked to her room. "Now! Come back over here Keryan!" her boyfriend ordered. "No way! You got ickky v- ahhh!" Kera yelped in suprise as Aidian tackled her and pinned her to her bed. -