• Ouch! moaned Tiffany.
    You'll Be Alright... Just make sure you don't stay on your feet to long.Okay?! yelled the Doctor
    Yea Yea... Mumbled Tiffany
    Walking out the Clinic she notice a pitch black Acura.
    Ugh Damn Tyrell always wanna show up when I got bad news.s**t!!
    A dark figure opening the door like she guess Tyrell pop out and welcome her with a french kiss and a hug." Hey baby, I got a text from Wayne saying you were here..And why are you here?" ask Tyrell.
    A long paused before anyone answered. ".......Ugh....." Yawn Tiffany. "Damn Baby im tired" Tiffay said trying to make up lines to stop the silence.
    "Oh its aight! We can go to the crib and kick it" said Tyrell. Moving towards the car.
    Damn what am I gonna tell him when i get large?I can't have sex... And the way he's looking anything can happen.ANYTHING! 30mins later the door opened to their bedroom and they were at it." UGH DO ME HARDER YEA HARDER!!" yelled Tiffany. Thinking she reach paradise she did.So did Tyrell.
    Aye Yo baby i gotta bounce I'll be over here for dinner aight? asked Tyrell.
    Yea okay what you for for dinner? questioning Tiffany. " Anything you want bay i gotta go" mumble Tyrell. without a kiss or a hug Tyrell left.
    Tiffany rushes tot he bathroom and threw up. DAMN How's I get in bed with him?
    Feeling nausea she takes her prescription and took a nap.
    her cell phones starts ringing.... "Hello...." moaned Tiffany.
    "Hey Bay I gonna have to cancel on the meeting Bye!" Yelled Tyrell.
    Not hanging up the phone Tiffany could hear a another woman's voice.
    " Got-Dayum Tyrell pump me harder yes harder yes!!" moaned the woman.
    "IM COMING IM COMING" yelled Tyrell.
    Not knowing what just happen she went into shock. What just happened? 40misn ago he was in love with her now with this sideline ho!
    Mad as The Devil she click the phone off and called Wayne up
    "Hey Ma" answer Wayne. Wayne would do anything for Tiffany.. Anything
    "Hey Papi" answered back Tiffany. "can you tell me where Tyrell is at?"
    "ugh..." Looking iot her eyes he couldnt Lie.
    "12th Avenue Demtal" yelled Wayne. Knowing he made a mistake he said he had to go.
    After peeing she left and was off. Speed limit 50 mph she doing 90mph.
    Thinking what she was gonna do to that lil skinny ho an her b***h a** boyfriend she stop and thought of a master planned.
    Now was the time to tell him the news.
    Arriving after a veiw knocks she saw a woman barely dresses barging into the bedroom there was Tyrell half way naked. In disgust she look at him laughing her a** off.
    "baby i can explain" yelled Tyrell
    "maybe I should go this is a bad time" yelled the woman.
    "Oh no you can stay this is your crib right? " yea" said the woman."okay than im bout to go I just need to put some salt in Tyrell's game real quick"
    "Im pregnant Tyrell and its yours Im 5 months and im due in August" said Tiffany
    With shock the woman stood there babbled cause she just ******** a baby daddy.
    "Girl please you anit pregnant by me you, ******** anything and anyone!" yelled Tyrell.
    Oh yea?!" said Tiffany. Pulling out the D>N>A papers Tyrell's demeanor change.
    " This can't be f**k** happening to...." Couldnt finish his words Tiffany finish for him
    " yea i couldnt believe it either cause you told me you use a condom cause a ***** lied huh? Outrage Tiffany said.
    Leaving the tramps house she threw a brick at Tyrell's car laughing she drove off at top speed not looking back at Tyrell yelling at the tramp and him flicking her off.
    "hey Wayne can we meet up at my crib?" mumble Tiffany
    "yea ma anything for you" saying Wayne
    10mins later Tiffany opened the door and was greeted with roses and a kiss on the lips.
    Before she could speak Wayne did " I know what happened with you and Tyrell.And I alrady knew you were pregnant" moaned Wayne
    She didn't know but before she knew it tears rolled down her face and wile she tried to resist she was punching Wayne with lights hits says "Why would he and how could he?"
    Not saying anything he look at her and said " Baby Girl I'll do anything all means cost"
    Not knowing what to say she kisses him and rubbing his body she felt a box.
    "Whats this?" she ask.
    "... I know Tiffany you've been disrespected a lot and haven't been treated the way you should but im willing to do 'anything' for you" telling Wayne
    That word "anything" made her spines and bones come out of her flesh.Seeing a 20karet diamond ring she look at him in dis belief.Shaking her head she woke up

    .... "Ouch" moaned Tiffany
    You'll Be Alright... Just make sure you don't stay on your feet to long.Okay?! yelled the Doctor
    Yea Yea... Mumbled Tiffany
    Walking out the Clinic she notice a pitch black Acura.
    Looking at Tyrell her eyes dropped....

    "......anything..." she whispered, to herself
    "What was that baby?" ask Tyrell
    Looking at him she couldn't believe what just happened and she couldn't believe what was about to happen!