• The rain fell gently, splattering on the rain soaked ground. A female elf looked out of the cave, her nose wrinkling in distaste as she noticed this fact. It wasn’t that she didn’t like the rain…it was just a certain elf companion of her’s was driving them both insane. And by both I mean a certain witch, human, who was traveling with them.

    “Marin I swear to Odin that if you don’t stop your going to find a knife in your chest!"

    Kesa winced, knowing full well that her dear friend Katheryn was defiantly not kidding. However, the elf that she was talking to apparently didn’t care. He proceeded in his whining. “But Katheryn I’m borrrred! You girls have nothing interesting to talk about! Either that or you both chatter away and ignore me!”

    Kesa looked back, glaring at him, one that she learned from her dear older sister. “Marin. Stop talking. Now.” As he opened his mouth to talk again, Katheryn stood, grasping him by his clothes and throwing him into the lake outside of the cave. “There! Go swimming! And while you’re at it, catch a cold!” She shouted, glaring.

    Kesa giggled softly, resting back comfortably against the pillows that they had picked up in the last town. “Katheryn come here…and calm down.” She said with a laugh, putting down some heavy metal, probably lead. “And just sharpen your knives…that usually relaxes you.”

    As the brunette sat, still fuming, Kesa pulled out her notebook, leaning slightly sideways now into her dragon. Tayla was squirming into the cave, since she really didn’t like the rain; it made her wings heavier then normal. She began to write in it, the pages keeping the ink well enough as she wrote.

    “I think he took your advice...” Kesa said after a while of companionable silence. Marin hadn’t come in sense, and truth be told, they were both starting to worry.

    The witch bit her bottom lip softly; looking out into the rain, noticing as some lightning spiraled across the sky. “Yeah…maybe we should go look for him...”

    Kesa nodded, following Katheryn outside, shielding her body as best she could from the rain. “Marin!” She called, Katheryn echoing behind her. After about a half an hour of that, and both of them diving into the water to look for him, both girls returned to the cave shivering. “Well I guess he’s gone.” Kesa started, before hearing an angry hiss from the girl next to her.

    Kesa looked up, following Katheryn’s angry gaze to the male before them. “oh no..” She murmured. There was Marin, resting comfortably next to Tayla, Dorian on his other side. “Katheryn no!” She started, but it was too late. She had already shaken the boy awake, a dagger at his throat threatening him wildly.

    Kesa meanwhile frowned, walking over to the dragon and coaxing some steam out of her, air-drying both herself, Katheryn, and Marin. “Now…hopefully all we have to worry about are knife wounds.” She replied cheerfully to Tayla, who snorted her approval, not yet wanting to talk in front of the other two companions. Instead she began to invade her thoughts. I don’t really understand why you found it necessary to run out in the rain…he was right outside the door the whole time…

    “What?!” She yelled out loud, whirling around to face Marin, her hand quickly finding the handle of her whip.

    The boy quickly looked up at both of them, his face quickly making the face that maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.

    And as the rain began to rain harder, the only thing as loud as the thunder were screams from the one foolish enough to worry to short-tempered women without a reason.