• An eternity ago, a long and misleading war took the world in secrecy.

    Brothers Kaiser, a tall shining blonde young angel, and Kai, a tall dark haired Devil fought a struggling war of good verses evil.

    But what was the real reason for this battle? Why did the Devil pursue this losing battle? Maybe now, we’ll find out.

    The Devil pierced mans souls to make them feel inferior and to guide them to the path of the mislead whilst the Angel massaged mans hearts, caressing them and freeing them from the evil of his brother, the Devil.

    But nearing the end, something went wrong and a pursuer, a loyal follower, cursed the Angel, who was a human by then, to live the rest of his life unable to feel the warmth of another person’s skin… thus tearing him away from his mortal lover, a young soldier named Guy.

    Now, an eternity has passed and Angel now lives again, but this time, he is human. 5’7”, dark hair and with deep blue eyes… eyes that seem to say everything he wants to say before actually speaking.

    Fate has entwined the past with the present, repeating the events, which happened an eternity ago.

    The Devil has been reborn also. This time as a human.6’2”, dark blonde hair and with rich green eyes that stripped you of your confidence and free will as he stares into you.

    The Brothers are not the only ones who have been reborn however… The Prophet, Toro, the Chronicler, Kiani and the Soldier, Guy has also been reborn and has coincidentally been collected and are all now either prisoners or have become a prison officer.

    Not only are they now in the same prison as the young man, but also they have adopted their old roles from when they were alive an eternity ago.

    So this is where their next story begins… what will happen? Will the Angel prevail against his brother without getting cursed? Or will the truth behind The Angels imprisonment and the Devils ambitions come out?