• Chapter 1 continued.

    “So all this happened because we were hit by a..” my voice trailed off, I bit back the anger of this happening because of someone so stupid. “…drunk driver?”
    “Yes, it is calculated that the car rolled six and a half times before it finally stilled. Matt was thrown from the car and had three cactus spikes in his foot. Both Brittany’s had a piece of glass lodged in their lower left back, in the same spot. Jessica was put in a, ” my father paused, I’m guessing at the thought that this could’ve happened to me or my brother. “a coma.”
    I closed my eyes and clenched my fists as much as I could without hurting myself. Tears began to fall, once again, through my closed eyes. “Can I just be alone for a minute?” I managed.
    My dad nodded and left, my aunts came in closer.
    “We love you, Seeps. She‘s in a better place now.” Aunt Chris whispered as the wrapped me in a hug.
    Karen was next to give me a hug. “God needed another angel, and he chose a good one. It‘s just a shame he had to take her now. We all know we are going to miss her dearly.” she pulled away and walked next to Chris, not looking back. I turned my head to the window and noticed a single cloud. I smiled at it, thinking of the thought that my mom could be laying on it, watching over me.