• (This is a true story. A true Nightmare)
    It was snowing all around me I was sitting in the middle of all the snow. It was cold and dark I could actually feel the coldness in my physical body. Suddenly a figure comes up to me out of nowhere and starts talking to me. But I don't know who she is because she's in the dark and I'm in somewhat in the light.

    The girl - It's sad isn't it? Your here all alone with no friends and no family.

    Me - Huh? What are you talking about?

    The girl - Well your here all alone in the snow. It makes me happy to see you sad.

    Me - Sad? I'm not sad I'm happy…*looks away*

    The girl - Oh stop lying to yourself. I know you’re sad.

    Me - … I'm not…

    The girl - *laughs* Look at you. You keep running away from the fact that you’re lonely and sad.

    Me -....

    The girl - I know how you truly feel.

    Me - ....*surprised sad face*

    The girl - You feel sad, lonely, and cold .You can't fight it.

    The girl - Your friends don't talk to you much do they?

    Me - Yes they do! All the time!!

    The girl - Oh? Then why haven't they talked to you in a long time?

    Me - ….Because….They're busy!

    The girl - That's what they want you to think. They don't care if your lonely they really don't care about you…they'll forget you.

    Me - Stop it!!! *it echoes then I hold my ears*

    The girl - You’re denying it because it's true. What a silly girl.

    Me - *starts crying and still holding ears puts head down*

    The girl – Poor, poor Usagi. All alone. Your parents don't even care.

    Me - *looks up surprised*

    The girl - Oh yes I know about that too. They pay more attention to your brother then you. Don't they?

    Me - No they don't they love me equally!

    The girl - Don't make me laugh. They love your brother more to them you are just an annoying girl.

    Me - Stop it please!

    The girl - You pretend to smile and be happy but inside you’re dying of coldness and loneliness. And nobody even notices.

    Me - *cries harder* PLEASE STOP!!!!

    The girl - Your heart is all icy isn't it? From keeping your feelings bottled up all your life. It hurts doesn’t it?

    Me - No! No! No! *shakes head holds ears*

    The girl -*giggles evilly*

    The girl - You are weak.

    The girl - You'll never be loved…ever. Nobody will ever care or love you. You’re pathetic.

    Me - Who are you to judge me!? And how do you know so much!??!?!

    The girl - *comes out of the darkness* because….I am you.

    Other me - *smiles evilly*

    Me – N-No... *eyes widened*

    Other me - Yes. Let me put you out of your misery. It’ll be over soon I promise…it won’t hurt anymore.

    Me - W-What? *eyes widened*

    The girl - *takes a gun out aims it at my heart and shoots* *smiles*

    Me - *falls backwards a puddle of blood surrounded my body the snow was red then it started snowing, I start crying* W-Why?

    Other me - *says in a cute way* Bye-bye Usagi-chan.^-^

    Then...I wake up. I'm laying down straight completely straight and I don't know how I got that way because I was lying down on my side when I woke up my legs were crossed and my arms crossed too. I got up to check if I was dead. And I wasn't I felt the bullet at my heart I actually felt the pain and it hurt. I felt something at the corner of my mouth and it was...Blood and a tear at the corner of my eye. To this day I still feel the bullet piercing my heart. I was so scared of falling asleep that I watched TV it still haunts me. I'm afraid to go asleep now. I’ll never forget that dream or nightmare…ever…