• There was a tennis player named Maddie. She had blond hair, hazel colored eyes, and had pure white skin.
    This year, she was playing in the championships. Maddie was practicing with her father, who was also her coach. The next week, she was going to play against an opponent for the trophy.
    One day, as Maddie was walking to the park, she met a man sitting on a bench so she went up to him and sat down
    "What is your name?" she asked him.
    "My name is Robert." he replied.
    They started talking about each other and found out that they both liked tennis. Soon, they realized that they both fell in love with each other. They walked and ate at a restaurant . He walked her home and decided where they would go the next time they met.
    A few days past. On the day before she went to the finals for the tennis tournament , she was watching the news channel. Maddie had already practiced with her father, then he had went shopping for sports gear. So she checked the weather for that night and the next day.
    As she was about to turn off the t.v., she suddenly heard that Robert had been kidnapped and the kidnapper has sent him to Africa!
    When she heard it, she plunged into her bed and cried. She fell asleep as soon as her father arrived home.
    The next day, she was getting prepared for the match. She tried to stop thinking about Robert, but it was too difficult.
    When Maddie arrived at the stadium, the speakers boomed out " The prize for the tournament has changed. Instead of just the trophy, the winner will also receive $100 000. Have a great day."
    Maddie suddenly thought "Maybe if I win, I could use the money to go to Africa and find Robert." She went to get ready for the final match.
    When she arrived at the court, she found out who she was playing against. She was facing Sandy, which her rank was #10. She had brown hair, brown eyes, and skin like the sand at the beach.
    Maddie nervously surfed the ball. "I can do this, I can do this...," she repeated quietly to herself.
    Sandy whacked the ball to Maddie, then she whacked it back. The ball went back and forth on the court.
    A few hours later, the scoreboard tied: 4-4. Maddie needed one more point to win the whole game. Sandy surfed the ball and it was headed for Maddie. She whacked it back.
    Suddenly just as Sandy hit the ball, it flew and landed in the net. Maddie had won the championships! She was so happy!
    Two months later, Maddie flew on an airplane and went to Africa. She found Robert, they got married and lived happily ever after.