• Etheris, Cruxiaren, Heliadel, Aeriaveil, and Floraius.

    Five empires, five rivals, one goal – to attain the highest position in Crystalia, the world. They showed off their best abilities, best men, best agriculture, best attitude and everything that they could show off. Etheris Empire, the green empire of the humans. It was indeed a wonderful place, and humans were living there happily. But, because of their insecurities towards the other races and their envy towards the beauty of the other empires, they tend not to believe that they exist and they even go to the other empires to destroy it. Cruxiaren Empire, the gothic empire of the vampires. The whole empire was covered with a barrier to ward off other civilians from other empires. The place was rather dark, and creepy, but you cannot compare the incredible discipline, hardships, senses, versatility regarding to necromancy and shamanism, and their agility to aerial battle and land area battle to the other empires. They were off a medieval type of vampires and their royalty and formality surpassed the others. They were sometimes being mistaken for an angel but no. What’s amazing, they were allied forces of the angelic empire, the Aeriaveil Empire. It was the complete opposite of Cruxiaren: it was bright, and happy, but they were the best when it comes also to discipline, the tactics, agility to flights and their mind and elemental powers. Ever since the humans destroyed the peacefulness of the angelic empire, the vampires gladly opened their home to the angels and they became friends. Heliadel Empire, the blazing empire of the demons. The place was located underground and was filled with flaring stones, gargoyles and flare birds. The demons were well-renowned for their being evil and nasty in doing things. They tend to brainwash and change the hearts of the other civilians. And lastly, Floraius Empire, the flowery empire of the faeries. The place was filled with sweet scented flowers and giant ones, filled with magical dusts and alluring melodies. Sad to say, but they were made to be small, and that insecurity made them to team up with the humans.

    These five empires struggled just to attain their position and they’ll do anything for it. The demons were trying to lure other races to join their kind, and because of their tremendous influencing powers, they were able to be successful at that. The faeries and humans, although teamed up, quarreled as well. The humans kept on showing their superiority above the faeries and the faeries weren’t giving up, and so their plans were quite failing. Yet, the angels and vampires were very compatible to each other and they don’t care anymore who will attain the position. All they know was to save Crystalia from these ambitious races and create a place where everybody can go well together.

    And as we speak of angels and vampires, from their almost perfect friendship and compatibility, a new spring was born. Zacheron van Crisandrite, the emperor of Cruxiaren, and Reiana Cloudhardt, the empress of Aeriaveil, got in-loved with each other. They showed the others that everybody has the right to choose whom they love, whom they’ll stay with until they die and with this, peace will be abundant. Aeriaveil and Cruxiaren empires were almost close to each other and when the civilians heard of this inseparable love towards their leaders, they got inspired. They never realized that this could give wonders of peace. Years later, their love grew and they have decided to get married to have both empires all tied up. Their loved proved that everything will be solved without these insecurities. As a reward, their lands have been prosperous, and the harmony of peace, friendship and fertility gave them new life. And for the very first, Zacheron van Crisandrite and Reiana Cloudhardt bore twins, a girl and a boy, who in time will inherit both Cruxiaren and Aeriaveil. And they were named Ceijeanne Yuanne and Cidrouse Traice. With this new line of race, which they called a Seracle, everybody rejoiced.

    Another year has passed and the first birthday of Ceijeanne and Cidrouse was held at Crystenshale Palace in Cruxiaren. Zacheron and Reiana were very glad about this, and not only that, they were happy for the fast growing of their children. In a span of time, Ceijeanne and Cidrouse could already speak basic words and could sit and stand on their own, which other children couldn’t do. It seemed that the gods have blessed them fruitfully. And the couple would not waste that blessing. Just right on the celebration, a strong gust of wind ruined everything. Flaring birds and gargoyles were everywhere and they destroyed every little thing they could see in the place. When Zacheron and Reiana were fighting off the beasts that intruded their place, a gargoyle took the royal children and fled. Reiana saw it and she tried to stop the gargoyle but it didn’t happen. A whistle was heard and the other beasts fled as well, following the gargoyle that had the babies in its arms. The couple sobbed.

    Soon after, a week to be exact, the empires have been under attack. The demons have gotten inside each empire and killed species living their. When the news reached the leaders, they immediately took action. Zacheron, as a very powerful necromancer, used all of his powers to ward off the demons and somehow he scared some of it and even killed demons; Reiana, on the other hand, was a master of elements, summoned every spell she knew just to kill off demons that kept on pestering their lands. As they were fighting, the humans and faeries were just happily watching them, and they, too, started quarreling if they’ll go into the scene as well. Back at the war, Reiana kept on casting when an arrow struck her to her chest and it exited at her back. Zacheron saw it and so he exerted a lot more, killing of hundreds of demons on the way. He didn’t have the chance to see his wife’s disappearing body yet he got the smile he could treasure forever. As he sobbed, a fireball hit him and swiftly had him burned. He closed his eyes and he used the very last of his aura to communicate with his brother and his guardian, Sylphireth van Crisandrite and Sephireine Thistlerain, with the words: Please…save…my…children… After that, Zacheron vanished as well. After hours of war, the demons were very satisfied of what they’ve done and they left the wrecked empires. The survivors couldn’t do anything but to sob.