• The cold air, the mist in the night; made stalking so much more easier. His prey were usually deserving of his final judgment, but one in particular seems to know him to well. Like his shadow. Scarlet had sent her griffin out earlier to fetch some things, and told him to meet her at the lake nearby. It would take her almost all night to get there but she insisted going on foot so she could make sure the vampire she was after wasn't around. Seems to be my game is matched. I can not get to close, especially while my shadow is watching. “Come my pretty”; peering down on delicate soft skin, “show me how well you know me.” Scarlet stopped sensing his presence nearby and almost hearing his thoughts. She was confused and frowned knowing it was probably a trap to get her right where he wanted her. “So, this is my shadow;” he thought to himself. “So beautiful and skilled, I could not have painted this image.” Laughter in the distance, “I feel this dance may end sooner then I would like.” Smell of her hair, whisper in the ear. “Why ME?”

    Scarlet growled and ran towards the sound of his voice; taking her sword out, she picked up speed. The wind blowing through her long blonde hair as she almost flew through the forest. “She has a flame that burns bright. Do I fear you? Do you fear me? Am I alone in your search for understanding? Your sent is so sweet, passing me by. Tonight though, I dine alone my pretty.” The wind in the late night air, carrying this bat away. “Somewhere my prey is not being nice to mankind.” Scarlet stopped running after a while, realizing it would be nearly impossible for her to find him. She’d have to be lucky and get him to come to her by some means. She sat down in the cool grass and tried to think of a way to bring him to her, then she smiled putting away her sword and pulled out her dagger knowing her blood was sweet and the wind would carry its scent to him. She cut her hand open and left the blood flow towards his hunger.

    “Your temptation toward my heart is strong. Such sweet nectar.” His confusion lingered in the air. “My eyes seek to look into yours, feed me from your hands. She is smart, and here I am; swirling about in joy. Her hair would be so soft to my touch, being ever so close.” She grinned knowing he'd not be able to resist blood such as hers. She relaxed momentarily and stared up into the sky at the full moon. “I am here! I'm closer then I've ever been and still you make this dead heart beat. Never has such a rose cast a hunted shadow at my door, yet here you sit before me.” Brushing a strand of hair behind her left ear, "Tell me your name." Scarlet stood up grabbing her sword once more and swung it at him angrily; “don't play coy with me you know exactly who I am and why I have summoned you to me!” Dark laughter, echoing through the forest. “I may know you, but I have no memory of why. You stalk me, even better then some of the greats.” He appears before her, several paces away. “Thorns on a rose, you may need some pruning before the moon sets.” He smiles, watching her body watching her eyes. “You killed my family you monster!;” she yelled as she looked to where he now stood. With a frown she charged at him. She threw her sword down and placed a hand on her dagger; that had been doused in holy water. “As long as I’m alive, I’ll make it so you can never sleep well in the daytime or the night!”

    “Monster?” “What a hurtful choice for my description. Maybe your family deserved my gifted salvation?” Moving, thinking, and planning. “She is so close to me, so overcome with my destruction. So be it. To play nice you shall learn.” He sidestepped her onslaught, knocking the dagger from her hand and sending it right back over to her sword. "Pushing a lady down is not polite, but you had a weapon." She jumped back up as quickly as she was knocked down and swung her fist at his jaw as hard as she could seeing as her weapons were to far for her to reach. “My family was kind farmers and you cursed them and were the cause of their destruction. Monster is a fitting term and if you haven't noticed I’m not playing at all.” Her eyes were still filled with rage, and now a few tears. An unexpected punch placed so well. Stumbling back to catch his balance; the faded time and memories came flooding back. “My youth! My early stages of development. Your past really is never far.” Tasting his blood, the wound was well deserved. Regaining his balance; once more he walked slowly, silently with a stride of determination right for her. She got in a defensive pose quickly as she saw the look in his eyes, and noticed just how determined he was but didn't know what his determination was fueled by.. Anger.. Lust.. Revenge for the nice punch she had managed to land on him. She took a few steps back keeping her bright sea green eyes on him, watching his every movement with caution. A sinister smile on his face. “A beautiful cat cornered by a beast, a monster she says I am.” Jerking about from left to right and back, seeing if the frantic teasing would scare her. With a ghosted step he was upon her so fast, as if time had stood still. He had grabbed up the hand she cut and licked the blood from the wound. The sensation, made him wish the past was gone; but she too had hunt his family.

    Scarlet tried to keep up with his movements and found herself stepping back even more now becoming afraid of him, seeing that he was the most powerful vampire she'd ever come across. She screamed as he appeared before her so swiftly and took her by the hand. Wishing now she hadn't been foolish enough to cut her hand and miss his heart with her blade... It could cost her... her mortality. Her blood tasted almost like sweet tarts. She tried to jerk her hand away, “Stop it!” “Not the fun you expected?” Her hand left his grip. "What is that? May be some one heard her scream?” Peering about, the wind was to quiet... .. Even for the dead. She growled and slapped at his face with her bloody hand. “I came here to kill and I swear one way or another I will;” she said in a low hateful tone then looked over at where her weapons now lay. Licking her blood that was skewed across his cheek. How wonderful it tasted. How late it was. “I regret to inform you this date of ours is over.” Picking her up, into the air with him he decided to let her cool off for the rest of the evening. Drawing in one last familiar scent from her hair; he dropped her in the lake. “Hope you can swim?” Daylight is coming and I have a secluded spot waiting for me.

    Scarlet surfaced out of the water and climbed onto the land angry, that he was going to get away and frustrated that there was nothing she could do about it. Who knew how long it would be until she... No, he found her again. “Run away then, you coward!” Laughter in the forest, kisses in the wind. “If I have come to die now, I want it to be by her.” Opening an ancient velvet case, he smiled as he put a very lovely dagger in it. “I hate when they put holy water on stuff, latex gloves never work because of these damn finger nails. Oh well, hope she doesn't miss this. I must sleep for now.” Scarlet sat down and not too long after began wondering where he griffin was, cursing under her breath and vowing that if someone had hurt him they'd pay. She stood back up and began walking around the woods trying to find him. Even in the sleep of death, ones dreams can be over stimulated; by images, feelings, and even sound. “I will find her again, as she will find me. Must make note to self, ask for mocha next time, that latte and barista tasted awful together. Must have fresh meat, something I've not had before... .. An innocent? Maybe a large flying bird? Where does one find a large bird?” Rest, rest now. But she is there, and .. ... Scarlet found Donnovan, her griffin in a meadow and she sighed with a smile seeing he was chasing a deer for dinner. She laughed a bit and shook her head feeling foolish that she had doubted her mounts' abilities. She sat down and lay back under the stars that were fading. She’d sleep out here for the day. Daylight becomes noisy, too busy for the dead to even begin to know where everyone is in a rush to get. Lunch time soon passes and dinner is starting to be cooked. “Afraid the Library will have to be closed early tonight, I'm hungry for something new.”

    Scarlet slept next to her griffin, cuddled up to him like an innocent child for warmth and protection. She’d had the griffin ever since she could remember and they were best friends and comrades both seeming to have the same goal. His wing was stretched over her body to keep her warm and his head was laid down just above hers. Hmmm, “I wonder. A farm maiden in rage wanting revenge. What will she do when I'm gone? Ah, the fruit orchards have many workers into the wee hours of twilight. I shall stop off at the post first, need to.” Scarlet woke up and yawned stretching a little bit and smiled at her griffin, which was now awake as well. She stood up and stretched a bit more and looked around clearing her mind, searching for the vampire's presence wondering if he was anywhere near. One, two, three. “So fast they become my victims, so fast the feeding is over. Maybe I am a monster? Maybe preying on the weak, sick and no immediate family is wrong of me? Do not care to ponder that right now, a very pretty maid has come out to put the flock of sheep away. She must have forgotten. My fortune I suppose.” Touching her hair as the wind does, she looked around. Scarlet sensed his presence and also death around him. She frowned and jumped on Donnovan's back, ordering him to take to the skies and head to the east where she sensed him. He did so swiftly, the beast’s wings flapped powerfully making them go even faster. They were now almost a blur in the sky but he could see just fine and knew what he was looking for. “Toying with a prey is not necessary, nor is it noble. It allows my slightly human nature to come back to life ever since I lost it. The days when I use to pull a girls hair just so she would chase me. I stole my first kiss that way, as I will give her a kiss she will always remember.” So young and free, the sheep will be without Bo Peep tonight!