• Sandie sat in front of her vanity mirror, vaguely applying a thick coat of sparkling gloss onto her puckered lips. "I wonder,"She thought,"If he is feeling as nervous as I am."The 'He' was of course Kyle Zala, and the reason for being nervous was because it was the school Prom. "Just, think of it as the Gaia Prom, and that Kyle is a hot avatar."Ally suggested, filing her girlie friends nails.At this, Sandie laughed and batted her eye-liner covered lashes.
    Kyle seemed to be having the completley same effect, knowing that he finally had a chance to impress the girl of his dreams,his heart was in a flutter. He planned to secretly steal her away at midnight to Lamano Fountains,and propose.He knew that being 19 is a bit soon, but he wouldn't wait any longer for his love. The phone rang, and Sandie's warm voice travelled into the reciever."Hello?"
    "Are we still on for tonight Kyle?"
    "Sure,I'll pick you up in 10 minutes. See ya."With this, He sat down and opened a small velvet box. Wow, it was a beauty.24 carat gold, with a diamond that had Sandie's name engraved onto it. "She'll love it." Kyle thought.
    A smooth, black limo pulled up in front of Sandie's house and the door slid open. Kyle stepped out, complete with a tux and a small bulging shape in his pocket. He strode up to Sandie's door, but before ringing the doorbell, he checked his breath and had a general straight up. He rung the bell, and stepped back, waiting for his princess to step out. She came out in a long, white dress, her hair coiled on top of her head with a white rose clip holding it together. Her soft white mules clacked on the floor as she stepped out and took Kyle's hand. Ally wore a small purple mini dress with purple mules to match. She also stepped outside and took a different hand, James Simmons' hand to be precise, and the couples stepped into the limo. They slinked off into the night, excited and chatty.
    After a lot of slow-dancing and romantic tracks, Sandie and Kyle stepped outside for a breath of midnight air. Kyle held Sandie's hand and took her to the fountains. He sat her down onto the marble steps and knelt down. He took out the box, andopended it.
    "Sandie, will you marry me?"
    "Ummmm.. I'm not sure Kyle...Do you really like me that much?"
    "Of course, I've loved you for 6 years Sandie."
    "Oh Sandie!!"
    They wrapped their arms around each other in the cold night air and stayed like that for another five minutes.