• Tears ran down my face, caressing every curve. I was alone; everything was crashing down in a complete stop in my life. I turned to face my mirror. My shortish brunette hair tied up into what seemed to be a perfect bun, and my icicle blue eyes were red and puffy from crying. How can it be possible to be in so much pain? Come on Kat he doesn’t deserve you anyway, screw him and his gorgeous smile, and big green eyes. I will certainly not miss his charcoal black hair either. I tried to convince my self. I still couldn’t believe him; we were dating for a year now and he just decides to leave me for another woman.
    “Kat are you alright?” a voice asked from behind my bedroom door. I don’t know why they didn’t just open the door, it’s not like I locked it. Not that there was a lock to lock it but hey it’s the idea. “I’m fine, really, Thomas,” my voice was hoarse from crying, “I just need some time to myself.” That wasn’t good enough, because he barged in anyway. He grabbed my hand.
    “Something’s up and I want to know!” I twitch at every word. My brother had a way of making me talk.
    “Just… Just think of me as a single woman now!” I tried to fight back my tear and it just came back as a yell. He released his grip, and wrapped his bulky arms around me.
    “If you want I’ll make him pay,” he joked, as he tried to lift my spirits. I pushed him away. The floor started to look more and more interesting by the minute.
    “You know I wouldn’t do anything without your consent first,” he smiled. I could never stay depressed around him. His smile was enough to lift any spirit. I bet if he wanted to he could get an emo to eat a happy meal.
    “I just want to be left alone, for just a few minutes,” My voice was still showing signs of depression. He nodded and left my room. My cell phone started to ring. Great what now, this day couldn’t possibly get better? I answered, “Kat are you alright, everyone saw you leave school in tears,” my best friend asked. “I… I’m sorry I had to get out of there. Mike…Mike broke up with me for that skank Shelbi,” I started to cry all over again.

    “That a**, you know what? We’re going out tonight and we’ll show him what he’s missing!” She yelled.


    “I wont take no for an answer. Got it?!” She interrupted me.

    “Fine… I’ll go,” I didn’t have much of a choice.

    “Great I’ll be over there in a few,” she hung up. This day just got better, and better. In fact this whole two months was down right depressing. My parents died in a car crash and no one even wanted to care for me other than my older brother. And after that my childhood friend goes missing. To top it all off Mike dumped me. I decide I should start rummaging through my clothes. I knew for a fact Shelly was going to make me dress up.
    I didn’t realize how much of a fashion disaster I was until I went through my dresser, and my closet. A knock on my bedroom door caught my attention. My fate is sealed, there would be only one outcome to this evening. I opened the door cautiously. What a surprise, it was Shelly.
    “Come on lets make you fabulous,” she grabbed my arm and skipped in my room. Ok I know for a fact anyone who says “let’s make you fabulous” is not right in the head if you know what I mean.
    “Here, wear this!” she tossed over my fishnet arm warmers, a pair of paint splattered jeans, and my panic at the disco shirt. Then she persisted to rummage through my jewelry. She tosses my skull earrings, choker, and my black rose hairclip at the pile of clothes in my hands. I put on everything she threw at me. By the time I was done I looked like emo spit up all over me.
    “Come on lets go!” again with the arm pulling.

    “Thomas I going out,” I yelled as I was pulled out the door, and I managed to grab my cell somehow.

    “Don’t stay out late!” He yelled back. Shelly pushed my back into her black corvette. Shelly’s family is filthy rich, and can afford a corvette. Ever since her mom got promoted at her new job, her paycheck went through the roof. I guess being C.E.O is great, but I prefer a much fulfilling job like a vet or wildlife rehabilitator. I slid across the seat, and to my surprise there was a guy leaning on the window. He had straight-short hair which was pale silver with red tips, and his eyes were a unique shade of purple. He wore the same type of fishnet arm warmers and wore a pure black shirt. The pants which he wore were ripped, and patched over in places. What was really amazing was his bright, blood-red, ruby lip ring. What caught my attention is his pearl eyebrow ring. My eyes were in a surprise ah. Why would she have a guy in the backseat of her car? I my gaze shifted to rear view number.

    “Hey Kat, this is my friend Kalvin,” she stared into her rear view mirror as if she expected some sort of spark to happen. I waved; I was very shy and had no clue what to say.
    “Hi…I’m Kat,” he didn’t even bother looking at me. He just raised his arm and flicked his wrist. I was offended. Jerk. Shelly started the car and backed out of the driveway. The ride over to what ever club she was taking me was long, and quiet. Shelly tried many times to start a conversation but failed every time.
    Shelly parked the car on the side of the street. I stepped out of the car only moments away from almost getting run over. If it wasn’t for Kalvin tugging on my shirt I would have been ran over. It turned to thank him but he just ignored me. Shelly and I walk across the street together. I saw out of the corner of my eye my ex lip locking that Shelbi. I don’t understand why here why now? My eyes started to water. Shelly glared at Mike.
    “Don’t worry about them, stay strong. You never know, maybe you’ll find an admirer in there,” she smirked and strolled by him and his skimpy a** girlfriend. I followed closely behind her hoping to he wouldn’t see me. No luck.
    “Kat what are you doing here? Wait, don’t tell me your alone,” He snickered. A hand rested on my shoulder and the snickering stopped.
    “She’s here with me,” I turned to Kalvin glaring at my ex. There was short moment of silence.
    “Look, I don’t even know you. Let me give you some advice, she’s a handful so make sure you keep her away from the alcohol. Unless you like to do drunken girls,” hate started to boil deep within my soul. My mind raced to the cocktail of moods rush through my brain. Why the hell was he helping me it’s not like he cares?
    “I don’t think I like your tone,”
    “If you have to think about it, then you’re as stupid as your looks, Emo f**!” That’s it I was pushed to far.
    “Hm... name calling, it only proves how pathetic you really are.” he grabbed my wrist and walk away.
    “You better walk, you’re lucky I didn’t kick your a**,” I could tell Kalvin had enough from the pressure of his grip. “Kalvin…” his hand started to get warm. I look at his eye and they had changed somehow. “Kalvin, stop you’re hurting me,” he loosened his grip and continued walking away.
    “What!” he was pissed.
    “Why did you lie back there, and why did you stand up for me?”
    “Temporary relapse, won’t happen again,” I smiled. Shelly waited for us at the door eyeing Kalvin’s grip. She giggled. He let go of my wrist, still showing know eye contact. Shelly lead us through the door, and into the noise infest room. We kept following her to a table and lounge chairs. She signaled for a waiter.
    “What will yah want?” the waiter asked.
    “Apple martini, and two waters,” Shelly ordered for us. Then she ran off.
    “Hey, you really want to know why I stood up for you,” Kalvin still wouldn’t look at me. His gaze was set on the dance floor.
    “Not if you won’t look at when you talk,” I joked. He surprised me and turned his head to look at my eyes, “I can’t stand that guy, and because you wouldn’t do it your self.”
    “I… I’m just not that strong of a person,” I couldn’t tell him I still had feelings for the guy.
    “He turn away again, “yah, I guess not.” I curled my knees up to my chest and wrapped my arms around them.
    “Hey you know what really sucks, now he thinks you’re dating me,”
    “Why does that suck?”
    “Because now if I walk around town or anywhere alone, he’ll think I’ve been dumped again. I just don’t need that right know,” My tear ducts were on over time today because now I was on the verge of crying.
    “Talk to someone who cares,” he growled. Wow Kat, two enemies in one day. It’s a new record. I couldn’t take this. I storm out the lounge and headed for the dance floor. I didn’t look back. Why would I look back, that jackass was probably glaring like always. What a waste of perfectly unique eyes. I was all over the place looking for Shelly. When I finally found her, she was drunker than a cat on catnip.
    “Hey lets go home,” I pleaded.
    “Non—” hiccups interrupted her speech. “Nonsense I’m having so much fun. Loosen up, let loose. Have a drink.” I grabbed the shot glass in her hand and tossed it. I grabbed her wrist and weaved through the crowd of dancers. I stomped up to Kalvin.
    “WE’RE GOING HOME!” he pulled the car keys out his pocket and followed me. I shoved Shelly in the car and slammed the door. Kalvin shrugged and scooted in the driver’s seat, and turned on the ignition. I slid into the passenger’s seat, slammed the door shut, and demanded Kalvin to drive.
    “What happened?”
    “Just drive!” I rested my head in my hands. My hands were rested on my knees. Kalvin Backed up drove to my brother’s house.
    “Hey. What ever is pissing you off, talk and I’ll listen,” he kept his eyes on the road, but there was a sense of concern in his eyes.
    “Why the hell do you care?”
    “Hm, I figured this much,” I was very confused. “You don’t remember anything before you parent’s crash, do you?”
    “WHAT THE HELL DOES IT MATTER, JUST KEEP YOUR NOSES OUT OF MY PERSONAL LIFE!!!” I was so mad and confused. I just wanted t be left alone. Rage took over were depression should have dwelled.
    “Just trying to start a conversation,”
    “Yah, well don’t. I rather I you just drive,” I started to calm down.
    “You don’t need to be so testy,” he shifted the gear. I wasn’t sure what gear he shifted to, I wasn’t old enough to drive yet. I let out a deep sigh. I stared out the window, hoping that I’d wake up from this nightmare called my life. No such luck.
    “How can you see into my eyes like open doors, weighing you down into my core?” my cell phone sang. I reached into my pocket to answer it. I looked at the caller ID. My brother was checking in on me. I clicked ignore on my menu. The last thing I wanted to listen to is my older brother lecturing me.
    “That was a little rude, don’t you think?” I continued to stare out the window, “Are you just going to ignore me the whole drive home?”
    “Why not you did it on the way over.” I snapped.
    “Okay I deserved that. You could at least listen to what I have to say.”
    “I could, but my inner self refuses to let me,” I growled. There was a short moment of silence, besides the moaning from the back seat that is.
    “You know there was a reason ignored you like that,” he smiled.
    “Oh yah, why?”
    “I didn’t know how to approach you,” he smirked.
    He pulled into my driveway. He turned the car off and turned to look at me. I jerked the car door open and ran to the door. I pounded at the door to get my brother’s attention. Kalvin opened his car door.
    “Ok, look you emo, b*****d. You ignore me this whole night, and then you pull this charade off, who the hell do you think you are?!!” I stormed off into my backyard. My nails dug into my palm as if formed into a fist. My cell phone began to ring. I hesitated to answer my cell. I look at the caller ID, it was my dear brother.
    “Kat where are you?”
    “The back yard, why?”
    “Well you didn’t answer your cell.”
    “Thomas, lets talk about this tomorrow. Open the door for me alright,” I hung up the phone and strolled up to the door. Thomas was gracious enough to do what asked and opened the door.
    “What happened, you’re been crying again,” I didn’t bother to answer. I continued to walk past him. As I walked down what seemed like a never ending hallway. My bedroom door was closed as usual. The brass was cold and unforgiving, like my night. That jerk, Kalvin, he’s just messing with me again. I stripped my shirt and jewelry off. I walk towards my bathroom, and turned my shower off. Yuck, I smelled like beer and cigarettes. That’s what I hate about clubs the most. I pulled my jeans and underwear around my ankles. I was about to climb in the shower when my cell rang. I debated whether I should let it ring or answer it. Well, against my better judgment I answered the phone.
    “What?” I did usually say hi, when I answered the phone.
    “Jebus, your in a bad mood aren’t you?” I didn’t recognize the voice that was on the phone.
    “Who is this?” I asked, very stupidly.
    “You just saw me maybe fifteen minutes ago.” Great it’s Kalvin, just what I needed.
    “Look, you got three seconds to explain why you calling before I hang up.”
    “I want to apologize for the way I acted. I was kinda hoping you give me another chance.”
    “Another chance for what?” I was so done with him I just wanted to toss him out a window.
    “Another chance to prove that I not a jerk.”
    “Kat, will give me a chance to prove myself?”
    “Let me think it over,” I hung up the phone and climbed to the shower. You know that at times the shower is the only place to think clearly. That the world disappears for only a moment, and your mind clears. I was so dazed and confused; everything came at me faster that the bullet trains in Japan. Why now all of a sudden my ex returns, and at the same day I get dumped. This day sucked, and it seemed to drag on for ever. I wish that just once in my life the world didn’t seem so, well ruthless and that there was one person that could understand. That someone would love me for me and not just think of me as some tool, or accessory. Through all the pain that was flowing through my mind, I never did manage to get Kalvin’s face out the dark recesses of me mind. I fist hit the shower wall. WHY AM I SO WORTHLESS, I NEVER HELP ANYONE, I JUST GET IN THE WAY OF THINGS. I’M NOT SPECIAL OR USEFUL SO WHY DO I EVEN TRY TO FIT IN? I CAN’T EVEN FIND HAPPINESS, AND WHEN I DO THE HAPPINESS IS RIPPED FROM MY HANDS, SHATTERIN MY HEART AS IF IT WERE LIKE GLASS. I turned the shower off. I strolled over to my dresser and grabbed a pair of black shorts, and the matching top. My brush sat on top of my dresser waiting for me to pick it up. The silver tint in my eyes shifted over to my sketchbook over on my desk. There was a stack of letter on it. “Okay Thomas, I’ll buy. What are these letters doing on my desk?” I yell out the door to my older brother.
    “There yours just got them today. They’re all from the same person.” He answered.
    I ignored the letters and decided sleep was best at this point. I climbed under my thick comforter, and dozed off.
    The next morning I woke up to the smell of raspberries, and hotcakes. I snatched my brush from my dresser and proceeded to brush my hair. Then I rummaged through my clothes. All I found was my fishnet arm warmers, a pair of black jeans, and my Jack Skeleton tank top. Well it was better than nothing. I put hair into an upside-down ponytail, and ran down the hall. I knew it; Thomas was making pancakes and his famous raspberry tea. I grabbed a chair and took in intoxicating aroma.
    “Morning Kat, I have a question for yah,” Thomas sat a plate on the table in front of me.
    “What is it?” I said as I guzzled his tea down.
    “How would you feel if I take in a foreign exchange student?”
    “Depends, where would said exchange student come from?” I joked.
    “Japan,” my eyes got big.
    “JAPAN, ARE YOU ******** KIDDING ME?!” I jumped out of my seat. I loved Japan, the Manga, the anime, and there unique culture all fascinated me.
    “Tomorrow,” Thomas stuffed a pancake in mouth.
    “REALLY? OH WOW, I HAVE TO GO TELL SHELLY,” I gabbed my bag and ran out the door. Today was going to be great. It seemed so normal, so fancy free, until “he” showed up.
    “Hey Kat,”
    “What do you want?!” I yelled at Mike.
    “Still not over it are you?” he snickered.
    “Jerk, why would ask such a stupid question?”
    “Well since you have a boyfriend and all I figured I’d ask,” that smirk was enough to kill any singing song bird around.
    “Is he bugging you Kat?” lovely my other ex has graced us with his presence. Oh good lord why are you punishing me so?
    “Chillax, just joshing her around a little. I was leaving anyway.” A sense of relief clouded my mind. Kalvin wrapped his arm around my waist, and made a fist with other.
    “Look if I see you messing with her again, I’ll make sure you pay the price.”
    “Wow, I’m so scared. Show me what you got.” I pushed Kalvin away, and ran past them both. Strangely I ran not because I was sad or fed up, I ran because I was confused. Not one guy dare stood up for me like that, nor would they have held me like that either. I heard footsteps rushing up behind me.
    “KAT,” I kept running until I got to the school. I didn’t live that far from the school on the first place. I rushed through the doors, and dodged through the void of people. I paused as I walked to my locker. My locker was three lockers down from Shelly.
    “Kat are you okay, your looked flushed?” I nodded and search to make sure I wasn’t followed. Lucky me I wasn’t. I sighed with relief. Only for moment then I heard heavy footsteps rushed up behind me. My heart began to race a thousand miles an hour.
    “Hey Kalvin, are you all right?” I pushed Shelly to the side, and ran as if my life depended on it. Why am I running for him, it’s not like I still… liked him. My legs felt weak and fragile. I leaned on a wall close by. My back slid down the wall until I was sitting on the floor. I hugged my knees and rested my head on my arms. The faint footsteps I heard just down the hall echoed in my mind but I was too tired to run. Too tired to fight or argue, I just wanted to be left alone.
    “Kat… why are running from me?” Kalvin tried to ask as he panted, “What did I do irritate you?”
    “Kalvin…” raised my head to look at him, “I just want to be let alone, just for right now. I’m just stressed.”
    “What are you so stressed about,” Kalvin knelt down besides me.
    “Everything, in last past month I have lost my parents and a boyfriend, and the way been acting around me. You act as if you were dating me,” I rose to my feet, “I just confused.” He wrapped is arms around me.
    “Kat, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to cause you so much pain.” I pushed him away.
    “I sorry I have to go,” I ran towards the stairs. I was moments away from touching the railing when Mike grabbed my arm.
    “Hey that was pretty rude of you, running off like that. One of these days someone is going to teach you some manners. Chances are it’ll be me,” I jerked my arm from his grip, loosing my balance in the process. My back hit the railing, but momentum kept me going. I slid off the railing and began to free fall. I could see Mike and Kalvin looking over the railing in total shock. At that moment I could heat streaming throughout my veins. A bright light burst from my chest, but it left no mark. The light engulfed my entire body. A light and gentle touch brought me to the bottom of the stair case.
    “KAT…” that was the last thing I could here. Everything went blank after that. I don’t know how long I was out, but when I woke up I was in some strange room. I had never seen anything like it. It was like a small temple in the middle of a waterfall. Each and every corner of the room seemed to be covered with jade and tinted with pearl dust.
    “So, the one who summoned finally awakes. How are you feeling?”
    “Like my soul has been ripped from my chest.” I answered.
    “You’ll get use to it Kat,” I knew that voice. Kalvin was here too.
    “I hoped you would have regained your powers two days from now, but sooner is better than later,” my brother was here too?
    “Yah so many questions so little time, let’s start off with that guys over there. Who is he?” I pointed to a strangely dressed boy in the corner. He had blonde hair; it was short and kinda spiky. It kinda looked like Gary’s hair from the series Pokemon. He had his eyes closed so I couldn’t see what color eyes he had. The clothes, oh goodness the clothes were… exotically designed. He had and armor like shirt, it look like a tank but I wasn’t sure. The pants looked like what a ninja would wear the sandals too. He had some sort of cape. The interesting thing was the tattoo on his cheek. It was the Japanese kanji (writing) for Guardian.
    “My name is Hanzuo. I am your demon soul.”
    “Demon Soul?” I asked.
    “You see Kat our ancestors are well… special. They are known as Demon Masters.” My brother explained poorly.
    “A demon Soul is a piece of you. At any time your life is threatened they will come to your aid. Demon Souls are also known as shadows” Kalvin explained.
    “Now that you have your very own Demon Soul you have responsibilities. There are rules you need to follow.” My brother warned; “rule one: you must never let anyone see your shadow or they disappear, rule two: do not misuse you shadow’s abilities, and rule three: never endanger an innocence’s life.”
    “Okay I think I understand.”
    “Oh yah one more thing, Kalvin leaves the room please.” What is Thomas up to?
    “There is only one way to bound the shadow to the person you know, to return them to the body.”
    “What is it?”
    “Do you wish for him to return to your body?” Thomas gave a stern look on his face. Hanzuo walk closer to me and my brother.
    “Well sure I guess,” my brother nodded at Hanzuo.
    “Close your eyes,” he ordered me. A hand caressed my cheek, and then lips brushed against mine. I outraged I went to push whom ever away. A stabbing pain in my back brought my attention else where. I feel some sort of electric charge burst from my hand. I heard a loud thud. My eyes quickly opened. The first thing I saw was Hanzuo smashed against the wall. He had new marking running down his neck.
    “Hmm, you threw his across the room yet your bond grew stronger? Strange” the pain in my back reminded me that something was wrong. I grasped my shoulder.
    “Why did you reject me?” Hanzuo stomped over. Thomas glared at him. He reached over to check the back of my shoulders. It’s scary, it’s like my brother could read my mind. The pain got sharper. I screamed. My vision got fuzzy and then I lost all feeling in my feet. I could hear Kalvin running towards the door.
    “Kat what the hell, is going on?” Hanzuo stepped back; there was a sense of shock in his ruby, red eyes. A force lifted my body in the air. I curled back, and threw my head back. Kalvin burst through the door and watched in astonishment.
    “Hanzuo, what happening to Kat?” my brother shouted. He shook his head. I could see fire starting to form around my body. Each flame formed a strip and danced around me like ribbon. The clothes on my body started to dissipate, and was replaced with armor when the flames wrapped in tight circular motions around my body. My hair felt heaver, and then feathers flew. The flames disappeared, and the forced gently brought me back to the floor. I looked at my arms and feet, then weaved my fingers through my newly grown hair. I stopped when I felt a long feathery form on my back. My eyes shifted to hanzuo.
    “What happened to me?” Kalvin broke out in laughter, “What’s so funny?”
    “Thomas, were both your parents Demon Masters?”
    “No, what does that have to with anything?” both I and Thomas were confused.
    “Your sister is a half blood Phoenix.” He chuckled.
    “Wait, my little sister is one of your kind?”