• If there was one thing Kakashi Hatake hated, it was presents, and he made this much clear to everyone. Still, every time Christmas or Valentine’s Day neared, he was showered with baskets of chocolate and scarves and sweaters, as if the citizens of Konoha felt obliged to drown him in ******** wrapping paper.
    And what do you know, today is September fifteenth. Yeah, you guessed it, today is his thirtieth birthday. What’s more, he woke up at four AM to Maito Gai nearing tears on the edge of his bedside.
    So waking up to an annoying ring tone four hours later was certainly not his cup of tea.
    "-the ******** do you want?" Kakashi slurred, ready to slam the phone down before the person on the other line could even respond.
    "Well, um...I-it's Sakura, as you probably already know, and I just wanted to say Happy Birthday and-"
    "Is that all?"
    There was a brief pause on the other line, before she sighed and continued, “I have to say, the first time you set your lips on mine, it wasn’t amazing, or exciting, and I could stand perfectly fine. In fact, the only thing running through my mind was, ‘God, his breath smells horrible!’
    To tell you the truth, you’re as lazy as you can get, mediocre in bed, overly perverted, and sorry to say, but you’re wearing that mask for a reason, but I’ve realized I love you. You’re perfect the way you are, stoic and distant and as enigmatic as can be.
    Kakashi, you’re a puzzle, I’ll say.”
    The silver haired jounin chuckled, loud and leisurely, the kind of laugh he makes only when he’s around Sakura or on the verge of a breakdown and says, “That’s the best present I’ve ever gotten…”