• Don’t worry you know I’ll be back soon.”

    “But soon is just too long…” Naminé said under her breath.

    “I need to get going, bye Naminé” he suddenly kissed her on the cheek causing both of them to blush a light shade of pink before he ran off to catch his plane.

    “Roxas,” Naminé tried to hold back the tears as she watched him disappear. As she turned to walk away she remembered something, “Dammit! I forgot to tell him how I felt, I’m such an idiot!”

    Time passed by, but lucky for Naminé the time without Roxas by her side wasn’t as depressing as she though. Sure she hasn’t seen him since the airport since February, but the two would always call each other on the phone or chat IM. Naminé never did tell Roxas how she felt, she thought it would have been better if she told him in person. They attempted a webcam once, but Roxas’ webcam broke on him as he tried to fix the lens.

    The weather was getting hot lately, seeing it was the beginning of June. School had been over for a week now, and though it was a beautiful day outside, but Naminé was still in her bedroom.

    “Maybe I should call him…” Naminé thought as she paced around her room as she made regular glances at the phone. The last time she called was in the morning, but she still didn’t seem satisfied with those few hours that had passed by, “Oh, what the heck!” She quickly dialed his phone number and waited as the phone rang.

    “Hello?” a voice said from the other side.

    “Hey Roxas!” Naminé couldn’t help but smile as she took a seat on her bed.

    “Oh, hey Naminé!” Even though Naminé couldn’t see, Roxas was also smiling on the other side, “So what’s up?”

    “Nothing much. How about you? Are those new friends of yours interesting?” Naminé laughed.

    “Yeah, I met one of my old buddies, Axel. It seems he moved here to Hollow Bastion after I went to Twilight High. I was supposed to hang out with him today, but it looks like he’d rather go out with his girlfriend, Larxene.” Roxas sighed.

    “Haha, I still don’t understand why you hang out with the seniors that are soon to be college students!” Naminé giggled.

    “No, Demyx is at least one year older than me, so ha!”

    “You’re still the youngest!”

    “So what’s up with you? Where’s Kairi and them?” Roxas asked.

    “They’re all on vacation, and won't come back until next week or so. I’m so alone!” Naminé complained.

    “Hmm…I’ll probably hang out with Zexion and Marluxia, but they’re too quite. And Demyx is too busy playing his guitar or whatever…” Roxas sighed (A/N: As you can see the cool and young Oranization XIII members are his friends XD).

    “Oh yeah, now that I think about it; why do you live at Twilight Town while your mom lives at Hollow Bastion?”

    “Well my mom found a better job at Hollow Bastion, but I wanted to stay in Twilight Town because Hayner, Pence, and Olette are there. So that’s the reason why I’m at boarding school,” Roxas explained. “Also because I promised someone I’d meet them again there,” Roxas thought.

    “Oh,” Naminé smiled. Roxas was so dedicated to his friends, it was really sweet.

    Suddenly Naminé heard a knock on the door.

    It also seemed that Roxas heard it too, “Who’s that?”

    “Oh my gosh, I almost forgot! I told Seifer I’d hang out with him in the afternoon,” Naminé told.

    “SEIFER!” Roxas exclaimed, “What are you doing hanging out witha guy like him?”

    “Well since the others are gone, why not? He is my friend, and he’s also really nice once you get to know him,” Naminé replied.

    “Seifer, nice? Hell no! All that guy cares about is his ego!”

    “Roxas, just because you don’t like hanging out with him doesn’t mean I do too,” Naminé huffed. How could Roxas be so rude? Couldn’t she choose her own friends?

    “Hey Naminé, what’s taking you so long?” Seifer had just walked inside the room and stood beside Naminé who was sitting on her bed.

    “Wait, I’m talking to Roxas,” she told.

    “Roxas, what are you talking to guy like him for?” Seifer arched an eyebrow.

    Naminé started to hear Roxas grumbling something on the phone. Even though Roxas wasn’t there in person, the tension between the two was still high.

    “He’s my friend, you know that,” Naminé replied.

    “Here give me the phone,” Seifer told her.

    “What, why?” Seifer just took the phone away without any of Naminé’s consent.

    “Back off man, I know exactly what’s happening out there from that noise you’re making!” Roxas yelled at the phone.

    "Shut up, you're the loud one!"

    "Why don't you!"

    “You know what chicken wuss? How about we say goodbye to you for now?” Seifer smirked as he ended the call.

    “Seifer, I was talking to him!” Naminé exclaimed.

    “I’m sorry, it’s just that he ticks me off sometimes you know?” Seifer replied.

    “Okay fine. I’ll just have to call him later then,” Naminé told. For once Seifer thought his plans of getting Naminé away from Roxas worked, but the plan didn’t seem to go the way he followed at this rate.

    “Hey, why don’t we go into the town and actually have some fun out of this building?” Seifer suggested in his attempt to get Naminé's mind off of the other blonde boy.

    “Okay,” Naminé said asshe put on afaint smile on her face. The truth was that she still wanted to call Roxas back and talk to him more.

    The two were just hanging out together by walking and talking down the streets of Twilight Town.

    “So where’s Fuu and Rai?” Naminé asked. Usually Seifer was followed by his ever so faithful companions went everywhere he went.

    “Oh, Rai is visiting his family and Fuu is at her part time job,” Seifer replied. Soon after his cell phone started to ring. He flipped it open, “Hello?” there was a brief exchange of words before he looked back at Naminé, “Sorry Naminé, but I have to go now. See ya later!” Seifer waved her goodbye before he walked away.

    “Bye,” Naminé said quietly under her breath as she saw the boy disappear into the huge crowd. She sighed, “Who am I going to hang out with now?”

    The girl began walking through the streets of Twilight Town alone. She bought a Sea Salt Ice Cream seeing on how hot the weather was. Naminé sat on a bench that was under a shady tree near the park.

    “I still remember the time when he bought one of these,” Naminé smiled to herself as she referred to the ice cream. That was probably one of the first times that Roxas ever did anything nice for her and she didn’t have anything to argue back.

    She soon finished and threw away the popsicle stick before walking around again to pass the time. Naminé felt so alone. All her friends wouldn’t be back until next week, and Roxas won’t even come back until the week after that. As she thought of her friends, she had her right hand clutched on the pendant of the necklace she was wearing.

    Naminé wasn’t the jewelry wearing type, but she loved the necklace. Because it was from him. So it was special; he was special to her. The artistic girl sighed once more. She had her eyes fixed onto the grounds as she walked by on the sidewalk.

    “Hey, watch out!” an unknown person yelled.

    “Huh?” Naminé snapped back to reality, but she was too late to get away from the person and their speedy scooter, “Ahhh!”

    Everything blacked out for a few seconds, but Naminé regained composure and sat on the pavement ground with her left hand over her forehead.

    “That hurt…” the person beside Naminé complained as they had both their hands over their face.

    Naminé shot a glare, “What heck is your- huh?” the blonde girl quickly noticed the other person had their long black hair in a bun as she grabbed her red and white checkered hat off the ground, “You’re a girl?”

    The black haired girl who looked around Naminé’s age smiled as she stood up, “I get that a lot,” she laughed. She took her hand out to help Naminé up.

    “Sorry,” Naminé apologized as she took the other girl’s hand.

    “Don’t worry! Now where did my scooter go…” the girl’s bluish-grey eyes looked around, “Aha!” she picked up her scooter and then looked inside her black side bag, “Oh my gosh! I hope it’s not ruined!”

    “What’s wrong?” Naminé asked.

    The girl sighed in relief, “My notebook! I love writing stories and I thought it got ripped or something when I crashed into you.”

    “Oh,” Naminé examined the girl more closely. “Oh my gosh, she’s gorgeous!”

    The girl had jet black hair and looked like a tomboy with her attire, but her face was flawless. Her skin was as pale colored as Naminé's and her eyes were a blue with a little shade of grey compared to her sapphire-like ones. She had faded denim shorts that went below her knees and had a big white t-shirt with a red sleeveless one over it. As for her accessories, she had her checkered red and white baseball cap and a black wristband with a red X on her right hand.

    “Oh…by the way, I’m Natsuki!” she introduced herself.

    “I’m Naminé. Well, nice meeting you see you around,” Naminé smiled as she walked away.

    “Wait!” Naminé turned around again, “Can you please help me?”

    “Sure, what for?”

    “Well, even though I lived at Twilight Town before…it seems they’ve added a lot of new buildings, and I’m kinda getting lost,” Natsuki laughed as she admitted the truth.

    “So you’re living here again or something?” Naminé asked.

    “No, I’m actually staying at my cousin’s place for the summer, but she’s hanging out with her boyfriend right now leaving me all alone!” Natsuki told.

    “I see, guess I could help you then,” Naminé smiled.

    “Thank you!” Natsuki gave her a bear hug.

    “NEED, AIR!” Naminé said through her suffocation.

    “Sorry!” Natsuki giggled. Despite her tomboyish looks she definitely seemed more girly than Naminé.

    “So Natsuki, where are you off to?” Naminé asked.

    “Hmm…I don’t know. I was just on my scooter going about aimlessly,” Natsuki shrugged.

    “How about we go to the Tram Common, that place has more shops than the actual mall!” Naminé suggested.

    “Sure!” Natsuki said in a hyper manner.

    “She acts like Selphie!” Naminé thought, “Looks like my vacation isn’t going to be as boring as I thought.”