• one day this girl very beautiful boys loved her but not all. SHe nobody knows wats her name. She live in apartment 116 by her self. SO when she went to the mall every boy watched and droll over her i mean literlly every boy. But this one boy so handsom man she had ever seen just ignored her. She flipped her but nothing nothin happened he just walked away. It fustrated her. When she saw him in the food court she thought wat at could i do. She went over ther brushed her hand on his hair notin notin happened. While she walked home she just forgot him. Then sh sensed someone watching fowlowing her. She turned around and saw that guy right behind her. "so i knew u couldnt resist me come here "she said. they kissed and kissed. Then the guy whispered "u reme ber my brother u kissed him like ur kissing me the the next day u embarresed him in front of everyone saying to get a life i would never kiss a man i mean boy like u now my brother is gone he left to live his life somwhere else thanks to u hes gone forever it hurts now ull feel the pain i feel
    " "wat the he...." then BAM!!! he stuffed somethin somethin big in her mouth the next second gone was the girl left alone on the street a fat lip permanent fatlip