• Faded sounds of pawsteps were drowned out by the ferocious roaring of the two-legged dog chasing the oddly colored cat down the street. The tom cat rushed down the side walks, his mouth
    clamped around a victom fish from the market. He zoomed past many two-legged dogs as they rushed by in a hury. He ran down a dimly lit alley as he squeezed himself through the cracks of the fence.
    He raced down the alleyway as he found himself safe from harms way. He sighed in relief as he grined to himself. "You won't be catching Drip anytime soon!" He stated proudly to himself, as he bent over
    his prey, devouring it in famished gulps. This cat wasn't ordinary, for he was locked away for many moon-rises in a silver coated, bared jail in the back of a labratory as a kit. Being in a frantic situation one day,
    as they came too close to him with a needle, he ripped his claws down a white,soft material, spilling red liquid that oozed onto the table and seeped into the white material. Drip bounded off the cart
    as he crashed right onto a table of chemical compounds. He found himself blessed with the powers of water, and the sacrafice of his orange tabby pelt, leaving him with a depressing blue from right
    above his nose, to his back,and on the top of his tail. Where the bottom lip down to the under side of his tail was a light blue,like sky blue. Then, instead of stripes, he had what looked like rain drop markings
    on his back, stretching down to his sides, them being colored a blue you would see as an ocean blue. Though he was different, it didn't stop him from believing there was at least one person out there
    that would except him for who he was. He was determind to one day find a loving place where he could become one with everyone else. He swipped his tounge over his paw as he groomed himself after his meal.
    Drip then stood up and streched his stiffened muscles to comfort. He stood, listening for any sort of movements, hoping that he was alone, it would be best that way.
    He found no response as he stalked away down the alley, not daring to go back in the direction of that two-legged dog infested area. He found himself blessed with the light of the sun as he finally emerged from the alley way.
    He blinked, dazed by the sudden light filttering down on him. He adjusted easily and continued on his own lonesome way. He sighed to himself, some sort of a silence breaker.
    He padded to a clearing with many trees and bushes. "If I had to guess, I'd say this is some sort of forest." He stated, staring blankly at the wood. He soon grew curious of what could be in there.
    Slowly, paw-step by paw-step, he made his way through the thornbush opening. The sharp throns tugged on his pelt as the tore away clumps of fur. When he was finally engulped in trees, his sholder trickled blood in a thin stream down his back.
    He turned his head and cleaned it carefully, swiping his tounge over it thoroughly. He turned his attention back on his new surroundings. He parted his jaws and drew in the mixture blends of forest scents.
    He sneezed softly then padded off on his way. Scanning the surrounding, searching for some sort of life. He thought about how in the past, people had looked at him as if he were some sort of rat plopped at their feet.
    They would screech and swat at him and send nasty dogs on him. He felt a pang of sorrow surge through his pelt. He ignored it though, self-pitty would get him no where in this situation. He pricked his ears up as he heard a rustling noise.
    He drew in a new scent. He prickled his fur,'Someone is following me!' He thought to himself. He followed his ears and nose to the source of the noise. He got himself in a hunters position and was about to pounce.
    But then a blurred figure shot out of the bush and raced ahead with an alarmed yowl. Spitting, Drip raced right after the unknown figure. The creature pelted swiftly on the ground, Drip padding hard on her tail.
    Drip tasted the air, the unknown creature turned out to be another cat. He hissed as he sprang on the cats pelt with a furious yowl. The heap of cats hit the ground in a tangle of fur and claws.
    The new cat tore away from the oddly-colored tom and narrowed it's eyes. Drip scanned the cat. It was a female cat, Calico, with many spots and a bushy tail. She had interesting eyes, colored a bubbly pink.
    "Who are you?" She demanded with a shaky voice. Drip watched every move the female cat made. "Drip." He simply said. Her eyes narrowed as she continued to look him over.
    "Whats wrong with your fur?" She asked demandingly. He rolled his eyes. He hated when others asked him that, he was always just so different.
    I was captured by some two-legged d-" She cut him off. "Two-legged? You mean humans." She corrected. "Is that what they're calling them?" He snoted.
    Her position relaxed a bit as she sat down and curled her tail over her front paws. "So, how exactly did you get you're fur color?" She asked again.
    "Well, when I was captured by the two-leg- I mean, humans, they took me away in an iron barred cage to use me for experiments when I was a kit."
    He gazed at a puddle, thinking how he would describe this insident. "So they tried to inject me with some stuff, and I clawed them and ran away. But, I misjudged my landing area and crashed into a chemical lab.
    My whole body just turned blue, and I got these rain drop makings. And.." He sighed then looked staight at her. "It gave me powers to controll water." He meowed plainly.
    She sort of stared at him for a minute, completly still. Then, she let out a MR~ROW of laughter. "Oh yeah! You can control water! Yeah! You can make a storm and make this whole forest flood!" She mocked.
    He just grinned and flicked his tail. Loud booms of thunder, along with thin streaks of lightning. It poured rain, it began to rise above the cats' paws.
    A frightened yowl came from the she-cat. "Alright alright! Make it stop!" Drip grinned and raised his paw. The storm subsided and the water drained away. The she-cat's eyes were stretched wide with shock,fear, and admireation.
    "Whoa! You weren't lying! That is so cool! Wow, you can actually control water!" She mewed excitedly. Drip chuckled as she went on. She finally stood straight and smiled. "My name's Kitt!" She announced.
    "Ok then Kitterz!" He mewed teasingly, flicking her ear with his tail gently with his tail. "Ok then, Drip-Drop!" She mewed back, brushing past him, leting her tail rest on his shoulder, and then brush under his neck as she went by.
    "So, where are you headed?" She questioned. "No where really. Just trying to find a home." He meowed sadly. Kitt looked at her paws. "I sorta am too. My family of humans kicked me out." She mewed slowly.
    Drip hissed at the horrid statement. "What kind of humans are there in this world." He spat. His fur bristled with rage. Kitt looked at him with sympathetic eyes. "Yeah. So I figured now, maybe.."
    She looked down at her paws. "I-I can wonder around with you?" Drip let the fur on his back lay flat. No one ever want to be near him, let alone travel with him.
    He took this into consideration, turing and tossing the thought back in forth in his mind. Kitt stared down at the ground, her eyes filled with despair. "Well...thats ok. I figured maybe I could but.."
    She paused for a moment as she got to her paws. "I guess because we just met I guess you really wouldn't want to travel with a stranger." She sighed. "Jeeze, do you ever stop talking and listen?"
    He meowed. She looked at him and tilted her head to the side, obviously confused. He padded over to her and flicked her ear wih his tail gently. "I would greatly except you to come along wih me."
    He mewed gently, blinking kindly at her. Kitt's head snapped back up, a surprised look stretched wide in her eyes. "R-really?" She asked excitedly, she tried to hold her shaking body still.
    Drip let out a Mrr~row of amusement, "I never go back on my word, a promise is a promise. I'll fight that,tooth and claw, and with every scrap of breath that will hold in this soul of mine."
    He vowed and chanted. Kitt blinked, "You recite that often?" She questioned. "No, it's just sort of a saying I go by. 'Fighting claw and tooth, I will with you, and chant these words I will speak true. A traveler I walk with you as my role, I'll fight with every breath I'll hold."
    He chanted boldly. Kitt repeated the words silently, memorizing the chant. She eventually looked up, "That should be a code." She mewed. "What?" Drip asked, looking lost.
    "You know, like a secret code, something all the travelers remember and say together." She stated. Drip twitched his tail, "I never really thought about it that way." He mewed.
    Kitt swiped his ear gently, "Well come on you Drip-Drop! We got to get moving sometime!" She mewed energeticly. Drip grinned amused like as he rose to his paws.
    "I'd be glad to get moving again, Kitterz." He mewed. She bowed playfully, "Lead the way Alpha-Drip." He laughed slightly as he padded a few steps forward, "I'd be honored."