• There was nothing in the world that could keep me from Artemis. He was my brother, my other half. We were two of one. Out of all the people, I loved him the most. I refused to let anything stand in my way when it came to him. Nothing would ever hold me back from Artemis.

    Well that’s at least what I thought at the time.


    Artemis was watching me out of the corner of his eye. He was waiting for my move. Me being the oldest I always went first. I could feel his impatiens cutting across the darkness nudging me to move, but I stood still watching the city below.

    Ares! MOVE!

    I felt the wind whistle by me as something came behind me. I jumped and landed on another rooftop, Artemis was by my side in a second. I turned to look at him. A section of his long white hair was missing which told me he had intercepted what ever had came at me.

    That @#%$& got me.’ His eyes glowed red and a red line of blood crossed his cheek. He rubbed the blood from his cheek, the wound had already held.

    “Get over it. ‘that @#%$&’ is already gone.” I pull out my knife, “Let me fix your hair.” He let out a whine, but let me anyway. “What was it?”

    “A hunter.” He said quietly, “Apparently he knew not to mess with us…”

    I sighed and slid the knife back into its holder. “He?” I laughed quietly and he glared at me, which was ineffective with the smile tugging on his lips. “Or maybe there was something worse then us that goes bump in the night…”

    “Something worse then us? When were being good or bad?”

    I smiled back, “Good of course…”

    “Well since your to busy,” he took a step back toward the edge of the roof, “I’m feasting!”

    He jumped from the building. If he had been any other Vampyre besides Artemis, I might have been worried, but he wasn’t.

    I peered over the edge and watched him disappear before following.


    I sat in Zane’s room and watched him sleep. Zane’s room was my comfort zone. He and I were so alike. I wonder if Artemis had ever felt the same way as Lex had. Always complaining that Zane was over bearing…

    I never saw Artemis after he jumped. I found a victim easy enough so I assume he had. I caught my reflection in the mirror. My eye had faded back into the stormy violet that they usually were.

    Movement caught my ears. “Ares? How’d you get in here?”

    I just stared at him for a moment listening to his heart speed up. I could hear the music that Lex was listening to down the hall along with his unsteady heart beat which told me he was doing something and I didn’t want to know what that was. My heart beat was coming back to normal which was a good thing, I suppose, but it wasn’t going back to it’s normal speed, which could turn bad.

    He gave me a questioning look. “Earth to Ares?!”

    “The window…” I could hear the sound of a pen on paper and the sound of typing, and snoring.

    “So are you going to tell me what happened tonight?”

    I nodded and began… I guess that was my ending as well…


    *Note: I'm useing alchemyst as another name for a branch of magic, kind of like if you're a chemist you do chemistry and if you're a biologist you do biology. Calling them alchemysts will probably change.