• My name is Jessica Jones. I go to RidgeWay College. I absolutely love this kid named Emmett, Emmett Fawn. He is my lovebug (only in my dreams). When I was walking to the Cafeteria, I bumped into my lovely Emmett. “Oh sorry,” I exclaimed then left. I can’t be around him for more than 5 seconds without my head burst with love. When I was in reading, Emmett whispered, “Psst!” He did it again… “Psst!” “Yes, Emmett?” I asked not looking at him… “What are you doing tonight?” he asked. “Going to MiKayla’s house… Why?” I asked. MiKayla is my best friend. “Oh… I was wondering if you wanted to hang out?” he answered. WOW! Emmett Fawn is asking me, me Jessica Jones to hang out tonight! “Um… I don’t know… I need to ask MiKayla.” I answered. The bell rung and I ran to language. MiKayla was in that class. “MiKayla!” I screamed. “Oh hey Jess I need-“ I interrupted, “I need to cancel tonight…” “Why!” She screamed. “Because Emmett asked me if he wanted to hang out with me and you know I like him! Please Kayla! I need too! Can we just please assign our monthly shop-down another night?” I asked. “I don’t know… Hey I will talk to you tomorrow… K???” She asked. “Ok… Bye Kayla!” I said then left. It was about 6:00 and my phone rung… “Hello?” I asked. “Hey,” Emmett continued, “When do you want to meet?” He asked. “Um… Well I am all ready to go so sometime around 6:15… Ok?” I asked. “That is totally ok!” he answered. “Ok bye!” I said then hung up. I was nervous all around my body. “Ding! Dong!” my doorbell rung. I opened my door and I couldn’t believe it… Emmett Fawn was standing right in front of me wanting to hang out with me! I wanted to kiss him but you know him… STUBBORN!!! Anyway, he took me to a very famous and expensive restaurant… It’s name is Spanelli’s Bar and Grill. We went inside and talked about certain stuff then, I had to burst my question out, “Emmett, I know that you are stubborn-,” Emmett interrupted me. “I know you want to be my girlfriend and my answer is yes.” He answered. “Really?” I asked. “Yes… I love you.” He answered. When we finished dinner, we went to his house. He wanted to show me his family… The oldest sister is named Shelby Fawn. The middle sister is named Samantha Fawn. The youngest sister is named Alexus Fawn. Shelby and me went into the living room and talked… “I heard you really like Emmett,” Shelby quickly exclaimed. “I know he is really intelligent!” I answered. “I know!” She answered. I went home at 10:30 and went to bed. The next day, Shelby and me were talking 24/7. We were like best friends! That night, Emmett took me into the middle of the woods and told me a secret. “Now Jessica, you got to keep a really big promise!” He said rudely. “I promise.” I promised. “I need to ask you something… Is that ok?” I asked. “Yes it is so ok…” I answered. “What if I wasn’t human. What if I am on Earth but different from all the people… Would you still love me?” He asked. “Emmett! Why would you say that! I don’t care if you are alien! You will always be my lover!” I yelled to him. “Well then I am going to come right out and say this. I am a vampire. So is Shelby, So is Samantha, and so is Alexus.” He continued, “Say the word!” “Vampire.” I said. “Are you scared?” he asked. I looked at him. “No.” I said. “Good,” he continued, “I will always love you, too.” Then, his cold lips touched mine. I closed my eyes as I enjoyed the moment. Then, I woke up to a loud motorcycle noise. “He’s coming” Emmett’s voice was a whisper type. I was scared. “Who’s coming!?!” I asked. “The hunt…” he said. We jumped into his Red ’87 Chorvette and we drove 200 mph down the road towards Southern Kansas. We got to an abandoned hotel and thought that it recently closed down. We got inside and it did recently close down. We got into a room and then all of a sudden, Emmett was taken down by a shadow figure. “Ow…” he screeched. Then the shadow figure came to me. “You brought a friend, Emmett.” He said. “Yes he did. You got a problem cause I don’t think you should be picking on my boyfriend cause I am pretty sure he didn’t do anything to-“ Emmett interrupted, “BELLA DON’T!” he screamed. I continued, “You!” Then the shadow figure (which I figured out it was Alexus) came toward me and battled me. I tumbled down unconscious. Emmett asked, “Why?” “You don’t matter to me! I hate you cause you get all the attention!” Alexus answered. “Alexus… but” He stopped talking. I tried to stand up and I felt normal. I jumped at Alexus and she fell out the window straight to the Red Chorvette. I felt bad but, I didn’t know she would do such a thing. I went to Emmett and took him to the hospital. He was ok. I felt bad. I did need a few stitches but not as much as Emmett. Alexus wasn’t even found yet. As long as I had Emmett and Shelby, I am fine with my life.

    The end