• i had a dream and this is what is was

    once upon a time the was the land of cookies and cookies where everywhere on your right the was sugar cookies and on your left there was choclate chip cookies but the only way you can get past is if tou eat all the cookies and there is just enough to get u sick so if u get past then u go to the land or shall i say ocean of milk you have to swim to the next land so you swim till your arms start hurting and then u go to the land of guards they are huge gummy bears with gummy swords i know what i would do i would eat them i mean if that is the only way to get past them of corse you are gunna eat them so you get past them and u finaly get to the entrence of the castle so u get in and tou clamb 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 steps and there is the king and i was thinking he must be exausted getting his groceries every day but he had your wife and guess what he was made of he was made of posion ivy so it was very convenant that i had calamine lotion in my pocket i thought it would come in handy so i coted myself with it so i defeted him without getting ichy so i got my wife back and it is obvious what she whould say ,"my hero" so it had a happy ending and i was a hero yaaaaaaaaaa