• two friends, work together in a hotel as maids during night shift? One is lesbian, the other bi-curious, sound good?
    Miyako waited at the front desk with her backpack with her uniform inside it. She was waiting for her friend so they could start their shift together.
    ru walked into the lobby looking for miyako "hey im over here"
    Miyako waved to let Ru know where she was. "Hey!" She walked over to Ru with a smile. "Ready to work?"
    "ya i just gota change you coming?"
    "Yeah, sure," Miyako fixed her glasses up a bit. And walked with Ru towards the staff changing rooms.
    she walks into the room "oh looks like no one is here" she starts to take her shoe off
    "Seems like it." Miyako set her bag on the bench facing the lockers getting undressed. "So what rooms are we doing tonight?"
    "uuumm i this 4-23" ru trying takeing off her pants falls on the side of mikako
    Miyako couldn't see what was happening and feel down on the bench. Ru was lying on top of her. Miyako blushed. She didn't know what to do. She was almost naked herself apart from her white lace underwear.

    "uuuummm" ru got up as fast as she could and faced to the wall "uummm srry uumm we should get to work"
    "erm....yeah we should." Miyako faced the lockers and quickly got changed into their usual uniform. Small white frilled skirt. Black puff sleeve shirt with white ribbons, and a small white pinafore. White over knee socks, and mary jane heels. Topped off with their white headdress. She continued getting dressed.
    ru trned aroud finally changed "uuummm so what room are we doing first?"
    "Let's just start from the start like usual, room 4 then?" Miyako's cheeks were still blushing bright red. She was really close to Ru but she'd never been that close to Ru before.
    ru grabbed miyako's hand "ok lets get going" the pulled her out the dressing room and to room 4 it seemed like ru had a lot of energy after what heppend
    Miyako glowed bright red. Ru's hand was so warm. "Um...okay," She walked along the corridors with Ru.
    ru got to room 4 and let go of miyako's hand "ok lets get started" ru noticed miyakos face ru put her forehead on miyakos "are you sick you fell kinda hot?"
    "Um...yeah, I'm fine Ru..." Her face was burning up. Miyako was breathing heavily. She took a step back from Ru. "Uh...well let's go in!" She took out the master key and opened the door. She tripped on the rug though on her way in. Her skirt flew up showing her white lace underwear yet again.

    ru stopped and could not help but stare at her "uuummm are....are you sure your ok?" ru said as her face started to tern red "your acting kinda weird"
    Miyako knew something was wrong...Her panties were showing!" She quickly turned over and sat with her legs crossed. "Um.....not really if I'm honest..." Her head was lowered and her face was redder than ever

    ru put her hand out to help miyako up "come on we are late as it is"
    "Okay." Miyako felt a bit more calm. She took Ru's hand as she helped her to her feet.

    ru walked to the bathroom "you should get started on the bed" ru said trying to clean the bathroom
    "Sure okay," Miyako took out a duster from a store cupboard and started dusting the desks.

    "the sink is clogged" ru went under the sink to fix it as she pulled the pipe it snaped and ru got soaked in water
    Miyako heard gushing water. She rushed into the bathroom. "Ru!" She quickly went back to the store to get some tape. She quickly fixed the joint but only temporally. But in the process she got soaked too. She sighed. Then looked at herself. She was soaked and dripping wet. She took her glasses off and set them on the sink.
    ru got up soaking wet "thanks" ru looked at herself "aahh i cant work like this and i dont have a extra uniform"
    "Yeah same here! What're we gonna do? If we keep them on we'll definitely catch a cold, my hair is soaked too." Miyako tried to think of a solution.
    ru went to the cart and picked up some towels "well the longer we stay in our uniforms the more we have a chance to get sick" ru started to take of her uniform
    Miyako decided she best do so too. She couldn't see how she looked all that clearly with her glasses off. She was beginning to wish she'd brought some contacts instead of glasses. She started taking off her pinafore. She took off her black shirt. And her white skirt. All she had left was her, white over knee socks, black mary janes, and headress. But, her white lace underwear was wet...and see through! Miyako didn't know that though, she couldn't see that well!

    ru finished takeing all of her stuff of but her underwear she looked at miyako and stopped "uuuummm...your...uumm" ru was speechless
    "My what?" Miyako looked at Ru with an innocently confused face.
    "uuummm i can ...see ...you know" ru said pointing down there
    "wahh!" Miyako blushed bright red. She just stood there trying to cover herself, thinking of what she should do.

    "uuuumm we are both girls so....." ru stopped not knowing what els to
    Hearing Ru talk seemed to make Miyako burn up even more. She winced. She kinda nodded her head in a kind of agreement. She felt so embarassed even though Ru was her closest friend.

    ru walked up behind miyako "uuumm....miyako"

    "Ru...?" Miyako was still burning bright red but tried her best to keep herself calm.

    ru swung miyako around and kissed her on the lips
    Miyako winced ever so slightly, before soon relaxing in Ru's arms. But she released herself. "Ru...." She looked away blushing.

    "...im srry i just could not hide it anymore" ru looked away
    "Have you felt like this....even we we had sleepovers, sleeping in just our T-shirts and underwear, sharing my bed?" She blushed even more at the thought. She reached for her glasses at the sink to put them on.

    "ya" ru blushed
    Miyako put her glasses on. She could see Ru properly now with only her underwear on. "Well...." She leaned in closer to Ru for a kiss. "If it's with you, I'm okay with it, you were my first kiss Ru..." She blushed immensely. She kissed Ru softly on the lips.

    ru put her arms around miyako kissing her "i love you"
    Miyako felt so relaxed with Ru's hands around her waist. "I love you too Ru...." She wrapped her arms around Ru, following everything Ru wanted.