• "Why me? why is fate such a monster?, why can't anyone just accept i am who i am, Plague, the demon born different." Born from just an ordinary dog/wolf like family, Plague was the last born and therefore the smallest and youngest. He did not develop as his normal siblings, he was always the slowest and the laziest. "You are worthless!, never meant to be born! we were told to only have three little pups not a disgrace of a pitiful demon, such as yourself. For your unintended bringing into this world, we are no longer your family, you were NEVER supposed to be born!" With his heart broken and his soul struck by hatred from his father he left to the den.
    "He hates me, they all do mother, they all do." "No don't say that my son, your different, which makes you so much more special in the world. Don't bring yourself down my son, just remember something, no matter what they say about you, you will always be my special one, forever open in my arms i shall care for you my son. Your father just cannot stand your looks but they should never judge anyone or anything just because of the way they look.
    The enemies came and his father had jumped to save his sons and daughter. "Ma- mother, what is going on?" "Do not worry my son i will be aback i promise." She leaves him behind hiding him, he hears a loud noise, then silence. "Mom, where are you!?" He runs to the safety of his family only to find nothing but blood spilled over the spiked rocks and on the edges of the den. His brother struck on a sharp rock, his sister ripped to pieces and spread all over the place. His father, nothing.... dragged away only leaving a couple lines of blood. " Mother!, mother! where are you?.....ma- mother." She was laying dead on the cold stone of gray covered with blood and ripped open showing her organs inside. Her heart was not beating at all. "Mother..." He curls up into her dead cold arms and lays crying.
    He leaves the next day, but is ambushed by demons.
    A few years later reveals his true side, all of his hatred and of his pain, he had stowed away, forever. Until now, it all is released.

    "Time to avenge my mother and kill those who slaughtered my family."
    "Watch out for The Plague."

    Watch for more about his family, and what happened during his time. Also look for what happens in the near future.