• A man's wife died. They had a 5 year-old daughter. When the man had to tell his daughter he explained alll about death. The irl asked if mommy was coming home. He said no. The girl started to cry and whine, screaming at the top of her lungs "I want mommy! I want mommy!" The man gave her a hug but she would not quiet down. he became angered. He yelled at his daughter "Mommy is not coming back! We wont see her till we die too. That won't happen for a while. Now be quiet!" He then stormed off leaving his daughter alone and crying. He stayed in hs beroom crying over his dead wife's clothes. He soon came out looking for his daughter. He heard a clatter in the kichen and came to investigate. He found his daughter covered in blood holding a knife. she looked up crying. "I want Mommy Daddy. I want her now. I don't wanna wait."
    The father just stood there shocked. He grabbed the knife and hurridly called 911. The doctors said that the little girl hadn't cut anything important enough to be fatal. The man rushed in to the hospital room to make sure the daughters where right. the sight of his little daughter covered in cuts made him burst into tears. He ran over and choked out through tears. "Moomy's gone. I can't lose you. I can't lose you"The girl looked up into his eyes and said "don't leave daddy." "I'm not going anywhere" He promised. The girl healed and headed home to live a full and happy life. Remember. no matter how bleak your life looks. Never end it.