• Born into royalty,
    Dead unto loyaltiy.
    She does not ask of this conjecture,
    she merely reaches for a lecture.

    When the time finally comes,
    Kimisara comes of age,
    deep in in love, and zero becomes,
    deep in love, she is born in rage.

    Dead now but hardly teen,
    Kimisara changes her well being.
    Princess Zero L. Kiryu,
    The one and only heir

    befor her first year,
    placed into new arms,
    befor her first year
    beat unto severe harms

    Her new parents plead lies,
    They beg and make cries.
    Unable to take others,
    Zero is publicly gets smothered.

    At age 5 She has a new name,
    Her name is now nothing.
    She knows not of her name,
    She knows only L.

    Beaten untill perfection,
    She is treated without suspense.
    From these wounds she has infections
    and yet she does not know this is an offence

    She meets a boy,
    He is called Kumirip
    a friendship for the first
    for the first time she forgets the whip

    and then it is swiftly brought down. . .

    Bruises and cuts,
    abuses and rips

    "Why dont you love me,
    I love you,
    You not me.

    "Why dont you love me,
    What is love mommy. . ."
    and more cuts come to show. . .

    To Be Continued. . .