• Chapter 8: Getting closer

    "Michael are you okay? Just set me on the make-up chair."
    "Hmm? Yeah why do you ask?"
    "Because you won't look at me."
    He didn't answer.
    "Hey do you mind.....um...never mind,can you get my mother for me?"
    "Yeah sure hold on." He left and then i heard a knock at the bathroom door. "Come in Mom." I said.
    "Hey sweety, what can I help you with?"
    "Can you help me get out of these clothes and into the bath?"
    "Yes, of course I can. Let me get the bath started. Okay?"
    "Yeah, thank you. I know it's a lot has happened today with you too."
    "What do you mean?" She was over at the bath tub and started the water and added the bubbles.
    " I mean you just learned your eldest daughter was actually alive and then she falls into a deep 'vision'."
    "Oh I always knew you were alive. Its a mother's instinct. And what happened last night didn't scare me."
    "The bath is ready. Arms up."

    10 minutes later

    "Hey mom?"
    "Why do I feel so weak?"
    "You feel weak because you regained some memory of the past. Also, because now you are realizing that you love Michael, your bond is becoming stronger. Which means it is almost time for you to get remarried in this life time. Bonds can not be broken, they can only become stronger. When a vampire creates a bond with another vampire, they both get stronger. Your memory will be complete if you don't remember it all yet. Also you feel weak because you haven't had blood in a very long time. You were at your limits today."
    "Have Sophie and Aggie ever created a bond?"I asked because both my sister's were only in theirs early teens when the accident happened.
    "No. Sadly we haven't met any vampires that are around their age yet. But some day they will."
    "Oh, so I guess I should be glad Ms.Minager took me to that museum. Where I met Michael."
    "Yes you should. Now, how about I go get you some more blood. Oh and by the way we don't drink human blood. Only animal blood, we keep it in the 'fridge down stairs, at the far end."
    "Oh so I don't have to suck a human's neck?"
    "NO! How repulsive! We'll i'll be right back with it."
    She left and I began to wonder about what has happened. Then i looked around the room and noticed it was about as big as my house back in California. OH MY GOD! MY FAMILY! I WONDER WHERE THEY THINK I'AM!Then again, they are probably glad that their non-daughter isn't their anymore.

    5 minutes later

    I heard a knock at the bath room door and said "Come in Mom."
    "It's not your mom. It's me." Michael said. He was still not looking at me when he talked.
    "Oh hi " I said looking down making sure I was covered in bubbles. "Where did my mom go?"
    "Your family is down stairs.....well the boy's are. I don't know where the girls went."
    "OH.....I see."
    "Um....here.. the cup."
    I gulped and said "Thanks. Michael can you sit down I have some questions for you."
    "Yeah sure." He sat down on the little make-up chair still,again, not looking at me.
    "Why won't you look at me!" I asked bitterly.
    "It's just that.....I don't believe I should look at you until we've renewed our bond. Right now I can only kiss you." He winked.
    "That's all." I giggled.
    "What else do you want to know."
    "You saw what I was dreaming, well seeing, right?"
    "Yeah....it was pretty cruesome in the beginning, but then I think it got better when you met me. Right?"
    "Yeah....it was just....I don't even won't to think about."
    "Yeah, please don't because then I will also see it." He winked
    "Another question why do you wink at EVERYTHING?"
    "I DO NOT!!!!!!!"
    "YEAH, YOU DO. Like this." I winked at him and then he winked at me and it ended up in a contest to see who could do the most winks and of course he won. I was laughing so hard, I started to cry.
    Then all of a I got out of the tube, naked and everything showing, the bubbles were gone. And went to grab a towel and wrap it around me when I realized what I just did.
    I looked back at Michael and saw that he was now in front of me.
    "Sorry, I didn-"
    He started to kiss me and pressed me against the wall, grabbing my arms.
    Then Huffed "I know, you're sorry. You shouldn't be though."
    Then he let go and said "You need to drink that blood remember?"
    "Right." I grabbed it and took one big gulp and it tasted so good and I felt sooooooooo much stronger.
    "Feel better?"
    "Yeah. Thanks." Then we walked toward the door and we both opened each door, yeah the bathroom was so big it has TWO FREAKIN DOORS!,and then I saw my mother, Sophie, Aggie, and Elizabeth. WAIT WHEN DID SHE GET HERE?!!!
    "Michael called me and told me what happened. I bought you some clothes." She held up a gorgeous dress.
    I walked toward her and hugged her. "Oh sorry i'm getting you wet, aren't I?"
    "No, it's fine this is the first time you've hugged me in a long time. Michael you can leave now." She said in a-matter-of-fact tone.
    "Right sorry. Oh and once your ready, come down stairs because then we are all going out to party inn the city of Paris. Except Sophie and Aggie, Ms.Minager will be watching them." He left and I turned toward my mother and said " MS.MINAGER IS STILL ALIVE?"
    "Yes she is. Now sit down."
    Then they all at once did my hair,nails, and make-up.
    "It's not fair why do we have to stay here?!!" Sophie shouted....while we were getting ready.
    We started to giggle at her and my mother said " Because you both look like your 13 and 11 and then we would get arrested for bring underage girls to clubs. There's liquer in the shelfs have your own little party."
    "What it's not like they will get drunk......we can't, since we're vampire's. Remember?"
    "Yeah whatever." I rolled my eyes.
    We were already and we went downstairs and we found the guys doing the weirdest thing.