• Ever since then, I’ve had a crush on him. Today is my first day of school. As soon as I walk through the door Zach grabbed me up in a big bear hug. I choked out, “Hey Zach, uhhh can I breath yet?” He laughed and said, “Hey Alexi what’s up.” I said breathless, “Oh nothing much just trying to get some air.” He laughed at me and my face slipped into a pout. He started to laugh harder. I pushed his head and said, “Don’t laugh at me it’s my first day of school.” I stuck my tongue out like a five year old. He said, “OK well we better get to class.” He grabbed my hand and showed me the way to all my classes. For soon odd reason we were in all the same classes. As soon as the bell rang for lunch Zach was pulling out my chair and held his hand out for me, oh did I mention that we get to sit beside each other in every class. I took his hand and we walked to lunch. As we walk to lunch guys were all around me. One of them, I think his name is Jacob Long, got up the courage and asked me, “Alexi will u go out with me?” I told him, “I’ll think about it ok.” He nearly screamed,”Ok!” I felt Zach’s hand tighten in mine. I asked him,” Hey Zach why so tense, is u jealous of what Jacob asked me?” He answered in a low voice,” Yes I am. Another thing is that you’ll say no to him.” I asked confused,” How did you know I was going to say no to Jacob?” He laughed and said,” Because the way u looked at him like u were saying, why do they have to ask me out, I'm good at reading peoples expressions.” As we walked into the crowed lunchroom Zach showed me the way to our seats. He pulled out a chair out for me, how sweet I thought, I walked over and sat in the chair. He pushed me to the table. He said,” Stay right here while I go get our food ok.” I nodded. When he walked away he looked like a god or something. When he came back he had a funny look on his face. He put the tray in front of me and said,” Take what ever you want I’m not that hungry.” It turned out he ate more than me. When I reached for the tray Zach was walking away from table with it. When he came back he was smiling. As the bell rang for us to go to class he picked me up and carried me to Spanish. While he walked to Spanish, carrying me, people came up and asked,” Are you two going out?” I thought to myself I hope he says yes. He looked at me and told them,” Not at the moment,” Bummer,” But just you wait till tomorrow.” I said,” Yes.” Zach turned his head and looked at me, and then he smiled. I blushed and I knew that he knows I like him. The rest of the day went by fast. The next thing I knew was we were walking to the bus. When we go to the bus Zach asked the driver,” Can Alexi sit with me till she know where to get off and not the wrong stop?” the driver said,” Ok just until she knows where to get off.” Zach nodded. He grabbed my hand and led me to the last seat on the bus. He picked me up and slid in under me and sat me on his lap and took my hand. People started to load the bus. I noticed that girls are on one side and boys on the other. The seat next to us was empty. Zach whispered in my ear,” That’s your seat seniors get the back to themselves, and you’re the only senior girl so that’s all yours.” Before I could think we were already getting off the bus. When the bus was out of sight Zach swept me off my feet and carried me home like I was four years old. When we got to the driveway he asked me,” Do u want to come over today?” Two minutes after he said that my heart was over reacting to what he said. I told him,” Yeah I’d love to.” He smiled and carried me to his house. After he shut the door he said,” Go up stairs my room is the second door to the left.” I walk up the stairs and into his room. When I walk in his room I thought it looked lonely and distant from everything else. He came in and locked the door behind him. He walked over to me. I walked backwards until I fell back on the bed. He walked to the edge of the bed and leaned over me. He said,” You know I like you right.” I told him,” Yes because of what you do for me and the way you flirt with me.” I giggled and he leaned down and kissed my forehead. He said,”
    Do u like me in the same way as I like you?” I told him,” More than you know.” He smiled and pushed me farther up on the bed and said,” Good because I love you more than anyone.” I told him,” So do I.” He asked shyly,” Then will you go out with me?” I tried to control my voice and said,” Yes no matter what yes.” He smiled and took my face in his hands. He formed his lips to mine molding them every time he forced them onto mine. He slightly opened his mouth so that I could taste his sweet warm breath. I pushed against his chest but he didn’t noticed so I gave up and kissed him with as much effort as I could. He laughed and pulled away. He said,” Well I didn’t know you were that good.” I told him,” It will be a lot better when all the guys at our school are jealous.” He laughed and said,” I guess your right.” I got up and walk to the door. He got up and followed. He said,” Don’t go now I was having fun.” I turned around and walked towered him and got him to walk backwards to the bed. He stopped at the end. I pushed him down on the bed, but before he fell on the bed he grabbed me and pulled me on top of him and kissed me. The kiss felt too persuasive