• Kakashi &chi:
    Chi, what an interesting subject. One of my best students, 5 ft 5 inches, long blonde hair, blue eyes, sharigan, a good figure , a hell of a punch, and a pretty face to top it all off. There are so many words I could use to describe her. All of them being good. All of them more proof. I was falling for her. No matter how many times I try to show or tell her, something inside of me makes me shrink away and basically loose what makes me male. She’s so perfect and I am…well I am a strange ***** teacher with issues. I don’t suck at my job or anything like that... I just do only an ‘okay’ job at teaching my students.
    “In coming!”
    In my peripheral vision, I catch sight of a a loose gliding kunai and my hyperactive student with a weird ramen fetish.
    “Whoa! You have to teach me that, believe it! “

    “Teach you what?” I ask with out shifting out of my sitting position.

    “That! Dattabayo!”

    I move my head slightly to see my hand. In it was the kunai knife from before. I had involuntarily caught it.

    “Oh…that…later okay.”


    Wooh…sensei had caught the knife. That idiot. If we had a normal instructor, Naruto would be in deep trouble. I mean, come on, he came this close to hitting our teacher while he was off guard…

    “Naruto, you’re an idiot.”

    “What? Why, chi? What did I do? Is sasuke an idiot too? I-“


    “Uh, sakura! Why me?!” he says as he backs up.

    “Does that matter, cha?!”
    -5 seconds later-

    Hmm…sakura looses her temper again.
    Kakashi sensei had stopped zoning out in time to see what happened.
    “Well, that was interesting, yet again,” he mummers.
    He then dismisses us and we follow him back out into the konaha leaf village.
    ~Next day~
    “In today’s activity, you will be separated into smaller groups. Sasuke and Naruto, you will go to the left half of the forest. Chi, you will come with me to the right half. Sakura, you are a drifter. You can go where ever you want and help who ever you want. This mission is to be taken extremely serious. “
    I close my book and look up at all of them.
    “Kakashi sensei, what is the objective of the mission? It has to have a point,”Sakura blurts out before I can even finish what I was saying.
    “I was just getting to that. This is a survival mission. Today we will exercise if you would make it out or die in a life or death mission.
    *everyone stares at Kakashi.*
    “You may begin…”
    “The area is clear. We can move forward.”
    This made me turn and stare. Did Kakashi sensei really just say ‘huh’???
    I kept my eyes on him for a few seconds.
    Oh, crap. Now she is glaring at me. Did I do something wrong or do I have something on my mask?
    What ever it was must of came off or she must have got over it, because then she relaxed and gazed off into another direction.
    I think it’s time to make conversation.
    I didn’t see the guys or Sakura any where. Where are they? Are they-?
    My thoughts are cut off a sheepish cough upcoming from Kakashi.
    “So, where do you think they are?” he says.
    “I don’t know.”
    I must have sounded annoyed, because Kakashi’s only response to what I said was dead silence. How nice of me.
    Great….just great. I aggravated her. She probably thinks I’m annoying.
    “Chi, I’m s-“
    I stop mid-sentence, looking out of the side of my eye to see Naruto in a close by tree. His orange jumpsuit stood out brightly against the darkness of the overall forest.
    I turn slightly and look at him.
    “Sasuke, I don’t see them. I still don’t get if we’re suppose to find them and fight or just stay on our side, believe it.”
    As typical, Sasuke doesn’t say a word.
    Chi, stoops down in her crouch position, making such little movement she could be mistaken for a statue. By the look in her eyes, you could tell she was listening and following the conversation closely.
    Just as I perceive that something is wrong, she springs up into the air and throws a kunai knife in the shadow of a nearby tree.
    Does he think he will get me that was? A simple sneak attack. Sasuke has become way too predictable. The kunai I had throw away hit right where I wanted it to. Sasuke emerges from the shadow, as expected, scowling.
    WTH. She came so close to hitting Sasuke in head. I know I should be worried about Sasuke, but I ‘m actually amazed instead. She has such wonderful precision. I’m impressed. She is faultless.
    Opps…maybe I came a little close to his head. Sasuke takes the tree behind him and gets into his fighting stance.
    “Sasuke,” I say hesitantly “I’m sorry”.
    Then he lunges at me.
    -Next day-
    Okay. I have to keep my cool. It’s going to be okay. Once all others leave, I’ll hold her behind and ask her o go to dinner with me. GAH!!! I CAN’T DO THIS! I just-
    “Bye Sensei.“
    Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Chi are leaving.
    Sakura had been the one who said goodbye.
    “Wait, Chi, I need to talk to you alone.”
    What ? Why only me? Did sensei want to train me or something? Naruto moves to my side.
    “Tell us what he says later, believe it,” he whispers.
    I just look at him. What is he, an idiot? Uh!
    I walk over to the front of sensei and plop down with my legs crossed, giving him my full attention.
    I take a deep gulp of air. I can do this I convince myself.
    “Chi, I ….er…want to…um...”

    Just like that my nerve is gone. I had looked at her and I felt all the muscles in my body turn to jelly. The way she was sitting on the ground was really getting to me. Her slender legs were crossed in front of her like a Native American; her hands were folded in her lap like a waiting person. Her back was straight. The realization slowly crept up on me. She looked like a small student waiting for instructions from her teacher. What got me was that is what she is to me and how it should stay. For christsake! She is 12 years younger than me! I shouldn’t have these feelings for a student. What was I thinking?! I am her OLDER sensei!

    “Sensei, are you okay?”

    Kakashi was confused. I could tell by the rare look on his face. He was looking up at me from the book he was reading in short intervals, which he almost never does when he is speaking to any of us unless it is tremendously significant.

    “Um…Is there something you needed me for, sensei?”
    Kakashi finally gazes up at me without breaking the look and speaks.

    “I wanted to-“
    He stops midsentence to collect his thoughts as I wait.

    “-ask you to come have ramen with me.”

    “Are you inviting me on a date?”

    Hmm…I forgot how ingenious she is. She had found me out quickly.
    “uh, no. What gave you that silly idea?”
    A second ago that is what I had been planning to do, but then I realized the excitement of me even really asking her would give me a heart attack.
    “I was just asking because that’s what it sounded like you were doing and…never mind,” she says to me in a rush.
    “Let’s go,” I gesture as I start to walk towards the exit.
    -The Ramen shop-
    Mmm. This is tasty. I glimpse up at Kakashi and his untouched bowl. I look back down again. Maybe I should start a discussion. I could almost feel the weight of the air between us just because of the silence we were experiencing.
    “So, do you think we have been getting better, sensei?”
    Dang it! There is that word I detest with a passion again. SENEI! UH! It is so taunting sometimes, almost as if fate wanted to play a cruel joke on me by letting me feel affection for my student.
    “Yeah, sure.”
    What kind of answer is that?
    “Do you think I have improved?”
    I watched as his eyes went panic stricken. He fumbles to get the word he wants to say out.
    “Uh! Er…Um…Yes! You’re doing well.”
    I feel a wave of sympathy pass over me as I hear his monotone voice get emotion and crack. Heehee. I swear I can see him blushing underneath that mask of his. Kakashi looks away from me, obviously embarrassed. I make him that nervous?
    As the shop owner finishes up an order for the next customer, he comes by and speaks to the two of us.
    “Hey,” he starts off as he glances back and forth between the two of us with a big grin.
    “I am surprised you two love birds didn’t bring Naruto with you.”

    LOVE BIRDS!?! I can already feel the blood rushing to my pale face. I get up from my seat.

    “Ah…Kakashi, I have to go. It’s getting late and I like to get to bed early.”


    I rise slowly from my seat to walk her home. That was horrible. It’s going to be awkward between us for weeks!