• Dear Reader,

    Sorry! There is maybe a bit bad words.

    First Time When I was a child in primary 5. There was a boy named Mark who was in secondary 2, and I didn't know why he really really hated me. Fortunately, her sister named Clara was sitting in my class chair. Clara said to me "Cindy, My cousin (mark) said to you that you're a poop and kind of mite. Of course I'm shocked and said "Owh... Really? Are you sure? How does he know me?" and she answered "I don't know! I'm just telling what does he say" So, I yield myself cause I knew what could I do... In the next day, I installed an MSN messenger and he added me. I though he just want to said sorry but, i was wrong. he just want to said if I'm a family of a b***h, My Mom didn't have a v****a, and My dad didn't have a p***s. When I heard that, I was so angry and trying to hate him. What do you want to do if you're becoming me? Until there was 6 teacher handle this problem. A teacher named Kim wanted to tell our parents about this. But, I know that I will win. And I think this is only a test from God! Maybe Cause I have hurt some body...

    Thanks reader... crying crying