• I looked out of the window of the truck watching life pass by like smoke in the wind.

    Mom won't know.
    She probably won't even care. I thought to myself.

    I could remember when i was younger (about 13) mom would always take me to a friend's house and leave me there saying "i will come back soon. I promise."

    I would stay and wait. wait till the sun finally went down.
    When the sun went down i would sneak home and come in through my window and crawl into bed and cry.

    When mom would come in my room noticing i was there she would always say "Honey I was gonna come back for you. Honest i was." she would always say the same thing. Then she would kiss me on the check. I knew she had a problem,Everyone knew she had a problem.
    The kids at school would call her names.
    "Drug Addict."
    I would sit there trying not to say a word. burying my head into my book and reading.

    Everyday after school i would go home to mom and dad fighting.
    I would just walk up to my room and turn on my music,find my razor and cut my wrists.
    When the screaming would stop dad would always come up and talk to me. "i am sorry you had to hear all of that. When i get everything situated. We will run. We will runaway and start a new life." he would say.

    But then one day mom and dad got into a big argument. dad said something and mom told him to leave and never come back.
    So he did. he left.
    without a hug
    without a goodbye
    and without me.

    I never belived in promises after that day.

    Mom would start drinking. but it never fully healed her And she started taking stuff out on me.
    I would start going to school with bruises all over me. the kids would tease me about all the scars and cuts.
    My teacher asked me "what happened?"
    and i would always say the same thing "i fell" i guess i said that cause i wanted to protect mom, i wasn't gonna say what was really happening at home.
    After a couple of months of lyings,beatings and being made fun off there was a knock on the door.

    Mom peeped out the peekhole in the door,looked back at me and smirked.

    She opened the door and greeted a tall man.

    "Ma'am my name is Jacob I am with child services,I was called here for a call to us about child abuse."

    I was hiding by the corner, i looked around the corner and the guy saw me.
    "Would you join us Matthew?" Jacob asked politely
    I sat by Jacob and listened to everything he was telling mom.
    Then after he was done talking he walked out the door.
    Before he left he slipped me a card of his.

    I went to school the next day with more bruises than usuall.

    After the day at school i went home.
    the tv was not on,mom was not in her chair.
    I haulered "mom? are you home?"
    no reply.
    "she is not here yet. i have come to take you to a foster home.I am going to get you away from your abusive mother." he stated

    He took me from home.

    And just like that here i am
    Looking out the truck window watching life pass by like smoke in the wind...