• "Why did you run away?" A voice boomed behind me. I gasped like a fish out of the water. It's him again but in his rude self. When I first met him, he was nice and mysterious but that was all a dream... He walked over to me, and he chuckled. "I didn't really mean that Brittany.” He spoke to me, and he seemed honest about it. I looked up to him without moving my head. “Huh? How did you know my name?” I asked him, and he shifted a little. "You're going to catch a cold..." Ryan spoke to me, seeming to avoid my question. I am going to be sick again, and I will love to dream those dreams again. He pulled me up, and slung me over his shoulder. I was surprised how strong he is in the real life, not in dream. "Wha?" I uttered a word, and he patted my back. "If you can't walk then I will carry you." He told me, glancing at me. His eyes were burning, and kind. I smiled, and said, "Sure." He started to walk back where we came from. The bus was gone when we arrived there. I saw my backpack on other backpack; I supposed that was Ryan's backpack. He set me down, and he knelt over to grab our backpacks. "Here you go." He said as he gave me my backpack, and I nodded. "Thanks." I thanked him for all his help for me. He snagged his backpack; he slung it over his shoulder like he did with me. "Do you know where is Cornwell High School is?" He asked me, looking straight at my eyes. His eyes were burning now, not cold when we first met. "Hello?" He spoke to me, and I snapped into my attention, I was being melted into his eyes. God, he's unbelievably beautiful young man with such a bold eyes and bold face. “I don’t know…” I answered, and he smiled a little grin. “Well, I will lead the way.” He spoke, and started to walk ahead of me. I twirled around, and he was walking away, his shiny blonde hair was being ruffled by the wind.
    “W-wait up!” I yelled after him, and ran after him. He chuckled, and said, “So focused on something? Perhaps me?” I slowed down, and frowned. “No, I am not focused on you.” I answered, giggling a little, and he was smiling. “So, how did you dream about me?” Ryan asked me, and I stumbled over myself, causing myself fall. So fast like lighting and he caught me. When he caught me I could smell his cologne. How did he know that I dreamt about him? But in the bus… He acted like he didn’t know me; perhaps, he was trying not letting others know that he knew me. “Geez, speaking about someone so clumsy…” He spoke softly, staring at my eyes. I could feel my face get hot, and looked away from his bold eyes. He set me up straight, his arms was still wrapped around me. I tried to get away from his grasps, but he still had me locked in his arms. “Let me go, please.” I spoke rashly; I have never seen him act like this. “Your scent, you smell like…. Celenia…” He spoke, running his nose on my neck. I shuddered from the cold, and the fear coming to me. What will happen? “Hey, let the girl go, Yourn. She probably doesn’t like it.” A voice appeared out of nowhere, and I looked around. There was a topaz-colored wolf standing way ahead of us, his eyes seemed to be calm but behind them were like evil. “Hmmph, you’d put your dirty paws all over her.” Ryan spoke defensively, and I whimpered. The wolf was right; I sure didn’t like this at all. “Let me go, you freakin’ idiot!” I yelled at Ryan, and he clenched his teeth. He was frowning, big time. “An idiot, eh?” He asked me, and he moved his arms up to my neck, they tightened. I gagged, and his arms were so strong, that in mere seconds I started to choke. Is the how I will die? Dying in the arms that I just fell in love with but on purpose? The topaz wolf growled and started to run towards us. Oh god please let him stop this horror. Ryan threw me to the ground, and put his arms up. The topaz wolf lunged on him, biting into his arms, and making them bleed. I was feeling sickly in my stomach, and collapsed on the ground, gasping for the breaths I need. “Topaz, you surely don’t need to interfere with us!” Ryan roared, and punched the topaz wolf onto the ground. He turned around, and looked at me, his eyes were cold, extremely cold… It made me shudder, and flinch away from them. “I thought you have abandoned me, but you actually didn’t. So that is good, I shall do what I really want to do to you, is killing you!” He chuckled at me, his smile seemed so twisted, and horrible. “N-no, I am not her, please, I beg you.” I spoke softly, and his eyes narrowed. “You’re not Celenia? The how come you smell like her…?” He spoke, and his eyes became more warm, and welcoming. “Yourn, do listen to her, and me.” Topaz told him, he was getting up, and he was looking at me with worry. Ryan backed off, he clutched at his face, making a pained face, and he was making low growls. “I am sorry for what I did, miss.” Ryan told me, and I looked at him. My eyes started to tear up, and I shook my head. “No, I will forgive you, and I will always will… love you, Ryan!” My voice became stronger, and fierce like a wolf’s growl. Ryan stopped clutching at his face, and looked at me with his warm eyes. “Love me? But we barely know each other…” He spoke, and I smiled. “I will soon tell you how I knew you.” I told him, and stood up feebly. My mind was swirling in madness, and I was about to pass out. “Tiara?!? Are you okay?” Topaz asked me worriedly, and I smiled weakly. My legs gave out, my mind shut down, and I fell into Ryan’s arms. I was perfectly in position in his arms, dreaming away.

    Chapter 5 The Real Truth

    I woke up, in the arms of Ryan, and I yawned. “You’re awake?” Ryan noticed that I woke up, and I looked at him. “Yes, I am.” I said, barely smiling. I was looking at his eyes; they were warm, but worried. His eyes seemed to show emotions he has. When he’s mad or angry, his eyes go cold. When he’s worried, his eyes seemed to be warm yet calm. He has shown many emotions to me I believe, not to others. He just seems open to me the most of the time. “Good. We need to talk to you.” He told me, and I looked ahead of him. There was Rusarion in his human form, and there were a young woman with bold eyes, and a man with two eyes that are different color from each other. “She’s awake?” The man spoke, and his voice were smooth, and calm. “Yes, she is awake thankfully…” Ryan spoke softly, caressing me in his warm arms. “Hmm, that’s good, then I will go report the chief.” Rusarion said, and he ran off in his wolf form. The women took a step towards us, and said, “You must be Tiara.” I nodded, and got up. “Yes, I am Tiara, but in human name, it’s Brittany. Just call me Brittany, please.” I spoke politely to the lady, and she smiled. She sure had a nice body, better than my mine obviously. She had black hair that is in a ponytail, and she had beautiful eyes that are earthy-green and soft looking. She was slender, and tall. She wore a red sweater on her, black gloves, and black sleek pants. She seemed very nice, and the man was examining me with his golden and blue eyes. I looked at him as well, he had black hair, and his bangs covered his golden eye. He was tall, and he was wearing a white-coat over himself, like a scientist, or a doctor. “Brittany, so that is your true name?” The woman asked me, and I looked at her. “Um, I don’t know exactly, heh.” I told her sincerely, and she smiled. “We will call you Brittany, don’t worry, I am sure that is your true name.” The lady spoke nicely to me, and I beamed. “That’s great.” I said, and she chuckled. “Oh, we had forgotten to tell you our names. I am Sawa. And this is, Tren.” She introduced the man, and herself. “Nice to meet you.” I said, smiling my nicest smile. Tren and Sawa smiled back, and Sawa twirled around, in a nano-second, she was in her wolf form. Man, her wolf form is wicked. She had black fur, and golden eyes that seemed to shine. “I should go and patrol around the ridges.” She spoke, and I stopped in my tracks. I looked around, I just realized that we were in a cave, and the outside was snowing, well more like a blizzard pounding on the ground. “Um, where am I?” I asked, looking at Sawa, Tren, and Ryan at the same time. “You’re in an abandoned cave of a Morian clan.” Tren was first one to answer me, and he was smiling gently. “Wow…” I spoke in one word, and this was actually a first time for me to be in a cave. Sawa huffed, and shook her fur, “Hope you can live the temperature.”, she spoke in a grumpy pitch. “Oh god, whut? I am going to freeze to death for sure! I mean look at the outside!” I spoke in the whining tone, and they all laughed in humor. “Heh, you’ll live anyways.” Tren said, and Sawa trotted off outside. “How?!?” I said, crossing my arms, and I was frowning a little. Tren smiled, and shifted into his wolf form, he was golden-brown fur, and his eyes didn’t change at all. “By cuddling with wolves?” He asked me, and I huffed. I sat down, and Ryan laughed. “That’s a good answer!” He spoke, in order to annoy me even more. Oops, I just remembered that I could turn into a wolf like them but I shouldn’t show it to them. “Hey Ry, where’s Topaz, that topaz colored wolf?” I asked Ryan, wondering where is he. “He’s doing the same thing that Sawa is doing.” Tren told me, inching closer to me. I shrugged like I wasn’t interested, I was trying not to be interested, but they already know I am interested.
    Ryan put one of his arms around me, pulling against his shoulder, and he was nuzzling me like a cat. Well, I guess that what Morians do? I was pretty much clueless about them, how they live, how they hunt, and what they eat. The last question made me shudder at the thought, aren’t Morians supposed to be demons? Doesn’t demons devour humans? “You seem very concentrated in your thoughts, Brittany…” Tren spoke, studying my face with his serene eyes. I looked at him, and shook my head feebly. “Nah, I am just tired, I suppose.” I told him, and he was frowning a little. “It is something about us?” He asked me, and I froze a little. “Yeah, it is something us Morians?” Ryan joined in his question. “Yes. It is.” I said, and Tren sat down. “Are you scared of us?” Ryan asked me, letting me go, and I sighed. “I don’t really know….” I answered, and I was looking down, shying away from their electric eyes. “It’s okay if you are, Brittany…” Tren told me, he was trying to assure me. “Well, I am just curious about the Morians.” I told him, and they looked at each other, then at me. “Well, we can teach you about us, but you tell us about you fully. How did you know us, and how did you know Yourn, well Ryan. All that.” Tren told me, and I looked at him. The fear was about to devour about me, and my heartbeat started to pulse more rapidly. No, it’s coming to me, and I yelled out in pain. I clutched at my head, this exploding pain shot up in my spine. “Brittany!” Ryan took a grip on me, and he was frantically grasping at me. My vision averted, becoming blurrier.
    I was choking on something, was it fear that is trying to devour me whole? “N-no…” I spoke with my last words, and blackened out. I was on the ground, shivering, the Morians were running past me, and the dark wolf of my dreams came back to me. I was in the same armor, and I was looking at the dark wolf. “Leave me alone!” I yelled at him, in my fierce voice, and he was snarling at me viciously. “What do you consider about this war, Celina?” He said, smiling an inhumane smile at me, and I gasped, clutching at my throat as there was poison in it. I felt my soul leave my body, and I soared over the battlefield, there were wolves fighting against each other. There was blood on the ground, and I saw Ryan fighting, trying to protect me. Wait a minute, if that’s me over there, then why is there other me over there, being protected by Ryan. I am really Celenia? In a flash second, there was a bang, and there were yelping. I looked down at Ryan, screaming. He was shot, and he collapsed against the ground, he reverted into his human form. The other me started to cling onto not moving Ryan. He was dead, and the other me was crying like me right now. In other second, I died, and I screamed as the shooting pain came through me like an electric shook shoot came up and down in my body. “She’s gone…” I heard a voice float in my mind, and I jerked my head up. I opened my eyes wide-eyed. “Brittany!” Ryan yelled, and I was in his arms. “But-but I though you were dead!” Tren stuttered in shock, and I shook my head in disapproval. “Meh, I think I have only in my dreams…” I said, rubbing my temple from the pain. “Dreams? What do you mean?” Tren asked me, and I looked at him. “My dreams… Well, I mean I get those dreams, I keep seeing this black, dark Morian…” I spoke slowly, and they both stared at me wide-eyed. “You mean… The Plague Demon?” Tren asked me, all worried, and frowning. “I don’t really know… But he keeps calling me Cel.” I stopped talking, knowing that this will make Ryan angry. “He keeps calling you what?” Tren asked, and Ryan was frowning, his eyes now are cold. I got right up, and I sighed. “Never mind, you’d never understand it!” I said to them, and ran off in the snowstorm. I could hear them yelling after me, and I huffed. I decided to change into my Morian form, and I just did with no pain at all. I trotted downhill, and I could see other Morians patrolling around the ridges.
    I jumped off a cliff to avoid others, they probably smelt me, and started to act up.
    I looked down, I saw the city covered up in white, and it was still a day. It was all nice earlier, but now it’s horrible. The snow stung me, and I looked up to the sky. All I can see are snowflakes pelting my skin, my eyes, and my wet nose. I felt a tear fall out of my eye, and my legs just gave out sadly. I laid there, the snow started to swallow me up, and my ears flicked as I heard other Morians howl, sending out alarms. I heard crunching sounds behind me, “Tiara? Oh, I mean Brittany, is that you?” his voice sounded familiar but it’s neither Ryan nor the ones I saw in the cave. It was the topaz wolf. “Yes, it is me…” I spoke in a rasping voice, that is so soft yet rough. I felt something warm touch me, and I immediately changed back into my human form. Topaz was in his human form, and he was shockingly almost alike Ryan. He had darker hair color, his eyes were hazel as well but lighter in color, and he was handsome in any way. He was wearing a brown coat over him, and he was offering one of his hands to pull me up. I grasped on his hand, and he pulled me up, pulling me into his arms. “You must be cold from this horrible weather…” He spoke to me, his lips brushing by my ear, and I could feel my face turn red. “Are you better, or not?” He asked me, and I looked at him. His eyes were drawing me in like a honeybee attracted to a flower in the spring. He was inching closer to me, and I could feel his hot breath on me. “Why you’re this close to…” I was broken off in my sentence, and his lips were almost brushing by my lips. “Wait…” I whispered just one word, and he pressed his lips on my lips. Like a crushing blow, his lips were smooth, and velvety. I closed my eyes, he was pressing even harder on my lips, and I was leaning forward. Why am I so drawn in? I am kissing a boy, that I just barely know, and this isn’t me. I had this feeling swell inside of me, what was that? I flung backwards, breaking away like there was a snake clamped on my leg. I covered my mouth, and shook my head. He stood there like nothing happened. “Brittany? Brittany! Where are you?” Ryan yelled out in the white, pounding snow. I looked at Topaz, and he was staring at me. Boring his eyes into me, and I just couldn’t help it but take a step towards him. At the tip of his lips, they were curving into a smile. “Come with me, I will teach you what you want to learn.” He told me, with one of his hand out. I was going to take his hand, but Ryan’s yell broke his hypnotization. I looked at Ryan and he was in his human form, panting for breath. Obviously, he’ll freeze to death from being out here, and why did he even bother come after me? “Topaz… What have you done to her?” Ryan barked at Topaz, and they were staring at each other. Like they were rivalry brothers, or they are really are brothers. Tren was behind Ryan, and his golden and blue eyes laying on me. I flinched away, and took another step by the ridge. Preparing to jump off, and possibly just plunge into my death. My heart was racing against time, and I thought the others would hear it. “I have given her a friendly greeting, well a kiss. Hehe, and I know she liked it.” Topaz spoke slyly like a fox, and he was grinning at the frowning Ryan. “No, I didn’t!” I protested against his answer, and ran up to him to hit him for what he has done. I slipped while I ran, I let out a scream but someone caught my wrist. Thankfully, Ryan saved me, and he tried to pull me up, and it was success. “Brittany, be careful and think before what you do!” He scolded me like I were a bad puppy. I cried, and flung myself on his chest. He wrapped one of his arms around me as to protect me. “Heh, she’s pretty good drama queen, she’d make a good queen for the Morians.” Topaz spoke, teasingly to Ryan, and probably me. “Topaz, why you’re being like that?” Tren spoke defensively for us, and Topaz made a sneer. “Heh, it looks like all of the males are falling for the goddess.” He said, and made a jump off the cliff that must be at least 30 foot or 40 foot drop. I leaned over a little bit to see, but all I can see is foggy clouds. Man, I was so angry, and guilty as well. “I am so sorry, sorry Ryan, please do forgive me!” I was crying, and I was on the ground. He still had my arm, he let it go, and he was frowning. “I will leave you two alone, I got to report this to others.” Tren spoke, and ran off in his wolf form. Ryan heaved a sigh, and looked at me with his great eyes. “Just don’t run off like this, Brit.” Ryan told me, and I looked at him with tears in my eyes. He knelt down in front of me, and wept off my tear with his thumb. “I won’t do that again, I promise.” I told him, and he smiled a sad smile. “Thank you, Brittany.” He said, and got up. A billow of his breath came out, so did mine. “It’s cold out here, let’s go.” He said once again, and held out one of his hand. I grasped on his hand, and he pulled me off the ground full of snow. “You’re covered in snow…” Ryan told me, and I looked at myself. He was right, I was completely in snow, and I made a weak smile. “It’s okay.” I said, and he stopped walking. “The scent of a Morian we smelt, was it you?” He spoke without looking at me, and I heaved a sigh, which made a billow of breath into out of the air. “Yes, it was probably me.” I answered truthfully to him, and he turned around. His eyes were hard to read now.
    “Brittany…” He whispered my name, and I was shying away from his eyes but couldn’t. They were odd, yet serene. So beautiful, always have been more beautiful than anything. He clasped his hands on my shoulders, and I looked at him straight this time, not shying away. “I know what you have been going through. You have dreamt of me as it were real dreams… But I am not that guy in your dreams anymore, I am worse than a demon, and it’s too dangerous for you to be close with me. And yes, I already knew that you have dreamt of me, the chief told me about you dreaming about us.” He said, staring straight at my eyes. “The chief already knew about this…..? Plus I know you’re a good guy! Please, I want to be with you!” I said, and a tear streamed out of my eyes. “No, it’s too risky. But you know, I will always watch over you.” He said, wiping off my tears. I looked away, this was too much for me anyways, and I wasn’t born to be a wolf or even be with one. “You know, I have loved you too.” Ryan told me, and I didn’t react at all. “You never had loved me, I wasn’t even good for you…” I said, frowning, and he grasped at my shoulders, tightening them into like locks. “You are too stubborn. So stubborn!” He chuckled, and he stopped. He was serious now. “Well would this help to prove that I care about you?” He spoke, and I looked at him. He was drawing me in with his eyes. My heart started to pulse rapidly, and he leaned towards to me. But he stopped moving towards me, his lips were only inches away from my lips. Our eyes were locked on each other, and he took a step backwards. He shook his head, and ran off. I stood there, staring off in blankness, and the snow started to stop pounding on us. “Brittany?” A black wolf was standing behind me, and it was Sawa. “Oh hi Sawa…” I spoke softly, and looked away. “You’re going to freeze to death… Go inside of the cave entrance okay? I lead you the way…” Sawa said softly, and I nodded. She trotted ahead of me, and I looked at her frost-covered fur. Her fur seemed to shine brightly, and I followed her.
    “Why did you run out of the cave in the first place?” Sawa asked me as she led me to the cave. “I don’t really know… I guess I got scared or something…” I answered, slowing down the walk. Sawa didn’t say anymore, and went into the cave. I went in as well, the cave was filled of Morians. There was at least twenty or thirty Morians. It must have been the clan that Ryan has been talking about. They stopped murmuring when I entered the cave. It was deadly silent, and I did not like a thing about it at all. There was a fireplace too, it was huge, and it looked like a devourer. The Morians surrounded it in a circle, perhaps warming themselves up from it. A blue-tarnish colored wolf got up, and he had something glistening in middle of his broad forehead. It looked like a gem that is shaped like the moon’s crescent shape. “Welcome, Tiara. Welcome to our clan.” He spoke with a gruff voice, and I bowed. “Thank you.” I said, and looked at all others. Rusarion was there, so was Tren. “I am the chief they have been talking about. You may call me Nair, and I am leader of the Morian Clan.” He spoke, and I pressed my lips together. I said, “Nice to meet you, it is an honor to meet you, sir.” trying to be polite to the leader. “Nice to meet you, Tiara. Hmm, and meet my daughter, Creastara.” He said, and a bold white wolf with soft grey eyes got up. “Nice to meet you Tiara.” Creastara spoke to me, with a formal voice. She has piercing in her ears, and also a gem on her forehead like her father. “Hm, now you have met her, and I have a question for you.” Nair spoke, and the fire started to flicker like crazy. “Yes sir, you may ask.” I spoke, looking for Ryan but he wasn’t anywhere. “Do you have a wolfish form, Tiara?” He spoke, dipping his head to me, and I sighed. “Yes. I do. I always had the form since I had these dreams, sir.” I told him, and he flicked his ears as the clan started to act up. His eyes were grey like his daughter, and they were beautiful and yet so lonely. “Dreams. Yes, these dreams were given by the Goddess of the Morians, Celenia.” Nair said, and I nodded. “Show us your form you have, Tiara.” Creastara spoke, and I looked at her. “Yes, I will.” I said, closing my eyes, and I changed into my Morian form. I looked at them, and they were grinning a little. “Hm, she has given you the Morian form, you’re the first human ever heard that has been changed into a Morian.” Nair announced, and I flicked my eyes to the entrance. Ryan was there, in his wolf form, and he was frowning as I can see. Nair looked at him, raising his head high, and all others was baring their teeth, snarling. Tren, Rusarion, and Sawa joined as well. I wondered if they hated Ryan, well Yourn. “I knew I sensed something unpleasant, and it was you.” The chief spoke gruffly, and he was frowning at Ryan. “Hmmph, I have come for her. Not for my death from you.” Ryan snarled at him, and I was shocked how they treated each other. “Tiara, have you been treated fairly?” Ryan asked me as he sat by me. “Yes, they have.” I told him, and he nodded. “Hmm, anyways, do you wish to be with us for the rest of the time, Tiara?” Nair asked me, and Creastara’s eyes shone with excitement. Ryan shifted uncomfortably besides me. I thought for a long time, will my parents accept this or should I just abandon them for good? I didn’t really know what to do. “I might, just to learn more about the Morians, that what I wish for.” I answered boldly, and the clan started to talk again. “But Tiara…” Ryan was going to tell me something but Nair interrupted him. “You are now officially a Morian of our clan!” He announced out loud for everyone to hear him. “Welcome to our clan, Tiara.” Creastara told me, and I dipped my head. “Thank you for everything. I think I should go now, I am sorry.” I replied back, and Creastara dipped her head to me. “You may go, miss.” She told me, and I swiftly got up and ran outside. Ryan ran after me, and he was frowning. “So is this your wolfish form?” He spoke as I started to walk away from the cave. “Yes, it’s my form of a Morian.” I told him, trotting in the thick snow. “Hmm, well it’s nice I suppose…” Ryan said, and I stopped in the middle of my walking. “Ryan, why you’re like that? How come you’re treated like that by the chief and his daughter?” I questioned him, he looked away, and he was looking at the city. “It’s a long story, you wouldn’t be interested in it.” He spoke to me rashly, and I huffed. “Well would you please lead me the way back to my home, and tell me the story at the same time?” I requested him, and he looked at me. “I suppose so, I will start now.” He told me, and I smiled a little. “Good.” I answered with one word, and he started to lead me the way, and speaking his story of his own.

    ----- Ryan’s Story ----

    At least ten years ago, when he was a mere child. Yes he was a human but that was before when Celenia came after him. His parents left him out in the mountains, and leaving him out in the cold abandoned him. He was crying for help, and then a white wolf came. It was pure-white, her eyes were purplish-grayish, and they sparkled under the sun. She was looking straight at Ryan, and said, “You are Yourn, meaning the cold one.” Ryan whimpered in fear, and Celenia dipped her head. “A gifted young boy, you shall be. You shall be with the one. You are to be a Morian.” She spoke softly, and at that moment Ryan passed out. In the next day, he was in a form he wasn’t supposed to be in. He was a Morian, and he swore to kill the one who changed him into the wretched demonic form. He had bronze fur, and eyes that would show off emotions. For days, and days, he wandered in the mountains. He was walking up to a cave, and he caught a scent he never smelt before. “Who are you?” A female voice boomed out behind him, and he turned around to see who was she. She was a white wolf like him, she had silver eyes, and she had a silver bracelet with crested white jewels on her left front leg. Ryan didn’t answer, and she started to bare her teeth. “Address me with your name or else!” She yelled, and Ryan flinched. “I am… I am Yourn.” Ryan answered, thinking it is wise to tell her the name the white wolf told him. “Hmmph, nice name.” The silver-eyed wolf sneered at him, and Ryan snarled. “Who are you then?” He requested her name, and she flicked her ears. “I am Diamond. Ha.” She told her, and Ryan raised his head. “Anyways, I got some unfinished works to do, and that’ll be killing you. Sorry, the cold one.” Diamond made another sneer, and she started to run. Ryan bent backwards, bending his ears backwards, and he bared his sharp teeth. Diamond pounced on him, making a crushing blow to Ryan, and he was shocked how strong the female wolf was. Ryan sank his teeth into her wrist, and Diamond howled. “You little brat!” Diamond snapped, and jumped off. Then other wolves started to arrive. “What is going on?” A blue wolf came up to Diamond, and he was looking at Diamond’s wrist. He started to bend over, and licked her blood. She grunted, and pulled her paw away from his tongue. “Rikal. Don’t even dare to lap up my blood… Go drink the boy’s blood already…” Diamond commanded him, and the blue wolf laid his blood-lusted eyes on Ryan. “Leave me alone!” Ryan yelped as the blue wolf went after him. Ryan ran off, to hide in the woods again, and he was scared for his life.
    The white wolf appeared again, and she was chanting foreign words.
    To be Continued....