• When you are a flower, you see the world in a much simpler light. You note the warmth of the sun on your petals, the pleasant buzzing of the bees, and the musical chirping of the birds. The world narrows, and all that is seen is the beauty of the world in it's simplest forms.

    A flower knows not the sting of jealousy for all flowers have their own beauty and have no wish to be something they are not. A flower knows not the pain of being unloved for all flowers are loved by the bees that rely upon them. Flowers plant their roots into the soil and watch the world roll by for they feel not the weight of time and it's worries. They grow, absorbing the bad and releasing the good, and place their children on the legs of the bees so that they may grow.

    And when the world has taken it's toll, they do not scream and cry and fret. They lay down on the warm and comforting soil and let themselves be taken by their mother Earth. Their soft, colorful petals decay and wither but they do not try to regain their beauty. Their stems and leaves dissolve and become dirt and the worms are well fed, but flowers do not fear this process. For they see their world in a simpler light, and rejoice in the fact that the worm will live on.