• Chapter four

    *Leah’s point of view*

    “666 is the sign of the devil isn’t it?” Kevin asked me sounding horrified. “I think so, I’m not sure.” I answered. That’s weird when I first read it, it didn’t have signed 666.
    Did someone add that too? I thought to myself. ~Ding dong~. We both jumped up startled when we realize it was only the doorbell. “Kevin! Kevin! Are you there? It’s me Ken!”

    Ken……. Oh! He’s the boy I talked to a couple hours ago. Why does his voice sound panicked? “Leah can Ken some in?” Kevin asked me trying to sound causal but like me he heard the urgency and panic in Ken’s voice.

    “Sure, I’ll get the door.” I replied. As soon as I opened the door to let him in Ken rushed in almost knocking me over and shouted, “Kevin! You’re father is in the HOSPITAL!!!!!!” Shock, pain, and fear showed on Kevin’s face.

    “What happened?” Kevin asked him voice sounding hoarse. “We don’t know. There’s a giant cut on his chest and the freaky thing is, the mark is purple and glowing!” Ken answered with fear in his voice. “We’re going to the hospital, NOW” Kevin said forcefully.

    *Back to Kevin’s point of view*

    Is my dad ok? I asked the same question over and over again the whole ride
    to the hospital. Once, on the long 30 minute drive there I turned to Leah (who asked if she could come with). I saw that she was panicking as if whatever attacked my dad is going to jump out and attack us here.

    Sad thing is, I was afraid of the same thing, but the thought of my dad hurt drove that that fear away. When the long and painful ride was over (we took a bus by the way) we rushed inside the hospital. I saw Ken’s mom there and I asked her if my dad was ok. The look on her face answered my question and I could feel the blood drain from my face.

    “How bad is it?” Leah asked hesitantly. “We don’t know yet. The damage is severe but he should survive.” Ken’s mom answered. “We think he was cut by a sword.” She added.

    I know I should’ve felt happy but when I saw my dad, I felt like I couldn’t breathe. His cut was across his chest and the wound was deep, but that’s not what made me freeze. When I looked below the cut I saw the numbers 666.

    I don’t think anyone else could see it because only Leah and I had panic written on our face. Ken saw our expressions and asked me what was wrong. I just shook my head and said nothing. “Ken can you anything on Kevin’s father’s chest.” Leah asked him.

    He looked at her bewildered and said “Um well obviously there’s a giant cut.” He said trying now to sound like he was talking to a baby. “Anything else.” She asked calmly, like she expected no one else to notice.

    “No.” Ken replied. This time I could hear his confusion. “Ok never mind then.” Leah said. “Kevin can I talk to you out in the hallway?” she asked me. “Sure.” I replied not confused at all. “Did you see those numbers?” she asked me, already knowing the answer. I nodded my head with a grim expression.

    “Whoever wanted to kill us is here!” “In this world!” she said. Wait something about that sentence was strange. “Hey, Leah did you have a weird dream today?” I asked her. She answered me surprised “Yea it was about a woman walking with someone at night talking in a different language I understood.

    They were talking about how they should send the twins to a different world if he would find them.” I was really confused. I remember my dream perfectly and it wasn’t anything like what she said. Plus it was sunny in my dream.

    “Oh and I saw someone getting killed. By a really tall man with a deadly stare.” She added. “I think he was our father.” “I had a completely different dream. I think it was about our mom and I saw her getting killed by the same man. She was taunting him before she died saying she sent them to a different world” I said.

    “Them as in us?” she asked me. “Yeah I think so.” I replied. Suddenly Ken came out of the room and told us it was 11:55 P.M. and it was time to sleep. “I guess we’re spending the night here.” Ken said as he walked back into the room.

    But we weren’t paying attention to him. The moment he said the time our minds were in a different world. I knew we were thinking the same thing.

    *Leah and Kevin’s point of view*

    In five minutes we would be 13…… In five minutes we would find out the truth about ourselves…..