• i m a buutiful fery princess queen of da underlordsland. My neim is darknight violet darkness ravenclaw. All hu see mai prtty fase fall in luv witn me. I m a but 2 tell u of 1 such stori.

    Edward cullim from wtilite, my faforitest buuk ever, ws getting sum milk out of da refirigater. Oh no da milk is sour!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot drink dis milk its r bad. Dont wurry Edward I will drink it for u sed jacop. Jacop was in edwurds house acuz dey had a naughty sezy sleepofer da nite before whar dey ded eachothers hair and putt on makeups. O jacop, u donut haff 2 drnk it 4 me, its kk. No but I wa 2 2 show u my luv 4 u sed jacop. Lol okey den saed Edward. Jacop drank da nasti milk!!!!!!!!!! Mm it tasted good but not as guud as u my love sed jacop. Aw tanks u sed Edward.den dey kssed and da nasti milk flew everywhar all ofer ever1s faces and it was waite allofer den a fairy came out of the milk spit droplets!!!!!!!!! It was I, dvdr. U r so sezy less haf an orgie!!!!!!!!!!!! So we ha d an orgy.

    De en.

    r/r STOP FLAMING ME U STUPITFATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!