• “WHAT!?” The Demon exclaimed in a questioned tone.
    “Y-You’re crazy! *cough* YOUR children!?”
    “Yes.” I yelled “They are under my care. Why are you attacking them!?”
    “Because they… *cough cough* they were… *cough hack cough* m-my…son…! *cough cough cough*”
    The Demon was coughing up blood all over they rocky ground.
    “Uh…A-are you alright…?” I asked, cautiously
    *UGHA* *HACK COUGH* The Demon was still coughing up blood as if it had been fatally wounded.
    “I DON’T NEED YOUR PITY, ANGEL!” The Demon screamed at me, as he threw it’s fire covered fist at me.
    I got angry and used an ice spell to blast the beast.
    “*sniff* D-Dariuuuus!!” Sakido yelled, both of them running towards me, crying.
    The Demon looked at me, with a sad look on it’s face, it still holding it’s throat from the blood and pain.