Once Upon a Time, There was live a beautiful young lady named Rose who was live in an old hut. Her life is really harmful, because her mother was sick and her father was gone eaten by the Monster in the sea. One Day, she goes to a forest to pick a fruit, a magic fruit. Unfrotunately, she was found it and she can't pick it up. Actually, she can but the rules to pick the fruit up is "GET A PRINCE TO BE YOUR HUSBAND" Now, she regrets and she goes to a Boston Harbour and before that, she ask her mother to stay at home with her neighbours name Regalia. The cost of the ship is $ 2000 because the ship is really elegant. Because Rose is poor, she is gambling with a rich guy and won $ 10,000 and finally she can go to the Boston Country by Boston Ship. In the Boston Ship Rose meets a rich boy named Jack. They suddenly have a good relationship and one day, Jack said "Rose! Do you want to be my Wife?" and Rose said "Hm..... I ... I.... I can't!" Jack answer again "Why? Why you can't?" and then Rose answer " Do you know why I can't be your wife? because..." Suddenly, the ship is crushing to the big Iceberg. The ship suddenly broken down and when the Captain saw to the map, they're in Atlantic Ocean. Time by time passed by, the Boston Ship was sinking and all of the people were jumping to the ocean with a safety jacket to keep them floating. Jack immediately give his safety jacket to Rose then, he doesn't wear any safety jacket. Rose and Jack decided to jump also to the Ocean, and after the Boston Ship was sinking by...... All of them found a big wood and sit on the big wood, Rose was success to sit on the wood but, Jack was unsuccess to sit on the wood because the wood can't bring 2 peoples on it. So, there in the Atlantic Ocean time by time Jack was freezed caused of the cold there, but Rose was survived from the cold of the Atlantic Ocean. Because Rose know that Jack was dead caused of the coldness there, she throw him to the Ocean and with the hard heart to face that she let him sinking because Jack was dead already. Finally, Rose found a SAR hellicopter and ask for their help. Rose was survived and Jack was dead. Unfortunately, Jack was dead and now Rose was still live until her age is more than 90.
    -THE END-