• I

    The cool, Oregon autumn wind blew through my black hair in what was left of the setting sunlight.

    I looked over the edge of the cave at the sunset, with tears blurring my vision.

    Why didn't I understand?

    I clung to my red teardrop necklace in wonder of what could have happened in my relationship if I did something different. Like, told my ex how I felt when he pushed me to the ground.

    He told me he loved me, and I continued to do so, until I was supposed to be dead.

    Joel shoved me to the brown, shaggy carpet in the apartment that he leased.

    "Tell me!" he shrieked.

    "I love you!" I squealed, as I fell to the ground.

    I heard a click as I blinked to let some of my tears keep out of my vision, so I could see.

    The "click" was a gun.

    He pulled the trigger.

    I saw the powder escape the barrel like a flock of bats in pure daylight.

    I didn't see darkness, like I was supposed to.

    You're probably wondering what's wrong with me.

    Well, I'll fill you in later.

    I took a few steps back from the cliff.

    Well, I thought to myself, better get home.

    I started a full sprint toward the edge and lept.

    About ten feet down, I unfurled my wings.

    Yowza! I told myself. I squinted in pain. Don't unfurl in mid-air!

    Now I guess I should fill you in.

    I'm a vampire-avian hybrid.

    Not like Count Dracula or anything, more like a P.C Cast vampire.

    What? You've never heard of P.C Cast?

    Well, she also writes vampire novels, called the House of Night.

    I read a lot of vampire books.

    Anyway, I have tattoos on my forehead and stomach of crescent moons and tribal branches surrounding my moon, eyes, and bellybutton. They're a metallic silver.

    They disappear from sight if they're in the sun for more that two seconds.

    The coolest thing is that my eyes change colors concerning my feelings. I'm not talking about blues and browns, I'm talking red and purple, too. Different colors for different feelings. Like a mood ring or whatever.

    But when I see a human, my eyes change back to my normal eye color, unless otherwise actioned. For me, its dark brown.

    I can also read other vamps minds. And they can read mine.

    And no, we don't have fangs all the time, only when we're really hungry or really angry. We only drink liquids, not real food. My body is so used to blood, liquid is all it accepts.

    My wings are totally awesome.

    I have crows wings, black and shiny in the sun.

    Oh, and three more things:

    First, I'm the only one of my kind (I'm almost positive).

    Second, I'm being chased around by an evil vampire clan, searching for my DNA. They'll destroy me when they get it.

    Third, I could die anyday. My body may not be used to the change of becoming an avian.

    So that's it.

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