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    Vampyre’s Pet
    Alone with Zane

    I was kind of shocked when I walked into the room. Zane was playing video games with Aretmis. The two were hardly ever in the same room together (as far as I knew) let alone sit close enough to play video games together. Usually Lex was playing with one of them. Then Lexis coughed my eye. He had thrown himself into the chair in the corner; his feet dangled over one arm and his head the other, his hair dangled to ground, his blue eyes moved back and forth quickly as he read… Chosen.

    Ironic reading a book about vampyres in a vampyre’s house.

    As quiet as I had been, I’d never be quiet enough for this group. All three of them turned and looked at me…

    “Food?” Lex asked, his voice was high-pitched mocking the seagulls from Finding Nemo. The other two copied, “Food?”

    Oh, that’s what it was. They could smell the take out I was carrying. I sighed and sat down the bags one of which was taken instantly by Lex, all the food inside being his. (I was going to regret losing that bet just like Zane had said I would. I learned something about Lexis that day… Tell him that he can’t do something or won’t do something and he’ll turn around and do it.)

    ‘If I do it you pay for all my food until one of us dies…’ I was tempting to kill him… but then he’d be in trouble if he was really who his parents thought he was.

    Everybody else took their food from the remaining bag. Lexis could put away food, yes, but he could put away Chinese food even better. Where he was putting, nobody could guess.

    I let out a sigh, dropped onto the couch between Zane and Artemis, and ate my eyes never leaving Lexis. I couldn’t seem to look away.


    “What?” I ripped my eyes away from Lexis and focused on my brother.

    He sighed but smiled. ‘It’s pretty bad when your enjoying the view so much that you can’t hear me.’

    I could feel Zane’s eyes on me, but he said nothing. I narrowed my eyes on my brother and he just beamed at me ‘What did you ask?’

    Artemis laughed, “Are you enjoying the view as much as I am?”

    I felt my cheeks grow hot and I just stared at my brother shocked. I knew that Artemis had a thing for Lex but I didn’t know that it was that bad. Zane stood up instantly and left the room. I could hear his foots steps until he sat down again on the other side of the house.

    My eyes flew back to Lex, who was giving us a confused look. He sat there staring, his eye’s soft, but confused, his take-out still in his lap… He just looked, looked so helpless. My heart beat started to slow and I looked at Artemis out of the corner of my eye and he was focusing on his food so I did the same.


    He was asleep on my bed. His white hair spread across to red silk of my pillows; the moon showed across him giving him an ethereal appearance. His lips parted as he breath he looked so innocent. I reached out and nudged him trying to get him to roll over so that I had room to lay, but I woke him up instead.

    He blinked at me, the moon making his blue eyes seem to glow. He sat up rubbing his eyes and I had never seen him be so breath takingly like Lexis before. The only major difference was his hair chopped to his shoulders.

    “Wha?” he whined. My heart skipped a beat. I wasn’t an annoying whine, it was one of those cute whines that makes you want to go “Aww!♥” This was a rear moment because, as Artemis said, Zane just wasn’t cute and didn’t make you want to go “Aww!♥” Zane was the type of person that people stopped and stared at and went, “D@mn!”

    The sounds of his heart beating was making me insane. I could smell him from where I was standing. He had a soft smell exactly like Artemis. It made his hard to concentrate. I wonder why I never smelled it before. “You’re in my bed…” I said it calmly, even though I’d never been so aware of someone’s blood flowing through their veins.

    He sat up and stared at me for a couple of seconds before he spoke, his voice was softer then normal, Lexis soft, “I’m sorry…” Obviously he was partially still asleep. And obviously wasn’t aware of what he was doing to me.

    “It’s fine…” The ache to bite him was getting harder to fight. I could feel my mouth water. I vaguely wondered if this was how Artemis felt when he was alone with Lexis. (I always wondered what his mother did with the ‘A’ in his name. I’ll have to ask)

    “Is something wrong?” That was so like him to know something was going on with me. He was awake now. He pulled his knees up close to his chest, the blanket pooled around his waist as he rested his head on them.

    I crawled across the bed and sat on my knees in front of him, getting closer instead of backing of like I should have. I stared into his eyes and he stared back and I kissed him.