• Your dad just got permoted to a better job, problem is, is that jobs in a different state. So your sitting on your floor looking through your pictures one last time before you pack them away into a box. "mom", you say as tears are rolling down your face, " dont make me go, let me stay please." a** much as it tore you mom apart to see you cry she kept driving. 9 hours and 3 states away you were finally home. the place was nice, a lot nicer then what you used to live in, but it wasnt home. you walk inside and your dad points you to your new room..."upstairs down the hall last door honey, its one of the biggest rooms, i think you'll like it" he said almost as if he was trying to bribe you. you walked down the hall and opened your door, as sad as you were you couldnt help butsmile. it was nice and it had a little balcony. you sat down on the bed which your father had already set up. "i hope the school is this nice" you say as you lay back.

    First day of school----
    you walk through the door to the class room. "Your Late!" the teacher yells at you. "im sorry, im new... i got lost" you explian. "oh ok you must be _______, we werent expecting you for a couple of days, go find a seat and get out a notebook and pencil, we're taking notes today" you go to the back of the class where theres one desk left. as you sit down you notice a really hot emo boy sitting next to you. he hands you a peice of paper. "Hi! im Damien" he wrote. "________" you replied back. "thats a pretty name ______, so get this, im in this band here and we're tryin to get some new faces in the crowd, you should come to our show this weekend if you can".... "well, i'd have to ask my parents but i probably can...where is it?" you wrote. " turn the paper over, its a flyer for the show. i'll pick you up saturday at the school at 6 cuz theres no way you'll find it on your own" just as you read the last word the teacher snatches the paper off your desk. " NO notes in class!"

    your leaning against the bike rack when a car pulls up. " hey __________, get in, glad you could come!" Damien yells from the window. you run over and jump in. "are you excited?" he asked. yea cant wait you reply. you guys talk about music and school the whole way there. you pull up to this old building. you were kinda creeped out and a little worried at this point... "why are we here" you ask damien. "this is where the show is. no ones here yet, me and the band have to set up". you sit over in a chair as you watch the boys set up the stage. an hour later the place was packed! as the band was playing you couldnt help but notice how incredible cute he was up there with his guitar... and his voice was amazing!! "hey everyone were gonna take a quick break but we'll be back in fifteen." damien said into the microphone. you walked back behind the stage to tell him how amazing his band was and to maybe ask him on a date when you saw him with a girl in his arms. totally crushed you left and walked home. It took you over a 2 hours to get home cuz you got so lost, but when you got there Damien was on your front porch. "hey......why'd you leave?" he asked. "oh you know, it was getting late, i was tired..." you lied to him. "oh, so do you tink next saturday we could do something?" he asked.... "uhm no, i kinda have plans already, sorry." you wanted to say yes,you wanted to kiss him... but you knew he had a girlfriend so you told him you had to go the went inside.

    Next Friday----
    "hey _______, you wanna get something to eat?" Damien asked. "sure, just let me get my books home first". Damiens friend Heather tagged along with you two, you didnt mind, she was really nice. not to mention gay so you didnt have to worry about any competition.=]. he took you guys to a pizza place not to far from your house and ordered your favorite kind of pizza for you. he was so sweet, you couldnt help but flirt. you wanted so bad to tell him you liked him. but just as you started to his cell phone rang. all you could hear was his side of the conversation......" hello.......oh hey whats up.......yea i miss you too...... im free tonight.....okay see you then i love you....bye." you had to get up and get out of there you were going to cry. you ran home and locked yourself in your room. as you were crying on your bed your mother knocked at the door..." sweetie theres a boy at the door for you" she said in a excited voice. "tell him to go away.....tell him i dont want to see him... tell him hes wasting his time" you yelled back. "tell him ilove him" you said to yourself. "really?" Damien said in a confused voice. he had climbed up to your balcony and into your room. you wiped your face. "you need to leave" you said pointing to the door. "but what about what you just sa..." "just leave!"you interupted him. so he did. you sit back down on your bed and start to cry. then you hear music... then singing you look out and theres Damien and his guitar! "there was a new girl in town... she had it all figured out... well i'll state something rash.....she had the most amazing smile." he sang. and he continued....you smiled and ran down the stairs and out the door. by this time he had a litle crowd of the neighbor kids. you walk through them and strait up to him. " I'm falling in love.. but its falling apart...I need to find my way back to the start." he sang standing right infront of you. "Let me back into your arms". yu start to tear up, tears of joy. he stops sing and comes closer. "_______, i dont ever want to see you cry like i did in your room. and what you said..." you interupted him, "i was..."...."I love you too"_________, he said. he kissed you. so warm and passionetly. you pull back. "wait, what about your girlfriend?" "my girlfriend?" he asked. " you know the girl you were holding, the one you made plans with tonight and told you loved her" you said kinda upset. "ohhh Lillian, thats my sister. she surprised me at the show then called me today to make plans" he said. "she lives out of town and i never get to see her" he went on. you smiled and kissed him again.

    6 YEARS LATER----
    "Zachary"........"zachary!".........."zachary wake up honey its time for school! you get dressed while i make breakfast." you say to your son.m you go to the kitchen where Damien is sitting at the table with his usual mornin coffee and the paper. "honey did you know our band sold over 2 million copies of our new CD the first day?" he said peeking over the paper. you got a huge smile, "thats awesome baby!" you say as you jump into his lap and kiss him. " EWWWW mom, dad, get a room!" zachary says as he enters the kitchen