I didn't understand and I was too young to question at the time. In our family, the youngest of siblings or in the family cannot question, apologize, speak out, or explain anything. For me, that all changed when I turned sixteen, my repelent and hideous face transformed into a shockingly gourgeous face. My shapeless figure melted away into a tall and lanky hourglass figure. My buttox was larger and all the boys would love me, but who knew highschool love would be so harsh...deadly harsh. I never knew, because I was too young, inexperienced. My name is Cayame Sanchozach, and you will here the twisted tales of my life, how it rose and fell.


    I was afraid to walk through the school gates, for everyone to see my new pretty face. However, I entered the gates...I felt like I was walking on broken glass. There was a smexy boy staring at me and it made me feel all tingly inside. The world spun around me and I place my hand on the walls to guide me along the hallway. What was up with me? I collapsed on the hallway ground and the smexy senior lifted me up and onto his shoulders. I felt even dizzier. Was my chest always this light? I wondered...was he the cause for this? Oh, no that was just silly...or was it? I felt a warm and cold sensation around him. I wondered...I felt like my soul was being consumed...was I prey for him? Oh, now that is just silly...or was it. Thoughts were racing through my mind. What was going on? Was trouble brewing? I leaned over and he place a hand on my face. I felt ash on my hands...why was there ash on my hands? He kissed me and his eyes flickered. Would this dizziness ever end? I felt the life being sucked out of me. What was I to do? I still had enough strength to push him off of me. I did so and he seemed very angry that I did.

    "You little b***h!" he exclaimed. I fell limp and everything went black. The halls were empty and we were in front of the nurses office....I couldn't see, smell, taste, or feel. I had faint hearing...I was dying. This man was...was a soul eater. I had read about them. They didn't really eat your soul though. They ate your life from you.

    I told you I was inexperienced and young. I knew nothing about love. My spirit drifted from my body and I made out a sillouett...the nurse made her way through the door.


    As the nurse made her way through the door, the mysterious senior boy lay me down on the chairs and the nurse came to examine me. She gasped and rushed through the door to Principal Fitshizz and exclaimed, sobbing, "Sir! A student just passed! Cayame Sancho-" The principal held his hand to halt her. He jotted down notes on his note pad.

    "Passed out or passed away?" he asked absent minded. The nurse banged her fist furiously against the mahogony desk.

    "Cayame Sanchozach passed away! A mysterious senior entered the nurse's office carying her in his arms. I pretty sure his name was Gwendallen Sudo..." the nurse exclaimed, gasping for air. The Principal Futshizz slammed down his note pad and shook his head dissaprovingly. Then, he looked at the nurse seriously.

    "Gwendallen Sudo is nothing but mischief. I am pretty sure he had something to do with Cayame Sanchozach's death. Every person he hangs with has always been brought to the nurse's office and pronounced dead. You were the first nurse that he hasn't touched before they came to me. I can't seem to drive him away from the school. He has been evicted from several boarding schools because of mischief. I suspect soul eater..."he told her. I stood there watching them converse and exchange hugs. What was I to do? I was cursed for life. I will now explain why it is horrible for me to die more than anyone else. If I die in early age in between age one through twenty five, I am sentenced to death on earth, staying on earth. After five hours I transform into a solid figure, roaming the earth for all eternity, until the earth demolishes. Then, I earn my place in Heaven. My goast swept the floors until I was floating in front of Gwendallen. I glared at him and held him by his collar. My body still lay on the bench in the office. In five hours, my body would return to me. I swept my see through figure out of the office and into the skies.


    My pale figure roamed the alleyway of Tudus Felartume City in the wee hours of the morning the very next day, memories clouding my vision. I licked the blood off my lips, for when I die, my way of survival is eating live animals. Strange. A second life. I knew I couldn't die again. I swept passed the art shop, but oh, dammit...I just couldn't resist the art supplies, the real art pencils...not the phony ones. As I neared the shop, I bumped into man...who was he? He looked too familiar. I stared into his beautiful eyes and felt alive and warm...like I was still someone. A tear streaked down my cheek and I felt the beautiful sensation of his touch...I pulled away from him. I couldn't let this happen again. However, for some reason, I felt better than I ever felt before when I stood in his presence. I felt equal to everyone though I wasn't. I looked into his eyes and exclaimed, "I am so sorry! I must leave!" I dived past him tears flying past me...I saw him gazing past me, dissapointed that I left him rooted to the spot, in the center of a dark alley way.

    I concealed myself in a dark corridor when I heard footsteps, a very familiar pattern of footseps. I lifted my head and gazed into the eyes of a man I met earlier that day and the warm sensation returned to me and I felt his rough hands touch my delicate shoulders and shuddered at how warm and fluttery it felt.

    "Would you like to stay at my place? You are all alone in this alley way and a...you have no home?" he asked me...with such a warm voice. He held out a hand to help me up, but I refused and stood up. I gazed into his glimmering eyes....so warm.... Then I turned away, knowing, How can I trust a man like him? He seems so warm. However, what if he turns out...a very rude, concieded person? What if he's evil? I straightened myself and replied firmly, "Thank you for the unselfish offer. However, I have to decline it. I will find away to make my living." I strode away from him, but feeling that I was rather rude to him. I spun around and faced the man.

    "I am quite sorry for my rudness. I just feel that I can't trust people anymore. I cannot really confide in anyone. I am sorry. I will accept your offer...just don't hurt me. Please don't hurt me!" I sobbed. My back slid against the brick wall in front of him and I burried my face in my hands. He ran to my rescue...his soft lips touching my cheek. I sobbed harder...I couldn't stand the pain and warmth at the same time. It was too much for me. I felt...like nothing and someone at the same time. I just wanted to fade away...


    I sat up. I wondered what time it was. It was nine o'clock pm. Why was I lying in a bed? It was very comfortable...the bed I was lying in. It was dark in the room and I smelled a beautiful aroma...wine...pinot shiraz....and a rice plate. I heard the door knob turn and saw a sillouett enter the bedroom. It was the man that was so kind to me. He flicked the light switch, knowing I awakened. I sat up, gazing into his eyes. He seated himself on the edge of the bed and I asked him, "What might your name be?" I gazed at him...he gazed back at me. I answered, "My name is Cayame Josie. Thank you for your assitance." He touched my cheek and kissed me softly. I wanted to kiss him back but, I was too nervous. I was thankful for his kindness and affection, but I didn't know if I could trust him. It was very complicated. I knew not what to do. Suddenly, I was kissing him back. Then, I finally pushed away from him asked him his name. He looked at me.

    "My name is Timothy Roderigous. It has been such a pleasure lending a hand to such a lovely lady," he replied to me. I blushed and I guess it was very visable because he was also blushing. I felt pathetic and I picked up my fork and plate and started to eat. I was ravenous for something to consume and I guess I got my wish. I have never been treated so kindly before...I finally felt like somebody.

    PART TWO of SEASON ONE-Broken Life

    My name is Rick and I just turned forteen last week. I never knew the soul eaters would be so mean to me. Luckily I escaped but, not for long. I was such an ignorant boy, and I was consumed by the soul eaters and recarnated three days later. I was recarnated to the age I was when I died. I am on the run from my parents. It would pain them to see that I was recarnated, for they didn't believe in recarnation. I felt horrible. However, I will quote the exact words.

    Why did you recarnate me?

    You are important to us. You have a beautiful power. We will need you, Sanke' Suskon. You will do us good. We will be checking up on you. Goodbye now.

    Wait! We're not finished! Get back here! I want to strangle you!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!

    It pained me that I couldn't go back to my parents. I loved them and respected them. They were beautiful souls. Now that I was recarnated, they will never want me back. This is my life...my path of fire...me burning in the flame, trying elate from this fire...so many scars from so many ordeals. This is my life and the flame that scarred my entire body, almost consuming me, almost killing me.


    This is the day it all happened, the day I was murdered. I was murdered in the middle of an alley way by a mysterious soul eater. It was a female with pink hair and dark golden eyes. She looked strange, and quite beautiful at the same time. I felt very dizzy. What was I to do? I fell on my knees and the woman drew near me and knelt down. She looked down at me and said, "It's time to die. Your elixir is very powerful. I can't wait to consume your strong and youthful essance. Haahahahahah!!" Right then and there I knew that it isn't just anyone they'll kill. Only the most powerful elixirs will be drank with Chardonay Savanyoung. She was the most attractive woman I have ever seen and that must have over powered my strength...her beauty. I felt pathetic. Her knife blade slit through my arm and she lifted my face to kiss me. I felt my blood dripping to the solid concrete floor. I cried out in pain and sniffled. Sweat beads dripped from my face and mixed with the blood. She kissed me softly, then harder. She was sucking the life out of me. I could feel my spirit being lifted away. She could steal my life. However, I didn't want to leave. I knew my parents would shead so many tears. Knowing my parents...they would probably commit suicide. I knew they would miss me. I would miss them too. I was dying. She let my body bash against the floor and a man ran out once she dissapeared. This where I recarnate.

    CHAPTER TWO: EPISODE TWO-The Identical Elven Girl

    The conversation started and ended quickly. I called for the man who recarnated after he dissapeared through the rear entrance of the office. I bent down, doubled over in pain. Pain wracked my head....all these lights...so many bright lights. I ran from the room to smell the fresh midnight air. It was December 25 and in phycology class, they told me that I may have five surprises in five days. I guess yesterday, on Christmas Eve was my last surprise and not a very good one, I might add. This Christmas was not a good one. I don't know if Christmas would ever be a happy time again. I stood in a field of flowers, of clolor from yellow to indigo color. I picked a light blue flower and stroked its soft circular petal. It was so beautiful. Just one of the things that were loved by just about everyone.

    The museaum was my favorite place to go when I wanted to run away from my worries, but today, I just felt tired. I entered the museaum anyway. It probably would make me feel somewhat better. I haven't eaten a decent meal, taken a shower, or slept in a bed in just about five days and I needed some affection and amusment from the place I always loved since I was a little tyke. A very attractive woman stood there intently, obviously waiting for me to ak her questions. I approached the woman and asked curiously, "What is that knife?" The woman looked confused and spun around to view the knife closely. To me, it looked just too familiar. She smiled, "It is a soul eater's knife. You see, there was a killing on Christmas Eve and they collected an artifact after the soul eater fed. I heard that the man that they murdered was recarnated the same night. Amazing how things work these days. I sure wish the world was better though. The more we go on...and the more people are using these drugs and the killing rades, the shackles tighten." I held the woman's hand. I gazed at her with hard eyes.

    "Why do you look so familiar? You have the same dark golden eyes and the same pale and thin face. Are you...her? That soul eater that killed met that night?" I questioned. I drew closer to her and she drew farther from me. "Please. I need to know. Are you her? That blond haired, golden eyed, and pale skined lady I encoutered that night?" She steped forward, clutching her notepad and streightening her glasses. She sighed deeply.

    "My sister is the one your speaking of. My identical twin sister. No one knows how we turned out to be. You see she is the older twin...and you see, the parents don't have to be soul eaters but, they can give birth to soul eaters. Usually twins aren't two different...well....I don't know what to call it...types. You see, I am a water elf and my sister is a soul eater," she explained to me. "And I need your help. My sister has been consumed by darkness and I don't know how to restore her light. You are, after all, the chosen weilder of the Green Heart Of Light. It can change into a musical instrument...a clarinett. I have been studying up on it." I nodded. How did she know I was the one though. There was only one way to find out. If she would just trust me.

    "Say, if you have freetime, I was wondering if you would have coffee with me. I have to ask you a few things," I asked firmly.

    CHAPTER 3: EPISODE TWO-The Golden Haired All Knower

    She nodded her head. We walked towards the enterance of the cofee shop. I seated myself at a table and ordered two large mocas. The woman set down her coffee up and whispered quitely in my ear, "Do you know about the oracle? Most people don't think that she exists anymore. In human years she is considered thriteen, but she is really thousands and thousands of years old! Isn't that just amazing?!" I gazed at her, confused. My mind was still disoriented from the day that little b***h murdered me. I couldn't think straight. I was wondering, if we could see the oracle. The woman speaking to me was being very persitent and I was dissaproving of it.

    "So you are implying that we pay a visit to this oracle?" I asked, folding my hands on my lap. The woman smiled at me, nodding. Oh God.

    To Be Continued