I stared in amazement as my eyes turned black and light blue.

    He realized it, too, and his eye color changed to rainbow colored.

    I asked him what rainbow meant.

    He was amazed that I didn't know. "What?" he asked me, "You've never felt this before? Not even with your parents?"

    "I..." I stuttered. "I never really...had parents."

    He stopped immediately and looked at the ground. I read his mind. He wondered what happened.

    "When I turned," I began, "My parents didn't know what I was, so I guess they just gave up on me."

    "I'm sorry," He whispered, so small I could barely hear.

    "I'm over it," I returned with a snap.

    He read my mind. "No, your not."

    I fell to my knees. I watched my tear soak in the dry dirt.

    He was right.

    I wasn't over it.


    I was adopted by my parents. They said that they found me on my doorstep, with a red teardrop symbol on my basket. There was also a red teardrop charm, (exact to my symbol on my basket), around my neck.

    I didn't have a note, just me cooing in my basket.

    When my parents lifted me out of my basket, they noticed a weird set of handwriting on the handle of my basket.

    As I grew up, my parents were often abusive to each other, and me.

    But, when I found that basket when I was twelve, I could read the handwriting on the handle. It read:

    "This baby is a vampire. When she is fourteen, she is to report to the Hashneith school. Name: Lynnsheiko. Important!"

    When I read that I was a Vampire, I didn't understand. None of my powers had shown, ever! I thought it was a prank. So I forgot about it.

    When I turned 14, a stranger came into my room and turned me into what I am now.

    When I told my parents what had happened, they didn't believe me, and kicked me out. When they saw me fly, they were scared.

    Not for me, for their life. They didn't even care about me.


    I got back to where I am now, and it turns out that I was telling him everything I was thinking about.

    He was amazed about how my life had turned out. To the point, where, he told me what happened to him.

    He told me the exact same thing that I told him.


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