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    I couldn't believe that he told me that I was feeling love. What I heard was nothing like this:

    I felt like everything was okay, like I was never going to die. I felt like my heart was warm and never going to stop.

    I guess its different for everyone.

    "Yeah," Kale told me, "Rainbow means love, sometimes silver, too,"

    "I think mine are switching back and forth," I told him "I can feel it,"

    "Let me watch," he told me. He stared deep, and I could feel it.

    Not only did he stare at me, I stared at him, with loving eyes. I was sure of it this time. I didn't blink once.

    He tried to get into a conversation, "So, whats the name of the evil vampire coven, coming to destroy you?"

    "The Vansheir Vampire coven,"

    "Oh, I've heard of them," He paused for a moment, "Hell, I've even fought with them before!"

    "Really?" I was intrigued.

    "Yeah, in a wimpy street fight. They're really weak, compared to us. You could probably beat them all up, yourself."

    "Oh, I don't think so," I started to blush.

    "Oh, yeah, you could," He twirled my hair with his finger.

    "Oh, I'm pretty weak," I started to flirt. I broke a little giggle.

    So did he. "Concerning your threat at the shed, you definitely could. You're a little stronger that I am."

    "Oh, yeah right!" I looked at his shirt.

    We came together, and took a kiss.

    His breath was soft, reassuring, with a tingling sensation I had never felt before.

    Then we heard a huge boom.


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