• Last episodes…
    Prologue- No one.
    It begins with the Kodkod- Leo
    Turmoil Between Teams -Palmay was voted off for the pun about his name was getting very annoying.

    Brains vs. Bronze

    Witty: We keep losing because of Rudy and his ego!
    Rudy: What have you done to help! You have no qualities that can help us!!!
    Wendy: Stop it, both of you.
    Runika: Let’s stay focused!
    Halley: Look, We lose because of no team work and accusations.
    Rudy: No we lose because Witty here plays it silent and Runika loses races!
    Witty: Alright, if you believe that your going to leave next!
    Rudy: I’m still the strongest player!
    Runika: Stop it right now!

    Jeff: Today we start sending people to Exile Island! The reward today is clean water for everyone on your team! Better than the lake, waaaay better! Time to outwit, outlast, and outplay! Today for the challenge you will send 3 of your team members to compete against the others! Kwaang who do you choose?
    Greg: We choose Moore, Augustus, and Max.
    Miranda: We choose Witty, Rudy, and Wendy!
    Jeff: It will be a 2/3- 2/3 game of Rock, Paper, Scissors!
    Tylor: You are f*bleep*ing kidding, right?
    Jeff: Nope! And… GO!
    Witty vs. Moore
    Witty: Rock! Moore: Scissors! S*bleep*
    Witty: Paper! Moore: Paper!
    Witty: Rock! Moore: Paper!
    Witty: Scissors! Moore: Paper! Oh f*bleep*
    Rudy vs. Augustus
    Rudy: Paper! Oh yeah! You suck!!! Augustus: Rock!
    Rudy: Paper! Wow you are an idiot! Augustus: Rock! F*bleep*
    Jeff: For the first time Sylvia wins a challenge! Make the water last. And who goes to Exile Island?
    Miranda: Hugre!

    Rudy: Seeeeeeeee! We are stronger individually!
    Jeff: Welcome back. It’s another immunity challenge and it’s gonna be wild! The three you chose for ROCK PAPER SCISSORS will be the only ones competing in this challenge. The five Kodkod you were chased by in the first challenge, each of you must trap in the same maze. They cannot be killed or your team will lose right then. The only person to not catch one and their team will go to Tribal Council! And… GO!!!
    Witty was the first to catch one.
    Jeff: And it’s alive so 4 Kodkod’s are left!
    Moore, Augustus, Rudy, and Wendy caught one. But…
    Jeff: Kwaang wins! Rudy’s Kodkod is dead!
    Rudy: No, he’s just sleeping.

    Rudy knew for sure he would be kicked off, unless…
    Rudy: And that’s why I killed it! It killed my grandfather! *he started crying (fake but believable) tears*

    Jeff: I’ll go tally the votes! And 1 for Rudy! 1 Rudy, 1 Wendy. 1 Rudy, 1 Wendy, 1 Witty. 2 Rudy, 1 Wendy, 1 Witty. 3 Rudy, 1 Wendy, 1 Witty. 3 Rudy, 2 Wendy, 1 Witty. 3 Rudy, 2 Wendy, 2 Witty. 3 Rudy, 2 Wendy, 3 Witty. 3 Rudy, 3 Wendy, 3 Witty. And the third person to leave Survivor: Chile is… Wendy. Bring me your torch. * Jeff unlit it with his conch.*
    Jeff: Okay, see you later. Head back to camp now.


    I can’t believe I was voted off now. I was sure it would be Rudy. What happened? Oh well.

    Next time…
    Live and Learn, Try and Die