• Just a little bit of terminology before I get started:

    Leberai is an anagram for I ("A" in Gaelic also means "I" or "Me) Rebel.

    Drapeshedo means Ode (to the) Shepard backwards.

    Selegania is an anagram for Angels with an extra E, A, and I.

    Latoropai is an anagram for Portal with an added A, O, and I.

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    Lost of Leberai

    Part 1: Secrets Of The Sky

    "Ever so long ago it was... when I once lived in that busy squalor called Earth. As a human... but not quite..."

    "Rakashael! Come, I have some work for you." Stirred from her thoughts, Rakashael, a gate guard turns to see her superior.

    Amoranth his name is; a great being in stature, and mind. His figure is now only that; a dark and tall figure. The only feature seemingly human, is his intense grey eyes. As for the gate guard; Rakashael is still in the form she came. Somewhat short in stature; long, and straight, flowing red hair; and a decently strong and nimble frame. Her eyes are a deep, yet bright green. In this place called Leberai, all the creatures here are keepers, guides, and guardians of something. Each of them once from another world. They are chosen to maintain balance between the Heavens, Hells, and Worlds. This is a lowly plain, hovering just above the planets, yet somberly below the Heavens. Leberai seems to float on cliffs and clouds. One could simply fall off into the human worlds, but their duty sways them not to.

    "Rakashael, today for you I give the task of Drapeshedo." Amoranth says as he leads Rakashael to the Latoropai Well; which rests on a gentle knoll.

    Guilderek, yet another guard perks up when he sees them, "Master Amoranth, are you sure she is ready for such a task?"

    Emotionless Amoranth glares at Guilderek. "Do you mean to question my judgment, Guilderek?"

    The brown haired, brown-eyed creature lowers his head in fear. "N-no of course not Master." Huffing, Amoranth nods.

    Carefully he raises the golden rope from the well. Upon the very end of the rope is tied a large knot. Rakashael perches gracefully upon it. With her bright eyes she gazes at Amoranth in uncertainty. Without so much as a nod, Amoranth lowers her down slowly.

    As things fade to black, Rakashael begins to linger on her thoughts, "Neither cruel or kind, no smiles to behold; no warmth, just cold. No anger, nor laughter. Was this the happily ever after? Sweet memories will they fade, and will I too become nothing more than a shadow? Calling me..." At last she reaches the bottom of the well.

    At first glance it seems a simple dried well. Nothing but rocks and dust surrounded in a square by mud bricks.

    However, when Rakashael places her hand on the wall facing East and whispers, "Nepoen..." The wall crackles open to reveal a massive maze of concrete ramps and stairs.

    From no where it seems appears a group of humans. Many of them somehow familiar to her. Without a second thought Rakashael jumps into action. The mission of the Drapeshedo is to guide this group of the people to their proper destination. It can be a dangerous task; swinging between the very lining of Heaven and Hell.

    "Please stop! You are going the wrong way!" Rakashael cries to them.

    They seem to not hear her. Before them on the stone stair way; a demon. Courage being in her nature, Rakashael leaps forward to protect the humans. Large body of molten rock and the head of a goat, the demon hurls brimstone at her. Skillfully she swings her sword like a fan, deflecting the harmful inhalant. Swiftly she scales the demon's back like a cat. With little trouble, Rakashael impales the massive monster through its skull with her mithril sword. Gracefully she flips back to the ground. The demon collapses in ashes. The humans still come forth blindly.

    "Stay humans! Stay! This is the path to Hell." Like zombies, a few pour past her while the rest stop.

    These few seem the most familiar. One lady of long dark brown hair and purple eyes; the other woman tall, light brown hair, and hazel eyes; the man is also very tall and has golden hair.

    "If you can hear me, follow me to the gate." Clearly they cannot see her or each other,

    "Where am I?! The last thing I remember was... laying down... on my bed." Speaks the one of dark brown hair.

    "Do you not know?" Rakashael asks as she leads them to the gate.

    As they do reach the gate they shake their heads. Suddenly, upon turning to them she remembers who they are.

    Swiftly her eyes narrow, "You're dead."

    "What?! I can't be dead! I... I have so much to do!" The dark haired woman cries.

    Slowly and solemnly Rakashael closes one gate and opens another into a small hovering car(Like an elevator). Normally this is where Rakashael's mission ends... but something tells her to join them. So she also gets on. She shuts the door as they all sit down. Sorrow fills Rakashael's eyes as she presses the red button to start the car. It beings moving and Rakashael walks into the center of the car and stands.

    Slowly the woman with light brown hair looks at Rakashael.


    Suddenly Rakashael's eyes widen, "M-my name... that..."

    Quickly looking up to her old friend, Rakashael looks at them all. They can see her.

    "Joebob?" The light brown haired lady says to the dark haired woman.

    "Tanya?!" She replies, they both look to the man,

    "Jacoba?!" Swiftly they embrace each other.

    "I can't believe this, we're... we're all dead..." Then all of them look at Rakashael.

    "Cortney! This is... you're... what is Heaven like?" Anxiously Joebob asks.

    Rakashael looks at the ground. "I... I wouldn't know."

    Very worried, they look at her, "Are you in Hell?"

    "No... I am the guardian of Leberai. The place between it all; Heaven, Hell, and the planets."

    "You're lonely...." Tanya knowingly whispers as she caresses Rakashael's face.

    The three are in disbelief of what stands before them; their former friend in.... the greatest pain known to the worlds. Unexpectedly the car stops and the North wall opens to a bright and beautiful land. All of their relatives, and friends that have gone before them. Happily Joebob, Tanya, and Jacoba step out of the car. Before they can turn back to bring Rakashael, the door disappears. Still in the car Rakashael sinks into herself in pain.

    Lightly she shakes, "Selegania do NOT cry!" She barks very violently at herself.

    Without warning the car beings moving again. As it travels Rakashael revels in the only touch she's recieved in two decades. As the car prepares to stop; a small, cold tear falls down her face. Wary to keep herself composed; Rakashael exits the car and closes the North gate. Then turning to the West wall of the well, she presses a small green button. Soon the golden rope glimmers down and she perches upon it once more.

    With a tug she is sent flying up. "Not cruel or kind; am I losing my mind? In this place of grey and black will I know where I'm at? No warming smiles, only emotionless cold. No cheerful laughter, but a shady memory. This is who I will become, this is me."