• VI

    We immediately broke apart as I sprinted to look over the ledge.

    The Vansheir destroyed our shed with a huge bomb.

    There was a blond vamp, looking up at the cave.

    He knew we were up there.

    "Hey," he yelled at the other black haired vamps. He pointed up at us, and the other vamps looked up.

    All of a sudden, there was a helicopter in our view.

    Kale acted fast as he took a roundhouse kick to get inside. He punched the vamp inside, driving, and waved at me to come in.

    I did, and then there was a passenger. I game him a good punch.

    He knocked out, so I threw him out the window, after I took off his helmet. Kale did the same with the driver.

    We put on the helmets that had built in communication systems. Kale looked at me, then he took the wheel.

    "Where are we going?" I asked. I was pretty nervous.

    "Montana," Kale replied. "Its less dense that Oregon. We'll be safe there,"

    "You sure?"

    "I promise,"

    "I trust you," I told him. It was true, too.

    "I know," he told me. "You should, anyway,"

    "Why?" I asked.

    "'Cause we're gonna be a team for a while."


    We got in Montana in about five hours, and we dumped the helicopter.

    I decided we needed new clothes. We went to a thrift store, and we did.

    Kale got a black tee shirt with jeans, and I got a red hoodie with my gray tee shirt and jeans.

    I also found an old book that seemed really interesting, called Twilight. Its about...wait, why am I telling you? You probably read it already!

    Anyway, we found an old shack, way out in the middle of nowhere, in a forest with a creek nearby.

    I was really excited we got in one spot. (The helicopter ride was making me sick)!

    Turns out that the shack wasn't a shack, it was a newly abandoned house.

    It had all the furniture, all the food, and everything still worked.

    It even had a piano.

    We were sure it was abandoned, because the grass was as tall as we were.

    "So," I told him as we walked into the house. I looked around.

    There was a second floor, but the house wasn't big to begin with. It had hardwood floors as we walked into the living room.

    There was a box T.V in front of the old shaggy couch. There was an entire bookshelf next to the T.V.

    After the living room was the dining room. The table was round, and It only had two chairs.

    The kitchen was nice with an oven, a microwave, a sink, and lots of counter space. The fridge had food inside, (but it was spoiled, so we didn't open it for long).

    Then there was the stairs.

    We walked upstairs and everything was carpet.

    There was a teenage girls room. First room on the right. It was light blue with Twilight and New Moon posters covering the walls, with a twin bed on the left side of the room.

    Across the hall was the teenage guys room. It was filled with rock bands, and it had a Gibson guitar next to the twin bed on the right.

    The masters bedroom was at the end of the hall. It was very bland, with nothing but a bed.

    I heard a beautiful piano tune coming out of the hallway.

    I walked out of the masters, and there was a room to the right of it.

    I walked in, and Kale was playing the piano. There was a skylight over the piano, so it was lighted.

    Kale was starting to play a tune, then he saw me walk in and he stopped.

    "What were you playing?" I asked him, as I sat next to him.

    "Just something I was thinking of," He seemed embarrassed.

    "It was nice, why did you stop?"

    "'Cause I wanted it to be a surprise."

    "Play it for me," I told him.

    First he played Bella's Lullaby from Twilight.

    "That's not the one you were playing!" I scolded him.

    "You sure you want to hear it?" as he got situated in his spot.


    "Okay," he said, "It's called 'My Passion'."

    He played a beautiful melody that reminded me of a jewelry box. It started out fast, and got slower as it went.

    When he finished, I couldn't even speak.

    "It's beautiful,

    "It's supposed to be your song," he told me. "I made it for you,"



    I gave him a soft kiss on the lips.

    We could only say one word.



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