• Ugh. I give up trying to be happy.
    *wanders listlessly among forgotten sheets of data, sulking through the air, left from the devious fire set so long ago, to a building of manipulation and disgrace*

    Before you came along, I had nothing: no complications, no befuddling thoughts, nothing whatsoever. All I had was a simple mind, craving new inventions and grand opening convention in which to display my sufficient devices.

    Before you, everything was just horrible: birds were chatting away the day, with no consideration to those few of us ACTUALLY meditating for the answers to this corrupt,dreadfully-happy world; people aloofly wondering about, making despicable love-caring vibes of emotion towards each other and every annoying creature. So gruesome was my life, filled with bitter-loving-care and no remorse of which to speak of; so fearsome were the nights when I could not think of contorted, vicious thoughts of revenge; and so long were the nights, left empty without the conniption of my worry-less mind. My life was the up most bore and unrealistic until you came along.

    I remember that beautiful, miraculous day when you came along. I wanted to jump for joy and cry out to the heavens.

    I was dumbly sitting upon that disgusting, perfect piece of wonderfully, hideously-carved bench, as the day mocked me for my indifferent existence. Your gracious, ghastly beauty electrified me--never had I witnessed such a subtle entrance of a radiant and crafty god(dess). It was as if your chorus angles and benign lights from above missed their cue because you were too modest--even for the most humble of grand introductions.

    Now, as I slowly am engulfed by the weariness of my run-down body, kept rudely awaken by the daunting of my restless spirit: too overpowered by the fervent memories of when before you came along. I can feel everything as it was when you came along.

    So grateful, honest, loyal was I--God, could I have ever been impeccably naive and sick; but you showed me the way to power and its influences. I've never wondered so aimlessly about without you coming along. You so slyly slithered down next to me--your sulken eyes, mystic with clever schemes; your haystack hair, burning orange with the rage of the puny sun towards its greater stars; and your velvet skin, impaled by the jealousy of a pathetic mortal compared with the lust of Aphrodite. Oh, how I still cringe with greed for you to be mine--you are, but my thirst has not been quenched, making you all the more desirable.

    My life is no longer a bore since you came along. The birds whimper in fear, only to be decapitated to plucked feathers and burnt bones; the disruptive people lay in a bloody pulp of flesh and bone--now hopelessly arranged in a skewed positions throughout the world.

    Now, I lay awake, bemoaning through my sleepless nights of tossing and turning: heartlessly waiting to begin the new day and wondering what marvelous, malevolent mis-happenings we will make to ease our day. I longer around every corner, warily scouting every sign of your virtuous presence near by. How droll and sick my life was until you came along.

    And so, here lays the building I so emphatically wore out my body. And here I bathe in remorse on how droll and sick I was until you came along.