Some decisions you make could either mean you signed your life away into Hell...or you made the best election of your ongoing life.

    .:{{Kai's Perspective}}:.

    I stared with Arisa with as much bewilderment as she did when she opened the present with the cat. She was kidding, right? She wasn't seriously asking me to propose again? The first time I did that, she nearly tore my head off with her own bare hands, and now she's asking me to do it again.

    "Kai?" Arisa whispered timidly.

    Her face was incredibly red and warm and I could feel her palms sweating through my shirt. She wasn't scared, she was...nervous.

    "You're not scared at what you're asking?" I asked her, "You're asking a Vampire, of all other people, to propose to you."

    "Yes," she gazed into my eyes confidently, "I am asking a Vampire."

    We stood in silence for a long moment and she reached her hand up and played around with the collar of my shirt. I kept one arm around her waist and played with her hair with my other hand. I was unsure of how I wanted to answer. The first time I proposed to her, I was only thinking "hey, I love her, so why not keep her for myself?". I gave it serious thought after words, and realized how much she could be hurt--physically-- if I were to do it again.

    I didn't want to be selfish. If I was going to do this again, it would be more for her...all for her. She doesn't know what could happen to her, especially if...I can't get that contract broken. And also what would happen if I managed to get around the contract, the physical pain it would cause her.

    Arisa sighed, "You don't want to anymore, do you?"

    I didn't know how to answer. Of course I wanted to, but I wanted to make sure it would be best for her.

    "I love you, Kai," she said, "So I want to stay with you as long as I can. Whether I'm human or--"

    Before she could finish, I already had my lips glued to hers. I didn't want her to finish the sentence; I wanted her to stay human. I knew she didn't truly want to become a Vampire. It was just an alternative for her; she was scared at the thought of the transition.

    "You're...staying...human...," I told her between kisses.

    "Okay," she breathed in acceptance.

    She curled her fingers in my hair and pulled herself closer. Her choice of proposal was definite, mine was still under examination. I wanted her to be happy, but would that be the only way to make her at her happiest? What if something would go horribly wrong in the future, other than the contract?

    "I'd rather...have you propose...than...have you...change...me...," she also said between kisses.

    That's all I needed. I entangled my fingers in her hair as well and without effort, I picked her up so her lips were level with mine. She encircled her legs around my hips and was pulling my hair without noticing, it's not like it hurt. I made my way to the bed, still carrying her, and lay her down on it, still kissing. I was definite on what I wanted to do, I was, but I didn't want to hurt her. I wanted to make her happy, have her live with no regrets and she thought proposing was the only way.

    I wanted her.

    No human had ever been a big part of my life, ever. I knew Arisa was all I wanted. I could feel a chemistry with her that I had never felt or never would feel with Ayame. Ayame was nothing more than a memory. A dead and withered memory. Arisa was fresh, she was new, she knew what I was feeling even without me telling her. Nobody has ever read me so thoroughly, even if she wasn't psychic. She wasn't a meal, she was a being. She's all I want, all I need. She's all I am.

    .:{{Arisa's Perspective}}:.

    I had thought long and hard about asking Kai to propose to me again. I would have asked him sooner, but the whole Kira stuff was getting in the way. I know I was in love with Kai when he proposed to me the first time, but I was nowhere near ready. I knew this was what I wanted. I knew I would find some way for me to stay with Kai for as long as I could, but I know it wouldn't last forever. I'd grow old, I'd become limp and useless, I'd die.

    "Kai--" I tried to breathe but Kai cut me short.

    His hands felt cool compared to my heated face. I pulled myself even closer to him, enclosing any space we might have had in between. I was breathing incredibly heavily, although I was unaware of it at first. Kai stopped kissing me and started kissing my cheek and then breathed into my ear.

    "I'm all yours," was all he said.

    He stalled for a moment and the next instant he kissed me, the blood from his tongue drained into my mouth. I took a few steady breaths to keep me from becoming nauseous, and I started drinking the blood slowly. It was just the same as it was after the Werewolf first attacked us, only this time, it's for real. I couldn't want anything more than all my time with Kai.

    There was one thing I was questioning; did Kai still want this? Did he still want to propose to me, even after I rejected him the first time? How do I know he's not just doing this for me?

    It didn't take as long as it felt last time. It only felt like a couple of seconds until Kai pulled away again, giving me the hint that his tongue stopped bleeding. It was official now. I felt a big weight lift off of my shoulders and I could breathe again. Kai breathed into my ear again a few times and whispered words I couldn't make out. He brushed his lips against my neck and my throat for several seconds and finally pressed his lips against my neck between my collar bone and my left shoulder.

    "Kai?" I gasped for air.

    He released his grip from my hair and my waist and gripped onto the comforter on either side of my head. I felt something biting my skin, but not puncturing it. It was very slow biting...almost nibbling. It almost tickled and it sent chills up and down my spine. I looked over to see Kai's lips still pressed at where the feeling of biting was taking place. I blushed again as I realized what he was doing. He was biting me without his fangs, doing the human display of affection.

    "Kai, you're...," I couldn't figure out what to say, I was too dazed.

    Kai gripped the comforter tighter and I heard his nails rip into it. My heart skipped a beat; was he getting carried away again? Was he going to bite into me? I closed my eyes and waited, but it never happened. I didn't realize Kai had stopped until I opened my eyes again and I was gazing into his light blue eyes.

    "Arisa?" he looked a little panicked.

    I smiled at him reassuringly, "I'm fine,"

    He very carefully brushed my bangs around and I could see small traces of stuffing from the comforter under his nails. I giggled and Kai managed to breathe a chuckle. He rolled over so that he way lying on his side and propped me onto my side so we were lying on the bed, facing each other. We stayed like that for a long time, our eyes never leaving each other's. He kept brushing around my bangs and we only stared at each other in silence, absorbing what had just happened. The slience was even starting to hurt my ears after a long moment.

    "You're still not scared?" his finger traced over my cheek, "You hold no regrets?"

    I shook my head and smiled at him, "Nope," I frowned, "I regret that I couldn't give you anything for Christmas. I'm sorry."

    Kai smirked at me, "You've given me enough,"

    I shot up right away and turned red. Kai sat up as well, only he removed himself from the bed. He made his way to the end table right next to the bed and opened the drawer and reached for something inside. I straightened out my hair and my shirt and I rubbed the spot which was now a little sore where Kai was biting me. I was almost too scared to see what it was; I'd pretty much die of embarrassment if it was what I thought it was.

    "Here," said Kai casually, handing me a thin and long box, "It's another present."

    I slowly took the box from Kai and stared at the shiny silver box with an enamoring silver-blue bow tied at the top. The edges of the bow were outlined with silver glitter and sparkled like crazy in the daylight sun rays.

    "You gonna open it?" Kai asked, raising one eyebrow.

    "Oh. Yeah." I shook my head, knocking me out of my train of thought.

    I cautiously pulled on the edge of the bow and it unraveled easily, dropping onto my lap. It was probably a collar and a name tag for Momo or something. I chuckled to myself at that thought and slowly pryed the lid open. Before I could even react, I had already grabbed whatever was in the box and started examining it. My heart skipped a beat and the box dropped to the floor and I lost my breath. I froze where I was, examining the piece of jewelry that came from the box.

    "Kai...," I was still breathless.

    Kai tucked his hands into his pockets and watched me as I continued to stare. In my hand was a necklace...my mother's favorite necklace...the necklace I always wanted since I was three. The symbol for "friendship" was hanging at the bottom and there were two pink-lavender beads on either side of it and and was all place on a black necklace string. In the friendship symbol, there was a single little diamond at the top, shining enamorously.

    "Kai...this is...this is my mother's necklace," I teared up, "How...when...when did you--?"

    Kai carefully removed the necklace from my hands. He unhooked it and wrapped the necklace around my neck as I sat on the bed, still stunned.

    "I went to your house about a month ago and found your mother's jewelry box. Everything in the house was still in tact; nobody is allowed to live there, I guess. I saw you thinking of this necklace a few times and opted to give it to you as a present." he pulled back after hooking the necklace and played with some of my hair.

    "Thank you," I whispered under my breath.

    He leaned down and kissed my forehead dantily, "How's your stomach feel?"

    I looked up at him in confusion at first and then comprehended what he was saying, "Fine. But I might get woozy if you bring it up again." I warned.

    He smiled, "Just as long as you're okay with it,"

    As long as I was okay with it. It was either I signed my life away, or I just won the lottery. Kai grabbed my hand and leaned me back onto the bed again and pecked my lips a few times. I was in a daze again at the thought that Kai proposed to me...again.

    Then Kai said the cheesiest thing I would ever hear him say from now on, "I'll be your high if you'll be my drug,"

    I would have laughed so hard if this wasn't a serious conversation. But seriously, comparing a relationship to drugs??

    I couldn't help but say something cheesy too, "I've been high for far too long, then," I whispered with a smile.

    Kai smiled back softly, "I should lay off the drugs but I'm too addicted,"

    I giggled under my breath, "Why are we comparing our relationship to drugs?"

    "Drugs are usually a long term thing...so are we, I guess," he shrugged and pink lingered in his cheeks.

    I rose up and out of nowhere I started kissing his neck. I continued like that until a knock at the door startled me, causing me to accidentally bite Kai. He pulled away and stood up and laughed at me, making his way to the door. He opened it and Takeuchi greeted him with a mouthful of dog treats.

    "'Sup?" he asked nonchalantly.

    "Um...," Kai looked back and me and I looked away and blushed, "Nothing. Just gave Arsia her second present."

    "Ah. The necklace, right?" he shoved another dog treat in his mouth.

    "Yeah," said Kai.

    I walked up to the door and stood next to Kai, toying with the necklace. I smiled at Takeuchi childishly, "Isn't it pretty?"

    Takeuchi smiled, "Duh! I want it! It's fabulous!" said Takeuchi, putting on his best feminine voice and waving his hand like a typical girl does.

    He winked at me, "It's fierce," and I couldn't help but laugh at him at the way he said that.

    Kai sighed, "Yeah, that's enough,"

    "Matsuda and Orihime are going to take you two out to dinner later tonight," Takeuchi confronted before Kai slammed the door in his face.

    Kai pulled the door back again, "What about you?"

    "They're dropping me off at Miku's house so I can have Christmas dinner with them. They're letting me stay the night too since they live so far away."

    "That's great. Now leave."

    Takeuchi stopped the door from shutting, "Hey, maybe I want to have a friendly conversation with my two best friends?"

    "You have no friends. Leave." Kai groaned.

    Takeuchi paused and stared at me. I averted my eyes nervously and crossed my arms too, "What?"

    "Dude, what's on your neck?" Takeuchi asked.

    "What do you mean?"

    Kai slapped his hand over my neck, "It-it's nothing,"

    "No, really, let me see. Looks like you have a rash or something."

    "Um, sure, let's stick with that," said Kai, trying to lure Takeuchi away with without any success.

    "Dude, Uketomeru, you gave her a hickey??!!" Takeuchi boomed, bewildered.

    "What?!" I slapped Kai's hand away and darted into the bathroom and slammed the door shut.

    I heard Takeuchi laughing out of control in the hallway and I could feel Kai's anger. I hesitantly glanced in the mirror and Takeuchi was right; I had a giant hickey on my neck between my collar bone and my left shoulder, at least the size of the top half of my thumb. I beamed in anger and embarrassment. So that's the biting I could feel earlier.

    "You gave her a hickey without even using your fangs?!" I heard Takeuchi laugh, "You've gotta teach me how to do that!"

    I never heard Kai say anything, but I knew he was shouting about every word in the book in his head. I heard Takeuchi laugh while trying to chow on another dog treat.

    "Dude, I knew you wanted it!" he shouted again.

    "Don't you have somewhere to be?" Kai confirmed calmly.

    I heard another sound like cracking cement again and it was Takeuchi giving Kai a congratulatory pat on the back again and he left down the stairs. I peeked out of the bathroom and Kai was looking away with red in his pale cheeks.

    "Should I...put on a turtleneck if we're going out tonight?" I whispered.

    Kai nodded and went into the bedroom. I followed after him swiftly and shut the door. I grabbed some clothes that were a little more formal and a black turtleneck, of course. I put my clothes on the bed and waved Kai away.

    "I'm getting dressed,"

    Kai made his way to the door and cracked it open before looking back at me, "Um, sorry,"

    I looked away and blushed again, "It-it's okay,"

    Kai smiled weakly and left the room, shutting the door behind him. It wasn't until I was basically ready to go until I realized...I was engaged. I'm seventeen years old and engaged...to a Vampire. What had I gotten myself into? I felt my forehead and out of pure nervousness--but no regrets--collapsed onto the bed, feeling the best and the worst I had ever felt in my life.