• "Don't let Brice get to you Kate," DeVonte told me stroking my hair with one hand, and hugging my with the other. "I know its what he said tho, you'll protect me if he tries anything right?" I asked him, he nodded then kissed my forehead again. "I will do anything to keep you safe," Knock Knock Knock "Come in please," DeVonte said. Brice stepped in the room. "Katie can I talk to you?" He asked me then said "Please," I got up and followed him out of the room, looking at DeVonte's face before the door closed. Brice picked me up, and tossed me over his shoulder, I started pounding his back. "Let me go!" I screamed, but Brice ignored me, and went into a run toward his room.

    "Put me down!" I shouted at him, before he opened the door to his room. When he opened the door I saw what his room looked like, the windows had black certains covering them letting no light in. His bed was huge, 'What is he going to do.' I thought. He tossed me onto his bed, then jumped on the bed next to me. "I told you I'm not going to give up, once we're done here you'll be mine forever, and DeVonte can't do anything about it." Brice said moving closer to me. DeVonte Help! I shouted in my head. I knew he couldn't do anything about it. Brice was ontop of me now, He wasn't wearing a shirt I knew what he was going to do, "NO!" I yelled kicking my legs at him.
    Someone was pounding on the door. "Brice let her go!" DeVonte yelled, "You heard me?"I thought again. "Yeah you're my soulmate, and Brice is trying to make you his soulmate. I shouldn't of've let you go with him, this is my problem."

    "Brice let go of her!" DeVonte yelled, Brice laughed then picked me up, and jumped out one of his windows. "DEVONTE!!!!!!!" I screamed as Brice landed on the grass, and dashed toward the forest. I couldn't see anything though my tears, and plus Brice was running faster then anyone I've ever seen. "Now dear don't be like that. We can forger about him for good now." Brice said placing me down on the leaf covered ground, he still didn't have his shirt on, and now he was starting to take mine off. "N.. NO!" I cried kicking him, then he stopped, and started to growl. "Come on out DeVonte, I know your hear your girlfriend doesn't smell like you a lot." Brice said standing up.

    DeVonte stepped out from behind a tree, "Give her back to me! She's mine!" DeVonte growled, Brice gave an evil smile to me. He jumped on DeVonte, they we're wrestling over ME?! "You guys stop it!" I cried trying to pull them off of each other. But I was knocked into a tree, "Ah!" I cried, I felt warm stuff covering my shoulders. "Kate!!!" I heard DeVonte cry before I blacked out. I could still hear the growls, and roars of Brice, and DeVonte. Then there was a final roar, victory? "Kate? Kate?" I was being shakin awake. I moaned "Stop," I said before I opened my eyes.

    DeVonte was carrying me back to his house