• Raven sreached the dark catcombs for her uncle. The world was a mess, and nearing the end. She knew they was but one way to save the planent from destruction. But that one way needed two people.
    "I knew I would find you here uncle." Raven said
    "Yes, well where else can I go? The world is ending out there." He muttered
    "Uncle, I can stop it! I can save the world, but you have to help me."
    "I know what you're asking and all I have to say is why us?
    "We made this mess, we must clean up.....Uncle please, help me. Prove to the world we aren't evil that w aren't the monsters they think we are!"
    Raven, began to cry, she was crushed by how the world shunned her, even those who she cared for the most turned their backs on her.
    "What if I am as evil as they think? Then you coming here is pointless!"
    "Uncle, you're not evil. Someone who could have raised me in such a kind matter couldn't possibly be an uncaring monster. You feel just as bad as I do over what has happen. So, lets make it right. Let us save the world a redeem ourseleves!"
    "You what will happen, I mean once you summon her.....we both die."
    "I know, but I wouldn't want to live after all that has happened. Neither of us can live in this world now"
    "I suppose you're right. Well they would have killed us anyway. Lets go out doing something right."
    "Thank you Uncle" Raven quickly hugged her unlce for this will be the last tim she will have the chance.
    They quickly left the catcombs and made they way to a clear spot outside. They looked up, in sreach of some high ground. They spotted a tall building, still standing after the beating the city took.
    "There! Quick lets go"
    They flew to the building as quickly as possible. They knew they needed to be fast, there wasn't alot of time left. This summoning, was the world's only hope. It was a diffcult one at that, everything had to be just right. Hard to do when the world it crumbling all around you.
    They reached the lone building and quickly set to work, They quickly laid the summoning circle down and began to put the proper symbols down in the correct order and the exact way they needed to be placed. It was hard work and it needed to be done perfectly. They prayed the building would hold, for once the summoning circle was laid down you could not stop. You had to summon something once you started, if you didn't get what you wanted. You would just have to try again. But, this time there was no second chance.
    "Well, how did we do? Is it right? Can we summon her?"
    "Well accroding to the book everything is perfect. Lets hope we can"
    They sat at oppsite ends of the circle and began the anicent rite. Their voices chanting words of old. Soon the circle began to glow, a great green mist began to from around them, and billowed up towards the heavens. Suddenly, there was a great light from with in the mist a woman's form began to take shape. Suddenly, a beautiful woman with radiant skin and long glowing red hair appeared.
    "My, its been a while since I've been summoned. So, why have you summoned me?"
    Both Raven and her uncle bowed before the woman before they uttered a word.
    "Great lady Gaia! Mother of all! Please help us, our beautiful planet ,your great gift to us lies in ruin."
    "How did this happen?"
    "It is our fault Great Lady. We were fooled into using our powers for great evil......"
    "Fooled!? You have free will do you not? Anyone can tell you something, but it is your free will to commit the action or to not commit the action." Raven finally spoke,
    "Dearest Lady Gaia, Yes it was our own choice to commit our crimes. But we were blinded by hurt and anger and could not truly see how terrible and wrong we were. We beg for your help so we may repent and undo the damage we have caused to this world."
    "Very well, I will help you then. I find it amusing though, you don't often see destroyers of a world, become its saviors"
    "Thank you Great Lady! Thank you"
    "Don't thank me yet, do you know the price of what you're asking is?
    "Yes Great Lady we do"
    "And you accept it then?
    "You both are very brave indeed. And for that I will allow you both to have one last moment in this world. I will send you anywhere you like. But only for a few moments, so make it quick." Both of them were shocked my Lady Gaia's kindness, quickly thought of places they could go to say goodbye.
    "Do you each have a place then?"
    "Then off you go then" With a wave of her hand, they were gone.