• The car came to a stop outside a tall building. I got out of the car and blinked at the sudden brightness.
    Wow, it's darker than usual and that still hurt my eyes.. I need to get out more... I laughed to myself and followed my Master up the small flight of stairs and into the building. He lead me to an elevator; I guessed we were in a hotel of some sort; and pushed me into it when the doors opened.
    In the back of my head I dreaded what was coming, but I didn't let my Master know that, for fear he would exploit it.
    We rode the elevator to the tenth floor, and then went to the twelvth door on the left. As I stood behind my Master; wrapped in my warm bundles; I murmured to myself in Chinese. I told myself not to panic, and to just get it over with as soon as possible. The faster the person released the faster it would all be over. And I kept telling myself that, untill the door opened and I was pulled from my thoughts by a gentle hand on my shoulder. I suppose he expected me to flinch, because when he reached out to touch me he had hesitated.
    I looked up at the man and forced a small smile, then looked to my Master. He nodded and I lowered my head, not out of saddness, just out of habit. I walked into the hotel room and the door was shut and locked behind me.