• Around five o'clock, Grant made me food, and I ate it bit by bit throughtout the hour; not wanting to make myself sick. He didn't question why, only offered more when I was done. I told him no. Once I was finished eating, I went to the bathroom and took a shower.
    When I undressed I stared at myself in the full length mirror. It didn't look like my Master took care of me, but he did; for the most part. The only reason I had scars all over my body and looked like a hadn't aten in weeks was because of the sex. I hated it. The scars, most of them, were from the rougher customers, along with the perpetual rope burn around my wrists and ankles. The malnourishment was my doing. I starved myself in hope that when the customers saw me naked, they'd be too disgusted to have sex with me. It worked... sometimes.
    I suppose the only good thing that came with forced sex was the pleasure of releasing. I liked that part alot.
    After I got out of the shower, Grant gave me one of his shirts (which was too big on me) to wear. It felt odd not wearing anything else, so I pulled on my old, dirty, black shorts; even thought they weren't much and only came down to right above my mid-thigh.
    It was seven o'clock by the time I looked at the clock again, and I knew my Master would be there soon. So I decided to get in a little bit of fun before I left. It would be a thank you to him for letting me just hang out.
    Grant was sitting on the couch, watching t.v when I walked into the living room. He looked at me and smilied, then patted the couch next tom him. I smiled in my head and walked up to him; and instead of sitting next to him, I slid into his lap, stradling his hips. I placed my hands gently on his shoulders and he gripped my waist hesitently in return.